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Jun 26, 2012

SEEING IS BELIEVING! Week 2 - 8lb challenge!

Week 2 - Weigh in… Hello Dolls!

First mini challenge to keep everyone on their toes.. and its not too taxing… visualize your goal..  yep, it can be as simple as just writing it down somewhere you'll see it every day.. hang those jean in front of you! That dress that's a little too tight.. take a pic of it and use it as your screen saver.. or the icon for your mother on your phone.. every time she rings that dress will pop up!!! Sometimes we need to SEE the destination.. and a visual mood board is brill if you have the patience and space to do one, even on the inside door of the wardrobe .. quotes, favorite clothes, healthy images of women with figures you aspire too… think about it...  put that 'before' pic on the fridge..  stick a little quote that inspires you where you can see it… often … view some of the success stories online from weight watchers all over the world… everyone does it.. we see something and think.. I can achieve that.... from boys building muscles to mothers and their hanging baskets! SEEING that it can be done will reinforce what you've already started.. you're already plotting your own success story on here!
Sample of vision board
Have a google at 'weight loss vision boards' .. .something might spark you off! Having an image recurring over and over again means it stays with you.. trust me every time I go to the loo upstairs that feckin' dress is SCREAMING at me! But its working… it now goes OVER my head and will eventually zip up!! If it was in the back of the cupboard it would be long forgotten!! So get visual gals!

and THIS is the dress!!!

Here's my >>> visual board… its in my little laundry where I keep my weights and skipping rope but every time I go in there.. it reminds me I just want to be healthy and comfortable in my own skin…(apologies blogger is acting up adding pics... meh!)

ALSO…. this week I'm adding an exercise to do .. since its summer and the arms are out, kinda  … sorry kids but its press ups! Now if you can't do the boy ones.. do the girls ones (on your knees) .. and if you are stuck for time.. do them against a wall and be honest with yourself.. if you can only do 10 then aim for 10 every day.. either straight out of bed or before you hop in or BOTH! When you're waiting for the kettle to boil do 10 against the wall! Think of those strappy tops… once the sun plays fair!! AND *spoiler* someone tweeted yesterday its 6 months to Christmas.. I KNOW! AND…. wouldn't it be nice to have some toned limbs to show off against the sparkles!?! Those who are experts at press ups.. push yourself even further.. you do 20 .. this week try for 25 or even 30!

Have a great week.. next week a giveaway!!! YAY! Will update the chart when everyone has weighed in…

Doll xxx

Jun 19, 2012

WEEK 1 - 8lb Challenge

So.. here is how this one will work..  Everyone has a flower with 8 petals (what its summer!) and by the end of the week you should have all changed your flower pink or even better be on your 2nd!

Note: Dotty is only 3 lbs away from goal so she's only got three petals to get but she's here to spur the rest of us on! YAY!

First mini challenge... PORTION control!!

Give yourself half and hour with the kitch scales and pack of cheap freezer bags from Lidl and WEIGH everything out... Put them somewhere you can see them when your cooking and learn what size you SHOULD be having.. the first time I did this I realised I was eating a full portion of pasta WHILST I was cooking.. just tasting it!!!! So weigh a portion of rice, pasta, cereal whatever you need to and bag em up and hold them so you know what they feel like and how generous you are being to yourself... Now.. weigh out another set and cook them! See a portion of pasta once its cooked, look into your favourite cereal bowl and see exactly where it should stop!  One of the biggest mistakes in weight loss is portion control... 'sure I'm having brown rice and thats good for me' you wail! But are you having enough brown rice to feed a small family! Bulking uo on the veg is good - yes.. bulking up on the carbs no matter how holy they are.. will just lead you down a merry path.. so I know Lidl and Aldi and most of the supermarkets have tehir own brands of freezer/sandwich bags.. and its an exercise you only have to do once.. Here's some of the other tips..

1• Don't leave a half-eaten birthday cake sitting on your kitchen counter. Wrap up cake and treats and send them home with your guests.

2• Doggie-bag it at restaurants. Their portions can sometimes be extra large. Ask that half of your meal be wrapped up to take home, I have yet to eat in a restaurant that hasn't obliged.

3• Consider ordering kiddie-sized meals at fast-food restaurants. You'll still get that fast food buzz but with a smaller portion.

4• Seek out starters and side dishes at restaurants that serve huge portions. Order two of the smaller dishes for a more reasonably sized meal. I'm a big fan of ordering two starters instead of a starter and main course.

5• Minimize bargain temptations. If you buy big tubs or bags of snack foods to save money, store them on a high shelf so they're not within arm's or your eyes reach. Or, immediately divide them into single serve portions and stash them away in a hard-to-reach place.

6• Learn to eyeball portion sizes, so it becomes second nature, you're homework this week will help with that! A 'normal' portion of chicken, about 3oz, for instance, equals the size of a deck of cards or your palm, NOT including your fingers.

7• Make your own "frozen" dinners. Store the leftovers in single serve containers for portion-controlled meals later on, or for lunch at work.

8• Don't leave the extra portions on the table in front of you..  if half a tray of lasagna stares you in the face while you eat dinner, you may be more likely to reach for seconds. Instead, serve yourself a portion and put the rest away. You can always go back for more, but this way, you may be less likely to.

9• Stock up on smaller plates. A half-empty 10-inch dinner plate spells deprivation; a salad plate filled to the edge seems like a huge meal.

10• Eat slowly! Research suggests that it takes approximately 20 minutes for your body to know that it's full. If you hoover down your food, seconds will be much more tempting.

I'll be first to log in and I'm down 2lbs this week! AND I got my 5% book and sticker (who knew a sticker could make me sooooo happy!!!) Post below and I'll update the board on Friday for those weighing in later in the week.. anyone else want to join in? the more the merrier!

Doll x

Jun 12, 2012


Ok, so requests have been high to get another challenge underway to keep us motivated.. no falling off the wagons people! so … drum roll please …. its the .....


This will bring us up to the August bank Holiday and over half a stone lighter… I'm sure people will be aiming for more and that's fab but minimum loss is 8 lbs!

Fingers crossed the August bank holiday will be hot, sunny and full of summer delights..

 including maxi dresses...


 and swimwear... I'm all about the retro one piece.. its girlie, covers my belly and looks very cute..

So we have to be ready to bare a little flesh and feel confident about out bodies... and we all want to look and feel good.. so at least 8 lbs down by then yes?!?

Measuring tapes out.. menu planners at the ready… and next week - everyone should be down at least one pound!

We can look fab even if the weather isn't!

Check in here if you're up for it! (comment below) The board with all the participants will be up next week… I'll post a blog every tuesday and do the tallies on Thursday.. so lets see if we can make this can be the biggest challenge to date! Mini challenges, spot prizes and giveaways along the way too!

START - 12th June
WEEK 1 - 19/6
WEEK 2 - 26/6

WEEK 3 - 3/7
WEEK 4 - 10/7
WEEK 5 - 17/7
WEEK 6 - 24/7
WEEK 7 - 31/7

WEEK 8 - 7/7

Jun 5, 2012

Summer Challenge finale!!!!

Well well well! I leave the country for a week and you all got skinny on me! Before I start to reply to your comments I HAD to total up the weights for the Summer Challenge! MY GOD!! 78.5!!! thats right... SEVENTY EIGHT & A HALF pounds we've lost.. that's at least 2 Victoria Beckams no? Well done every one.. and do we all feel better for it!?! I can definitely say that I'm feeling great.. I'm a dress size smaller and hitting the shops with a little more pep in my step.. I'm still no where near my goal weight but the difference its making by doing these challenges with you all is working on my self esteem no end! Stare if you like lady.. I'm eight pounds lighter than I was six weeks ago... (insert 'tongue out' pose here!) .. I may be developing a bit of an attitude problem... ahem..

So well done everyone.. I'll be setting up another one in the next week or so... something to take us up to the bank holiday in August .. with some more mini challenges, giveaways and heaps of motivation! AND its great to see you all supporting each other too... remember we're all in the lardy boat together.. 3 lbs to someone is 3 stone to someone else.. its all relative and we're all a team here! YAY!

Here's the final scores on the board for those that completed the six weeks on here... there are more dolls on twitter and facebook who have done brilliantly as well! *applause* Doll x