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Jun 26, 2018

BBQ burgers from M&S!

A selection of the fancy burgers available at M&S at the moment... I had one of the 'skinny dogs' at the weekend and it was SO good! SPs per burger, and remember the weights vary from product to product... anyone tried em out?!


M&S, 'Our Best Ever Burger', 170g - 15SP

M&S, The Grill, Lamb Burger, 170g - 17SP

M&S, The Grill, Aromatic Salmon & Trout Burger, 75g - 4SP
2 burgers - 7SP

M&S, The Grill, Peppered Beef Burger, 114g - 9SP

M&S, The Grill,  Pulled Pork Burgers, 114g - 8SP

M&S, The Grill, Smoked Beef & Cheddar Burger, 114g - 8SP

M&S, Skinny Beef Burger, 100g - 2SP 
2 burgers - 4SP

M&S, The Grill, Skinny Beef Shish Kebab, 78g - 2SP
2 kebabs - 3SP
3 kebabs - 5SP
4 kebabs - 7SP

M&S, The Grill, Skinny Dogs, 100g - 3SP

M&S, Veggie Beetroot & caramelised onion 'not dogs', 80g - 4SP

Jun 25, 2018

You're not a mess!

You're trying on the holiday shorts and no... You're not happy... I know the #BOPO police will tell you you should be happy no matter what but you're not... You hate that you're not at goal, you hate that you're not fitting into your clothes comfortably and you feel like it's a never ending struggle to just feel normal... You just want to throw on a pretty sundress and feel good about yourself... but here's the thing... you're still trying and you're still making more better choices than you ever did before... we all derail... we all jump spectacularly off the wagon... but even one good choice today is better than nothing... one glass of water more than yesterday, one piece of fruit, one 10 min walk is a step in the right direction... but don't throw in the beach towel and think there's no point to any of it... you trying to be a healthier version of you is important...

Jun 19, 2018

Going crackers...

New range of savoury crackers out from Tesco for the savoury folks amongst us... Smart pointed per portion on the packs but I've done some of them out per cracker too... Now don't be asking me why the diet maths is the way it is... that's the why... ok?


Tesco Multigrain crackers
per 6 crackers (30g) - 4SP

1 - 1SP
2 - 1SP
3 - 2SP
4 - 3SP
5 - 4SP
6 - 4SP

Tesco Garlic crackers
per 5 crackers (30g) - 5SP

1 - 1SP
2 - 2SP
3 - 3SP
4 - 4SP
5 - 5SP

Tesco Rosemary crackers
per 5.8g cracker

1 - 1SP
2 - 2SP
3 - 3SP
4 - 4SP
5 - 5SP

Tesco Multiseed Naan Crackers
per 2.6g cracker 
1 - 0SP
2 - 1SP
3 - 1SP
4 - 1SP
5 - 2SP
10 - 4SP

Tesco Sea Salt Naan Crackers
per 2.6g cracker 
1 - 0SP
2 - 1SP
3 - 1SP
4 - 1SP
5 - 2SP
10 - 4SP

Tesco Tandoori Naan Crackers
per 2.6g cracker 
1 - 0SP
2 - 1SP
3 - 1SP
4 - 1SP
5 - 2SP
10 - 4SP

Jun 18, 2018

You do you boo!

I'm all for body positivity... I am... but when you don't like yourself very much, when you've never liked yourself at all and someone tells you you should just 'love your body', it's not as easy as it sounds... I have spent years hating myself, every single inch of me... and you can't just stop and reprogram your brain over night to be all rainbows and moon beams. 'Embrace my curves', sure but when your super morbidly obese it's not just curves, it's a body that's a ticking time bomb from years of abuse and loathing... It's an early funeral and a vicious circle of bingeing and purging every feeling you have about yourself. It's anxiety about what will happen if you do die from this... your family.. your friends... It's worry that you have every single thing in order, just in case. These thoughts have been with me for years. It makes me sad that I think that way and I've spent hours in counselling, therapy talking about leaving everything in order, because of my weight... It's sad but I know I'm not alone! 

Yes, I understand the world is full of industries who profit from our self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act these days... make up, hairdressers, clothing sizes, the diet industry all make a buck off our insecurities. We SHOULD be able to go out not wearing make up, not caring what the label says on our top, we SHOULD be able to, but we're of a generation who are, hopefully, the last to feel this way... but seriously, how good do you feel when you get your hair done? How much better do you feel when you lash on some lippy? Isn't it all about loving ourselves a little more and realising that some of us might take a little bit longer to get there than others even if we gotta pay for it? I work hard enough to be able to buy some glitter and throw it about the place if it makes me feel good... 

There are so many righteous people out there who think I'm a bad person because I do WW... Honestly the internet is a disturbed place.... (if you have time to troll others online and berate other people because of how they look, or because they follow a weight loss plan, step away from the keyboard and go do something useful... go check the battery in the smoke alarm!) Rather than hate on those of us who just want to feel better about ourselves... those of us who follow points, count calories or syns or macros or eat cabbage all day... maybe try to shower those of us struggling with a little bit of positivity no matter what plan/diet/lifestyle we choose to follow rather than judge us for trying something that makes us feel a bit better about ourselves... Give us tips on how to love our bodies more, show us the way oh great body positivity people, I'd love nothing more than to learn some tips and tricks about self love and i follow SO many accounts to try to do just that...  but just remember it's our choice. Yelling at us that we've no morals, we're feeding into a society of self loathing, making us feel like we're just bad people for wanting to feel better about ourselves... it doesn't make you a hero of body positivity, it makes you one of the bad guys for making people who already feel crap about themselves feel even worse! We're not stupid, and we're not children, we just need support and help, not berating and shitty attitudes thrown at us... 

Yes, I'm following a plan put together by a company who profits from it, it's my money, it's my time and it's my choice. I don't preach that it's the best plan on the planet but it works for me after 25 years and eight crowns (yes 8 crowns, very expensive ones!) I know more about eating disorders than I ever really wanted to... Would I want anyone else to HAVE to follow the path I did,? Hell no... I hope my friends have taught their children they're gorgeous no matter what.. because they are! That food is just fuel and that's all not an emotional crutch... I've told leaders that allowing children into meetings really isn't a great idea, I know this having attended WW meetings as a child, I know some mums can't get childcare but I hope they are teaching their kids that 'it's just a club for mum to meet other people and stay healthy' not a place where you're told 'you can't have nice food' or 'you're not good enough' because my class really isn't a place like that... People struggle, people need to hear they're not alone... Following WW has reduced my medication, made me a little bit more confident and so far it's the only thing that has worked for me... I've tried it all, every pill, every plan but this and the friends I've made doing this plan have worked for me so far and I don't care if my money makes someone rich right now because honestly my tenner every week is well worth the positivity and motivation I get for it... I'm one of the ones shaking my pom poms at ANYONE who feels a bit better this week than they did last week, regardless of if they walk 3 miles a day or go to the gym at 3AM! If they feel better I'm gonna cheer em on! 

Yes, I might like myself a bit more that I did when I started this journey, I was a hermit dressed head to toe in black and hated every single thing about my life... but one day I hope I will look in the mirror and like what's looking back at me... but it's a massive step and fair play to those of you who can love what's looking back at you already but understand so many others find it SO hard, nearly impossible, like I do... This week I'm going to shake those pom poms at every person who I meet and make em feel good... life's too short! 

Jun 12, 2018

Slim Well range from ALDI!

I'm one of those people who try to make everything from scratch if and when I can, but there are some ready meals in my freezer for those evenings when the last thing you want to do is start chopping onions... Here's the Slim Well range from ALDI, I've pointed them per pack as they vary in size, I've also added the SPs as they appear on the WW UK app, the two meals with chicken breast also have the SPs for Flex... Anyone tried them out? 


Slim Well Cottage Pie, per 500g pack
From the nutritional value on the pack - 8SP
From the WW UK app  - 7SP

Slim Well Sweet Potato Curry, per 550g pack - 10SP

Slim Well Chicken Tikka Masala, per 500g pack - 7SP
On Flex - 3SP

Slim Well Bolognese Ragu, per 450g pack - 6SP

Slim Well Meatballs & Pasta, per 550g pack
Smart pointed as per the pack - 15SP
WWUK app - 14SP

Slim Well Chicken Chow Mein, per 550g pack - 9SP
on FLEX - 6SP

Jun 11, 2018

How long will it take?

Go on... admit it... when you stand in front of the mirror you just whinge about EVERYTHING... I do... my belly is too big, my arms are flabby, my hair is shite today, I hate my legs, my boobs are rubbish... The list goes on and on... 

Imagine if your best friend was standing beside you... would she say those things about you? Would she criticise you? Would you let her say those things about her body? 

Well there's your answer... 

When you're passing a mirror today, don't look away in disgust like me, say one nice thing about you!   It's amazing how just one small comment can make you feel better about yourself... 

Jun 5, 2018

Ready made salads from Dunnes Stores

Just in case you're at a BBQ and these are out and in your path... These ready made salads in Dunnes are all different in weight too, so I've done the SPs per portion as on the tub and the full tub too... Some are just a bit different and worth trying if you're getting bored of the same thing... but just be wary of the heavy mayo in some... All suitable for vegetarians. 
Anyone tried them? 

Dunnes Store, Pickled Vegetable Slaw, 
140g tub, pack states 2 portions per tub
per 70g portion - 3SP
per 140g tub - 5SP

Dunnes Stores, Middle Eastern Style Rice Salad
230g tub, pack states 2 portions per tub
per 115g portion - 7SP
per 230g tub - 14SP

Dunnes Stores, Roasted Vegetable Couscous Salad
220g tub, pack states 2 portions per tub
per 110g portion - 7SP
per 220g tub - 13SP

Dunnes Stores, Chipotle Coleslaw
270g tub, pack states 3 portions per tub
per 90g portion - 10SP
per 270g tub - 29SP

Dunnes Stores, Curried Coleslaw
250g tub, pack states 3 portions per tub
per 50g portion - 5SP
per 250 tub - 23SP

Dunnes Stores, Egg mayonnaise
250g tub, pack states 3 portions per tub
per 50g portion - 3SP
per 250 tub - 14SP

Remember eggs are free so you'd only pay for your 'lighter than light' mayo making this yourself...

Dunnes Stores, Sundried Tomato Pasta salad with feta cheese
175g tub, pack states 2 portions per tub
per 88g portion - 5SP
per 175g tub - 10SP

Dunnes Stores, Celeriac & Butternut Squash Slaw
225g tub, pack states 2 portions per tub
per 113g portion - 6SP
per 225g tub - 12SP

Dunnes Stores, Pesto Pasta Salad
175g tub, pack states 2 portions per tub
per 88g portion - 7SP
per 175g tub - 14SP