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Mar 22, 2018

Give yourself a break!

Ever get overwhelmed by it all... just remember healthy living is a skill to work on and improve at, not something you should expect to be great at from day one! Most of us have spent years working on emotional eating or a bad relationship with out bodies / food... Most of us haven't worked out or stepped inside a gym in years for lots of different reasons... Mine is shame, I know, I'm the positive one around her but the experiences I've had in gyms in the past have meant I won't darken the door of one! If you haven't exercised for a long time, it takes time to get going... no one ever just got up from the couch and ran a marathon without training or knowing just how far they could push their bodies... Take a little extra care to get your body moving and more active... Start slowly with everyday tasks, walk around the block for 10 minutes, get out in the garden and start tidying up... then gradually increase the amount of time you spend doing these things! What starts as a 10min walk on the first day can build into a half an hour in a matter of weeks but as they say, don't run before you can walk!  

Mar 20, 2018

Wicked Kitchen from Tesco

This is the new vegan range of ready meals called 'Wicked Kitchen' from Tesco... I took these pics a couple of weeks ago and thought I'd pop up the range for anyone interested in trying them.. I thought they were quite high for portion sizes... anyone else tried them out? 


Wicked Kitchen, Nana's mushroom bolognese
per 374g pack (1 serving) - 13SP

Wicked Kitchen, Gunpowder potato chana masala
390g pack (1 serving) - 16SP

Wicked Kitchen, BBQ mushroom sourdough pizza
273g pack (1 serving) - 16SP

Wicked Kitchen, Veggie pasta & amazeballs
375g pack (1 serving) - 15SP

Mar 15, 2018

Time to get lucky!

There's a great quote that Oprah tells (I mean she's the queen of quotes!) but this one is particularly good... 

Luck is where preparation meets opportunity!

We make our own luck! No one is lucky to get to goal, no one has a magic wand to lose 100 pounds... it's hard work... the people who are doing it are the people who are on track, they will tell you it's all in the preparation... they plan their food shopping... they meal plan for the week... they plan their exercise... they prepare for big nights out or weekends away... the weeks I don't plan or prepare my food properly are the weeks I don't succeed... it's not bad luck it's all me and my bad planning!

The harder you work, the luckier you get! So get your tracker/diary/planner out and get lucky! 

Mar 13, 2018

Flavour Bursts from Uncle Ben!

For the curry in a hurry brigade... here's some quick stir in sauces new from Uncle Ben... 
Use them in your stir fries, as marinades for chicken, or as dips... these pots are 150g so I've SmartPointed the full pot and the 75g portion (half pot)...  


Uncle Bens Flavour Burst
Katsu Curry
per 150g tub - 4SP
per 75g portion - 2SP

Uncle Bens Flavour Burst
Sweet Thai Chilli
per 150g tub - 9SP
per 75g portion - 4SP

Uncle Bens Flavour Burst
Aromatic Sweet 7 Sour
per 150g tub - 10SP
per 75g portion - 5SP

Uncle Bens Flavour Burst
Soy, Sesame & Ginger
per 150g tub - 10SP
per 75g portion - 5SP

Mar 8, 2018

Real queens...

Happy International Womens' day! 

Today is the day we celebrate women... I started this blog because I felt lonely. I despaired at the journey ahead of me and I wondered if there was anyone else who felt the same... Just look at the amazing community we have online... The world is full of keyboard warriors who are happy to judge and put other women down to make themselves feel better... I've experienced this a lot online especially... If we all spent a bit more time supporting each other, it might drown out the haters... 

Here's a few amazing women in my life... 

My amazing mum... who is the best mum in the world... I dare ya to fight me! 

My friends, I don't have that many close friends but the couple I do have, I know I can rely on and that means more than anything...  

Michelle, my old WW leader... who's faith in people astounds me... she's an amazing human, whose words still sit with me every day... 

Mary B my weigh in buddy, you keep me accountable and on track more than you know! 

My counsellor, the woman who probable knows all the deep dark thoughts and helps me make sense of them all, I'd be in a very dark place without her...

The wonderful young women who my friends are raising... too many to mention but if everyone on the planet was a bit more like them, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in! The future looks brighter!

The women who take us to work, who work with us and on our behalf... who teach us and our children, who operate on us and care for us, who heal our souls, who help us through the day... Sometimes these women are just strangers but they are amazing strangers... Much respect to them all... the world wouldn't turn without any of them! 

I know we should be doing it every day but today, pick up the phone and tell some of the amazing women in your life just how amazing they really are! 

Mar 6, 2018

No added sugar granolas from Kelloggs...

There's a new granola in town... Granola is something that a lot of people love but it's so high in sugar they feel it's an 'all or nothing' choice and it doesn't have to be... All of these are 2SP for a tbsp, which can really add a bit of brunch and flavour to porridge this time of year... This range is all pointed as per serving not he back so what for that... Do a search for 'granola' on the search bar to the right and you'll find other granolas I've SmartPointed... I spotted these in Tesco... 
Anyone tried them out? x

Kelloggs No Added Sugar Granola
Coconut, Cashew & Almond
per 45g portion - 7SP

Kelloggs No Added Sugar Granola
Apricot & Pumpkin Seeds
per 45g portion - 7SP

Kelloggs Super Grains Granola
Cranberry, Sultana & Spelt
per 45g portion - 7SP

Kelloggs Super Grains Granola
Cocoa, Cashew, Almond & Spelt
per 45g portion - 7SP

Kelloggs Organic Wholegrain Wheats & Raisin
per 40g portion - 5SP

Kelloggs Organic Wholegrain Wheats, Classic
per 40g portion - 4SP

Mar 3, 2018


Last week I was at the preview of the PEP&CO range that has just launched in Ireland... I thought I'd pop up some of the gorgeous clothes they have coming for the summer on here from my instagram stories... if you're between sizes or just want to buy something a size smaller to get into as a goal to set yourself for the summer, you'll pick up a great bargain! They're already in 9 stores, they're the clothing range for Dealz but have a google and you'll find the store nearest you! Size wise, they go up to size 22 on women’s clothes... with bra sizes from 34B to 40DD, briefs from 8 to 20... up to XXXL on their men’s range and up to age 12 for the kids! That black and white jumpsuit has my name on it! 


Mar 1, 2018


My biggest weakness... self belief... I've been working on my self esteem my whole life and some days I just get so tired of it... It's exhausting trying to be positive all the time... For all the times people have said 'you look well...' or 'you're doing great, stick with it' the only person I really believe is me and I'm not so nice to me sometimes. 

It's an Irish thing, we're always putting ourselves down... It's been bred into us that if we think we're great then we have 'notions' but if you're constantly putting yourself down, you make the people you love unhappy... they love you for you... they want to see you smile... they want you to be full of beans and run into the sea on holidays in your swimming cozzie... but if you don't believe that they love you just for being you, then that all starts with how we speak to ourselves... So give yourself a compliment.. go on.. I'll wait... go on... say it... you've gorgeous eyes... you're so kind... you make people smile every day... you make the best lasagne in Ireland... whatever it is that makes you fabulous, you've got to believe it too... because if you put yourself down all the time, the people you love will stop trying to make you believe what's really true, that you are amazing! So this week, promise yourself you'll be kind to the reflection in the mirror... that woman looking back at you is doing pretty good.... x