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Feb 28, 2015

The 105... Brunch Club...

Down near the Dodder in Clonskeagh you will find the 105 Cafe/Bistro... and what a lovely little find it is! A weekend work meeting finished with me treating my colleague to brunch and it ticks all the boxes! 

The menu is varied but has all the usual suspects...

and anyone following my 'poached egg' incident, knows how much I love them... eggs benedict is my treat when I go to brunch and here they are appropriately called 'Hair of the Dog eggs!'

The decor is charming... all the 'shabby chic' you could want without the walls screaming at you!

By the time we got there the place was packed but we got a table in minutes and by the window which is where you want to be if you're dining alone... lots of people watching to be had!

I went for the apple juice from Stameen Farm in Drogheda which is 100% Irish and 100% natural...

The coffee was perfick... and the little milk bottles are just the cutest...

There's a specials board too which is well worth a read!

and for those of you with fur babies.. they're very welcome... you'll be set up out side with your furry pal, water bowls and blankies provided! Considering the walks along the river, it's a great pit stop at the weekend whether your friends have 4 legs or 2!

My 'hair of the dog eggs' arrive like so.... I know.... *drools* 
(note to self never blog whilst hungry!)

Fear not, I asked for the sauce on the side, being all 'good' but it tasted delicious! 

Dippy enough?! You betchya just the way they should be... and FYI, the way I can now make them! YAY!

The worker bee had the full breakfast... it was a long morning to be fair and it was HUGE! I defy anyone to be hungry after trying this!

We were left to linger, no rushing you out the door whilst your still chewing! Beware at the counter when paying though... ALL the good stuff is there.. and the carrot cake in the background... looked AMAZING! Thankfully out of arms length!

The 105 doesn't just do breakfasts... they're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, check out their opening hours >>> HERE <<< If you're looking for a place to have a 'working lunch' or just a coffee after a stroll... OK fine, power walk! For the rugby types it's a nice walk to the RDS from here too so pre/post match munchies can be had! This is a great spot to drop into! Tell 'em I sent ya! 

You'll find them online...  
Twitter >>> HERE <<<
Website >>> HERE <<<

Feb 27, 2015

The first time...

We all remember our first time right?! Our first kiss... our first job... our first day at school... for the record... 

... those daunting moments that you look back on now and think, 'what was all the fuss about?!' but these moments are landmarks in our lives... we don't look back on all of them fondly... the first time we lose someone we love, changes us forever... the first time our heart is broken, we question love and others so we never have to feel that hurt again... the first time someone we really trusted let us down... but all of these moments make us who we are... I'm not a very religious person... I'm a humanist of sorts... I believe if you are a good person then you will attract kind and good people... I truly believe in paying it forward... but sometimes people take advantage of that and you end up feeling a bit lost... 

Someone whom I adored but is sadly no longer with us, once told me 'be kind to everyone.. because everyone you see is going to lose everything they love...' I've never forgotten it... Everyone, all of us, are going to lose everything we hold dear... it's kinda scary but very liberating too... because once you get this... you start to focus on what and who really matters in the right now... 

Losing weight, includes a series of 'firsts' that can turn the journey into an adventure... 

The first time you step on the scales... that moment... the shame... the self loathing... the embarrassment... you've let it get out of control and now you're mortified that someone else on the planet knows that number... but you feel a hand on your shoulder from someone who's been there saying... 'that's the last time we'll ever see that number' and you kinda believe it...

The first loss... that moment when you thought 'well it wasn't that hard.. and if I can do it one week, I can do it again next week!' Self belief kicks in... 

The first stone you lose... that number on the scale... people who don't need to lose weight or don't struggle with an eating disorder or emotional eating won't get it... but for those of us who do... you want to stick your silver 7s on your forehead for the day saying 'oh these things?!? .. oh I lost a stone of FAT!' HELL YEAH!

The first dress size you lose... that belt notch going down... you still doubt yourself but you suddenly think.. well I'll need to buy some new stuff.. the first shopping trip that you will ENJOY! 

The first compliment... the 'you're looking well...' the 'have you lost a bit of weight? You look great!' ... now it's a goal that's achievable.. you realise CAN do it... 

The first gain... heartbreaking... but you tried, you did your best right?! or worse, you know you binged and lost the plot and thought you'd get away with it... did you let it spiral out of control? throw the card in the bin and give up? no way! 

The first time you notice your 'friends' attitude changing... they liked you the way you were... you were the fat friend... good old reliable miserable fatty... not this new fangled confident person who just says 'no thanks'! Don't worry about the back stabbers and the haters, the people who try the hardest finding fault in your life, are the people who aren't able to fix the faults in their own! For the record this one really hurts! 

The first saboteur... 'sure ONE slice of cake won't kill you...' No, no it won't but I can't have ONE slice! So you change your routine to avoid being around them and food at the same time! It's sad but if they can't support you then you need to make it clear that something has to change... 

The first 5k you do... I did my first by myself because I didn't want to 'hold anyone back' and honestly it was amazing! You'd swear I'd crossed the olympic line with all the drama *cue the chariots of fire music*... People flying past me doing the 10k circuit shouting encouraging words... one man even stopped to walk along with me for a minute, I could've kissed him! No idea who he is or where he was from but it meant SO much!

The first time strangers understand and support you... Boot camp ladies... I mean you! 

The first time you make a stir fry BETTER than the chinese... OK this takes a bit of practice but it's SO worth it!

The first time you realise.. you're just caring about you... and you matter... and that's OK...

The first time you get on a plane and the seat belt closes... FYI don't scream when that happens... they don't like that in planes! 

The first time you pull up those jeans past the thighs... and the first time the feckin things close!!! 

The first time you zip up those knee high boots all the way! Hallelujah! 

The first charity bag you have of clothes that are too big... 

The first time you really believe you can do it... and the end is in sight... 

The first time you look in the mirror and don't hate what's looking back at you... 

The first family outing, when people do a double take... FYI... THIS ONE IS AWESOME!

The first time someone comments on your new 'attitude'... oh yeah... 

The journey may be long... It's been coming up to 3 years so far for me... it's had it's ups and downs... but ultimately there's a new series of firsts on the horizon... 

First skydive, oh yeah that's happening... first trek abroad, hello Peru! Lots of other bucket list stuff to cross off now that I'm getting fitter and healthier... just remember... if you're starting today or you're halfway through or if you're just at goal... there's another amazing first waiting for you... and as the ad says.. you're worth it! 

Feb 26, 2015

This one time, in Weight watchers...

First up... my leader is awesome... I truly believe she has no idea how much she motivates our class every week! If she heard the chats at the gate every Thursday, when we're leaving... we're all motivated... we're all 'right.. be good this week!' ... She is absolutely brilliant!  

I have often moaned about my inability to poach an egg... I have been given gifts at Christmas... I've had fancy gadgets and scoop ladle things and every time I've drowned my toast, burnt myself and sworn a lot! honestly the only reason I have eggs benedict at brunch is because I love poached eggs and I'm rap at them... Make a pavlova, sure! Beef wellington.. no problem... in fact most recipes don't defeat me but add a poached egg and I'm out! My leader know this... and last week at the scales gave me these! 

Stick with it... I've tried something similar before, making up my own rules I might add and it's been a disaster... but she imparted the following knowledge and I've now crossed '... can poach an egg...' off my bucket list! who knew!!! 

So.. spray them lightly with your spray oil... 

Set a pan of COLD water on the hob.. COLD!!! 
This is where I've been going wrong! This and 'swirling'!

Pop the eggs in the water ...

THEN light your hob... in the next 5 minutes... the following will happen...

 Pop the lid on for the last minute to cook (steam) the top ... Et VOILA! 

Simples as the meerkats say!

Slimbo for 3PP

1 x Mallon sausage - 1PP

1 bacon rasher - 2 

Egg  - 2PP

Season and some roasted tomatoes! 

Breakfast bap for 8PP with a perfectly poached egg! TA DA!

Feb 25, 2015

Spring has sprung...

I've been spring cleaning for the last few weekends... *raises hand* YES I could be on 'HOARDERS' in a few years time if I didn't do this regularly! I'm emotionally attached to EVERYTHING... but life has been bit rough in the last few months and whilst trying to remain chirpy and smiley I realised I needed to just get rid of 'stuff' ... unnecessary things  that I don't need, nor do they serve any purpose in my life anymore and even things that just make me feel rubbish about being me... 

... Most of these were in the 'what were you thinking?!' pile ...

I took it logically... drawer by drawer... not to get overwhelmed by it all or else I'd throw in the Mr. Sheen and forget about it... and the make-up clear out has been AWESOME! Honestly I even had a pile called 'You're not 18 anymore honey... give it up!' 

So with the clear out, all half opened bottles that were 'gone off', don't ask, were dumped, I found myself needing some bright, pretty skincare stuff for spring! Hello Nivea! 

Now I'm a Nivea champion... I LOVE their suncream, and their skincare range is SO good... no fancy smelling, overly priced nonsense... just good products that are available everywhere and they work! It's the most popular skincare range in Ireland, so I'm not alone in championing this stuff... We all love a fancy pants bottle on the shelf but if it doesn't do the job you just want your money back! 

Their latest stuff looks bright and fresh too... 

First up ... the night cream... I'm in that age bracket now that NEEDS the words 'anti-wrinkle' on every product ... So their new Q10 plus anti-wrinkle night cream does the business... it's not thick and greasy.. and you don't wake up feeling like your face is stuck to the pillow... it's neutral scent means you're not awake wondering why the world smells of lavender after midnight whilst you watch the clock... a must have for €12.59 if you're a night cream fan!  

The day creme is brilliant too ... this does have a slight scent but it's not overpowering and it gives you a 'lift' if that makes sense... Here's the science bit... Q10 is a co enzyme that is already in your skin naturally, as you get older, your natural levels decrease, so this replenishes those enzymes keeping the wrinkles AWAY! Thank you very much Nivea! This retails at €11.80

Now... to my fav! 'Q10 Plus Anti-wrinkle serum pearls'... a gimmick?! not on your nelly! This serum is brilliant... little balls of high intensity serum suspended in an intense hydro gel moisturiser! I know! Q10 Plus = the highest dose of Q10 enzyme around, so it's fighting full on against the wrinkle monsters! It's very light, so don't think of it as a heavy 'syrupy' kinda serum... great as a base for make up... and DON'T forget your neck ladies... it's all well and good looking 'fresh' in the old folks home but wearing scarves to hide the turkey neck! I've been using this for two weeks now and my skin is feeling great... best thing... ALL of this range is suitable for sensitive skin... it retails for €14.99 which to be honest is a bargain for what it does... if you only get one thing of the range my advice would be pick this! 

Lastly the eye cream... yup, time to blitz those 'laughter lines!' ahem ... This may look small but it packs a punch... not only does it work on the 'alleged' wrinkles... but it also is great for toning down those the dark circles... a few pats under the eye morning and evening, you will see a difference... and for €11.79 you'll find it lasts AGES... so worth the investment...   

Spring has sprung, as they say and we all want to stay looking like spring chickens... I would highly recommend the serum pearls... just think how fab we'll all look in the old folks home!  

Feb 24, 2015


You all know how I champion Irish companies... well the latest is Nobó... which FYI means 'no cow' in Irish... No Bó... meaning dairy free... people who make dairy free ice cream are a girls best friend right?!? I spotted these in my local Supervalu and I've tried the vanilla & coconut one... I may have to write a 'Dear John' letter to my pals Ben and Jerry... it is lovely and one to definitely have in the freezer over the coming summer months...  

So... whaddya mean 'dairy free'?! Well it's made with coconut milk, avocado, water and sweetened with honey so you've still got the creamy ice cream texture but dairy free.. they'd be great in smoothies too! 

There are 5 in the range but I could only get my paws on these three in my local Supervalu ... but there's a Passion Fruit & Mango and a Salted Caramel version out there somewhere which is one DEFINITELY going on my wish list... These work out at 5PP per 100ml... the full PP per 500ml vary x  

Nobó Vanilla and Coconut Flavour
5PP per 100g
26PP per 500ml

Nobó Chocolate and Toasted Almond Flavour
5PP per 100ml 
27PP per 500ml

Nobó Fresh Lemon Flavour
5PP per 100ml
23PP per 500ml

You can find a list of stockists online >>> HERE <<<
Facebook >>> HERE <<< 
Or tweet them >>> HERE <<<

I'll keep you posted on the 'salted caramel' situation!