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Jun 23, 2020

Maribel Fruit Spreads!

So, if you're not a jam maker, then maybe these light fruit spreads from Maribel in Lidl could be for you! I Spotted 3 flavours to choose from... and if you're doing the homemade WW scones a dollop of this might be just the thing! x

LIDL, Maribel Light Apricot Fruit Spread
up to 20g - 1SP

LIDL, Maribel Light Strawberry Redcurrant Fruit Spread
up to 20g - 1SP

LIDL, Maribel Light  Raspberry Fruit Spread
up to 20g - 1SP

Jun 17, 2020

Breakfast Biccies from M&S...

One for the Breakfast biccie fans... These are from M&S, 6 packs of 2 biscuits in each box... 
Anyone tried them yet? x

M&S Coconut & Cocoa Nib Breakfast Biscuits
per 2 biscuits, 30g - 6SP

Jun 13, 2020

Meadow Fresh Green Pesto

With the summer salads here (hopefully to stay for a while!) a drizzle of pesto can liven up a pasta salad or a home made pizza with just a tablespoons worth! This is the Meadow Fresh Green pesto from Lidl... Irish made and delicious! If you can't stop at a table spoon walk away, it's SO good! 
Anyone tried it out? x

Meadow Fresh Green Pesto
per 15g - 3SP
per 30g - 6SP
per 140g tub- 29SP

Jun 12, 2020

Blackcastle Sausages!

Now everyone just CALM DOWN! They're back this Saturday! Lots of chats on social media about these sausages from Blackcastle Farm... I couldn't find them in my Aldi (I suspect they might be the new toilet roll frenzy!) 2 sausages for 2SP! With the BBQs all dusted down and primed, they're the business! I'm thinking they'd be lovely in a pasta bake or casserole too! Please leave me a pack! x

Blackcastle Farm Beef Sausages
2 sausages (113g) - 2SP

Jun 11, 2020


One to keep your peepers on when you're passing Aldi... Yomega3 frozen greek style yogurts are in stock until the end of June... I'll fight ya for the raspberry one if I can find it! These come in 500ml tubs or in mini tubs of 100ml... perfect for when the sun splits the stones again (that wasn't our summer was it?!) or pop a scoop into your smoothie or breakfast bowl... full of all the goodness, check out their website... Anyone tried them out? x

Yomega3 Greek Style Frozen Yogurt
Mango flavour
100ml - 5SP
500ml - 27SP

Yomega3 Greek Style Frozen Yogurt
Raspberry flavour
100ml - 5SP
500ml - 26SP

Yomega3 Greek Style Frozen Yogurt
Vanilla flavour
100ml - 5SP
500ml - 27SP

Jun 10, 2020

Pandemic weigh-ins!

If ever you needed proof that weight loss is not linear here's the Covid19 weigh-ins since the 24th of March... Honestly I'm fine with it, all the stress, tears, worry, meltdowns, sadness, loneliness and downright fear and I haven't put any weight on... I've had the bad weeks when I've binged and thankfully not purged... I've cried myself to sleep and come down to the kitchen to eat my way through the feelings because it felt like that was the only answer, and in that moment, it was... but I've dusted myself down, got back on plan when I could and have lapped up the positive days, bought loads of fruit and just been kinder to myself... I'm here, my family are all safe and well, we're not going out other than to do the basics for another while yet, our choice and we're all fine with it... no judgement here... there's too many high risks in our family for us to undo all the hard work of the last few months so we're the ones still in masks and spraying anything that moves in front of us! So don't beat yourself up, it's a pandemic! If a cream bun makes you feel better then have it! No one ever expected we'd be safely tucked up in our houses complaining about hairdressers for the first half the year, or there'd be a bunch of madzers buying all the toilet rolls (they're the ones not buying it now btw!) ... We're all just coping with the emotions and the sadness... missed weddings, hugs desperately needed and just good old cups of tea and chats with people we love... the wagon is there, climb aboard when you're ready there's no panic... it's going no where... and we'll all get on when we're good and ready.


Weigh-ins from 23/3/2020 - 9/6/2020
and it's ALL GOOD! 

Dromod Boxty

Another Irish product to add to your shopping listif you're in Aldi this week... Irish homemade Boxty from Dromod. Use as a pizza base, for lunch if you're getting bored with bread or toast it up and add it to your brunch at the weekend! Yum! Anyone tried it out? x

Dromod Irish Homemade Boxty
per 50g serving - 2SP
per 250g pack - 11SP

Jun 9, 2020

Different Gravy...

So, I was always about supporting Irish products on the blog over the years and now more so than ever, we need to get things up and running... get Irish businesses and families back up on their feet! A lovely reader on here messaged me to say she had tried the Porter & Nash gravy that's currently in Aldi (don't @ me that it's summer, I had the heating on last week!) and I got my paws on the caramelised onion & balsamic one just yesterday so I will report back! If you go to their website and check out the flip book recipe, there's loads of yummy ideas too! 

I've done the SPs for a 75ml portion (each pack serves 4) and for the whole pack... great value for loads of flavour if you're doing a big family meal or batch cooking! Made in Ireland & Vegan whats not to love!

Anyone tried them out? x

Porter & Nash, Different Gravy 
Original Roasted Root Vegetables
per 75ml portion - 1SP
per 300ml sachet - 3SP

Porter & Nash, Different Gravy 
Caramelised Onion & Balsamic 
per 75ml portion - 1SP
per 300ml sachet - 4SP

Porter & Nash, Different Gravy 
Slow Roasted Garlic & Thyme 
per 75ml portion - 1SP
per 300ml sachet - 3SP

Jun 8, 2020

The Piccolo Pizza Co.

A smoky BBQ pizza sauce to look out for this week in ALDI as part of the #GrowWithAldi campaign to get us buying Irish produce... The Piccolo Pizza Co. has a few pizza sauces in their range but this smoky BBQ one on a wrap, with a bit of grilled chicken, all the zero SP veggies... mushrooms, onions, peppers and you've got a fab pizza! Anyone tried it out? x 

The Piccolo Pizza Co.
Smoky BBQ Pizza Sauce
up to 40g - 1SP
the 270g jar - 10SP