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Feb 28, 2018

Spring is a comin' ...

My favourite month of the year! I LOVE LOVE LOVE March! Springtime is here, I'm ignoring the snow outside right now OK! So time for another #wwphotoaday photo challenge over on Instagram! 

Choose one day, do every prompt or just pick your favs and join in the fun... just don't forget to add the hashtag and we can all have a nosy at each others tips and tricks! If you do join in, give everyone doing the challenge pics a like so we can all keep seeing them on our timelines... stupid Instagram algorithm thingy... 

Here's to a Marvellous March!

Feb 27, 2018

one a penny, two a penny...

'Tis the season as the mince pie lovers would say... Hot Cross Buns time... 

Here's a selection from M&S to give you a guide at what kind of SmartPoints are in these little beauties! Remember you have to add the butter extra! I don't make the rules!


M&S Luxury Hot Cross bun, per 65g bun - 8SP

M&S Mini Luxury Hot Cross bun, per 36g bun - 4SP

M&S Blueberry Hot Cross bun, per 65g bun - 7SP

M&S Kentish Bramley Apple Hot Cross bun, per 65g bun - 6SP

M&S Breakfast Hot Cross Loaves, per 63g loaf - 7SP

M&S Cranberry & Orange Hot Cross bun, per 65g bun - 7SP

Feb 22, 2018

Radiators... not drains!

This is an important one, and one that can affect every aspect of your life... We hear every word that is said to us... and the people saying it, fall into one of two groups... radiators or drains! (hang in there it's about to make sense!) 

'Radiators' are optimistic people who radiate warmth and kindness... they want you to do well...they support you ups and downs... they are the ones who will say 'come on, we'll walk to the next bus stop...' 'I bought some low SP treats when you come over for a coffee...' They want you to succeed, they will be happy when you are happy... they don't want you to be miserable... These people are good for your soul... even when you feel like you can't do it, they're on your side...

'Drains' are the negative saboteurs... the pessimists... the ones who don't want you to succeed for whatever reason... they'll have you doubting yourself... 'oh you were up again? Sure you're never going to lose the weight might as well have a choccie' ... they'll be the ones saying 'come on... one slice won't kill you!' They don't have your best interests at heart... and they make it easy for you to give up on yourself! 

Learn the people who are are draining you of your motivation, and suck up the positivity from the people who really want you to succeed! Be a radiator! 

Feb 20, 2018

Who is up for some shots?!

Spotted these in Tesco in the dried fruit section, 60c per 'shot'... For those who love nuts and miss them, these might be something to try out! There's 25g in each shot, so already portioned out for you but you could sprinkle half over your porridge and spread it out over a couple of days or if you aren't a choccie fan, these are lower in SPs than a curly wurly! Anyone tried them out yet? 


Whitworths Shots, Orange & chocolate seed, per 25g pack - 5SP

Whitworths Shots, raisin & chocolate, per 25g pack - 5SP

Whitworths Shots, toffee & pecan, per 25g pack - 5SP

Whitworths Shots, date & toasted almond, per 25g pack - 4SP 

Feb 19, 2018

What are you really scared of?

Anyone else have a ridiculous fear of failing dominate their life? I've always been terrified of letting people down, disappointing my family, letting my teachers down, failure was not an option and I have lived in fear for years now because of it... But what am I really scared of? Being up this week? No. Not being in a bikini this summer? Technically never gonna happen but that doesn't make me scared. I'm most scared that this time next year I'll be feeling exactly like I do right now... That would be a massive failure for me... I've always said this journey is all about the baby steps... and it is, half a pound loss is a victory for me... Even staying the same some weeks is a success and whilst I'll never be 'skinny' I really just want to be healthy and happy in my own skin... Making the baby steps every day to do that is a success... So what if you had a blow out this weekend... Life is there to be lived but we've a clean slate with each decision to start again... 

One bad meal didn't make me fat... bad habits, emotional eating and my bodies chemistry have ganged up on me and made me miserable but I can change that with every choice I make today... 

'this time next year Rodney eh?'

Feb 15, 2018

Set back or step forward?

You know when you step off the scales and you just think 'feck this' ... 'it's not working for me' ... 'I can't do it' ... Every gain we have at the scales, every day we don't hit the 5k steps we promised ourselves, every small setback is just that... a small set back! Nothing more! It's not the end of the road, it's not a throw in the towel 'WW is rubbish and I'm just crap at life' moment (I have worn this tiara many many times BTW!)... it's just a setback... one of my favourite quotes is 'fall seven times, stand up eight!' You can't quit on you... you learn from where you went wrong and you keep going because when you stop trying, you stop caring about you... and as L'Oreal says 'you're worth it!' and you really are!

Success taste even sweeter when you know what it feels like to fall... 

Feb 8, 2018

If you're guessing...

OK.. every week I get messages saying "I'm up again this week and don't know what I'm doing wrong..." and when I ask them do they weigh out their portions... no reply... tumble weed... Portion control is a huge part of healthy living... Being bulimic portion control never factored into my meals because I wasn't planning on keep them down for long... so learning that is a tough curve at my ripe old age! Taking control of your portions is so important... You don't need a WW scales, you don't need any fancy equipment... head into Dealz or the pound shop, you can pick up some measure spoons and a scale for under a fiver! I regularly weigh out 60g of pasta and rice and just leave them on my kitchen counter in freezer bags so I can remember just how much I need to pour out... it's so easy to get heavy handed with cereals too... 60 seconds on the scales and you know exactly how much you're eating... and you're in control of your weight loss! 

No more guessing people! 

Feb 5, 2018

This is not a drill people...

You all know my love for porridge... anyone following me over on Instagram gets a morning bowl of it either baked in lovely cake form, layered up overnight or covered in fruit... I love the stuff... So what? I hear you ask... well... drumroll please... Saturday morning, bright and breezy I shall be here ...

This is my local Supervalu in Churchtown... 

... because Supervalu is doing the annual porridge giveaway this Saturday, 10th February ALL DAY! So for every purchase you get a free bag of porridge! WINNING! We all know how good it i for us... It's great to keep you full till lunch time... it's good for cholesterol... and you can top it with anything you fancy... I'm going through a stew apple phase at the moment! 40g is 4SP (10g - 1SP) and I always use unsweetened almond milk and water to save points... yum! So up early people... get your shopping list done, get the steps in to the shops and nab yourself a free bag! They have 50,000 of them up for grabs!

This isn't an ad, it's not sponsored but it's something definitely worth sharing!! No matter if you like it too hot or too cold, it's free porridge lads, how bad!?

Feb 1, 2018

Spring has sprung...

Nope, I don't care, it's February and I'm running with it... I don't care how cold it gets... winter is behind us! Sorry Australia... but YAY!

Time for a spring clean...

Clearing your wardrobe of clothes that are either too big or too small will stop the mind games when deciding what to wear... How many of us stare longingly inside the wardrobe wishing that dress or jeans would fit us.. and they're not motivating us, they're hidden inside! Clear em out! Put them in another room if you can't bare to get rid of them but we're better looking at an empty rail than be depressed by a rail of baggy trousers or dresses that won't zip up! If you're not wearing it, it's taking up closet space and head space...

Set yourself a few hours, pick an evening during the week when you can slap on a face mask and just go for it... the first few decisions will be the hardest but trust me, once you get going you'll wonder what the hell you were thinking buying some stuff! Plus the charity shop benefits! A clearer rail is a great incentive to get into the next size rather than to be frustrated that you have all these clothes that just won't fit! How many of us wear exactly the same items over and over because they're safe, or comfy, and people won't be staring at us in them... If there's something that you just love that doesn't fit yet... take it out and hang it up where you can see it all the time... back of the bathroom door, on the bedroom mirror, so it's the last thing you see at night and the first thing you see in the morning! A clear mind will only help you focus on what you need to do and help you make better choice to get into it!