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May 24, 2012

Dear Diary....

Here we are... the last full week of this challenge and again everyone has done brilliantly on the losses! I was down another pound so its all good!!! This weeks mini challenge is a simple one... and one that we all know works... TRACK! From now until next week.. be honest... you're only fooling yourself if you tell fibs ... and write down everything that you eat.. as my leader says.. if it goes in your smacker... it goes on the tracker!

We're so unaware of how much we nibble and taste and 'try' and after a some vino.. well everything is ProPoint free no?! What chip shop?!?! The biscuit tin at work... ever slip your hand in there and forget ALL about it... For the next 7 days stick up your tracker on the fridge... download whatever app works for you... get a fancy little notebook and WRITE IT ALL DOWN! If you know you're going to have a good time then write down - 5 slices of cake... 2 (don't judge!) bottles of wine... then when it comes to the scale.. there can be no.. 'I have NO idea what went wrong?!?'

Writing it down means you learn your triggers, weaknesses and when you're most likely to slip... weekend fall-out anyone? groan... but if you're honest with yourself then you can see where you slip up other than the wagon jumps! and THAT'S when you can make the changes you need to... anyone been watching 'secret eaters' on channel 4.. people are genuinely unaware that every time they have a cup of tea a biccy seems to tag along! Its facinating to watch... lots of experiments to see how people subconsciously eat! like... food in clear bowls gets eaten more than ceramic bowls because we can see it sitting there.. screaming at us! ... I digress.... TRACK... that is all!

I'm away in the UK next week with work, so there won't be a full post unless I sneak out (this may happen!) but I will put up a final 'weigh in' for those on the board and we can see how we've done! Can you believe another mini-challenge is over!? This year is just flying by! Now ... TRACK! I mean it! Doll xxx

May 18, 2012

Time to get fruity!

Ola amigos.. firstly apologies for the delay in posting... another manuc working week .. but I've seen the losses so far and will update the board by this afternoon for sure! and WOW the losses are FAB!!! and yes its a good week in Camp Doll.. 1. I'm down 2.5 lbs! YAY! I hate being stuck in a rut... 2. My local rugby team who I follow and love are in the Heineken Cup final  and 3. YES.. I got a ticket! watch out London.. Doll is incoming!!! Suffice to say I think the scales may already be groaning for next week!

So.. how are you all? How did Operation Beautiful go? Not as easy as it sounds really is it? Still we gotta love us, otherwise no one else will! A positive word to yourself every now and then will do you good, so try to keep it up..and who's remembering the water... eek!

This week... its about getting fruity! Try a new fruit this week.. and for the die hards.. have a piece of fruit with every meal... banana with your porridge, a snack mid-morning... grapes at lunch... fruit salad for dinner, set some in jelly (delish... but remember pineapple doesn't work!) ... and smoothies.. you can add tonnes of fruit in there with a yoghurt, some ice and a dash of juice or milk... and with it being summer ... all the berries are about to come into their own! Strawberries ahead!

If there's something you've never tried or tried as a kid and hated it... then risk it this week and indulge! Fruit is free for those of us on ProPoints... and its a great way to stave off hunger... an its SO good for us... plus the world is a smaller place now.. you can indulge in Kiwis, mangos, starfruit, lychees, even go for tinned fruit although make sure it's in its own juice NOT syrup... and go a little crazy.... you might find a snack you love and totally forgot about...

Fingers and toes crossed for Leinster this Saturday... and that loud girl screaming on the telly box... that will be me!!!

weights posted below shortly ... seriously people you are AMAZING!!!  Doll xxx

May 9, 2012


If I counted the number of times I criticised myself in a day, I'd have to borrow at least 5 other peoples fingers and toes! No matter how many compliments and positive comments I get about my weight loss to date from my family and friends ... I still judge and criticise myself so badly! This week has been a blue one.. no particular reason... just one of those weeks... and to boot I'm up 1.5lbs too.. and I know why.. I had a great bank holiday weekend.. and the weather had me hitting the couch with the munchies instead of getting out and about, and filling out my tracker!

Today I was tweeting with a girl who is an inspiration! I've never met her but I read her blog religiously and every time she gives me the virtual slap in the chops that I need to make me realise that life isn't so bad and STOP being a drama queen! She has no idea she does this... this lady is, fingers, toes and knickers crossed coming to the end of her very tough and difficult journey with cancer and still she remains upbeat, funny and probably one of the more noble and humble people I have yet to meet! She's a single mum with an awesome attitude and great with the banter... and I can only imagine a fabulous friend to have... This lady is Alex... check her out and send all the good karma her way...  I'm sure we all know someone like this... someone who puts life into perspective.. but sometimes the inner drama queen jumps the queue and we're all about 'poor old fat me' .. little reality check this week laydeeeezzzz!

So it's a fun challenge... we're over half way there on this summer challenge and I hope the exercise DVDs were dusted off... Davina and I are friends again, kinda, and I even borrowed the 'Strictly come dancing keep fit DVD' (I said that out loud didn't I!), I'm sure my neighbours think I'm running some sort of early morning dance class with all the pounding on the floor boards! Nothing like a good shimmy to wake you and the neighbours up! How did you all get on?

I digress.. the challenge this week is ... Operation Beautiful... now if you haven't heard of it..  I've put the link below ... it's a week to give yourselves a big hug.. let the inner beauty shine through and remind ourselves how beautiful we are already!

So .. steal a pad of post-its at work.. blame me, I'll take the rap... and post some compliments to YOU! All over the place... and if you're really going to get into them when you're out and about too and make someone elses day! Why not cheer up some work pals to boot! There's no point in shouting at your thighs and hating them so much that you're down in the dumps... yes, we all want to be healthy... and we're all on that journey.. we're dedicated.. we prove that each week we weigh in ... but sometimes we're so hard on ourselves that it makes the journey even tougher and we feel like its just not worth it... that WE are not worth it ... well breaking news... we are! This is a positive journey to a new and healthy version of us! Lets make it a positive week... we can all be moany Marys next week if you want... LOL ...

The mirror in the bathroom... above the kettle... on the fridge... dashboard of the car... inside your wallet... be a little kinder to you and stick up a note.. you're gorgeous... you're stronger than you realise... you're funny.. you're kind... you're generous... you're amazing ... we have fat ... we are not fat! We will lose that fat.. it doesn't and shouldn't define us... there's a lot more to us that fat! I'll be wanting some proof ... so take some pics and I'll put them up next week! For inspiration check out ..

Here's my fav... 

Here's the blackboard to date.. I've a few more to add so bear with me I'll get to them... Have a good week.. You're all FABULOUS and a massive inspiration to me!!!! Doll x

May 2, 2012

Spice of life.. week 3 challenge!

Sorry dolls... I'm a little late with this post but they're making me work! sheesh!!! Don't they know I've got more important things to do! So... as expected my body is playing catch up and this week I was down 4.5lbs! Seeeeee a little patience and if you're following a plan and its all healthy then it does actually work! Sigh! So.. I think I caught most of the losses through the comments but if I've missed you out then just let me know... another great week... and as summer officially started we're close to the end already!! Where is 2012 going!?!?

Get your sweat pants on and shake that booty!
This week.. its an exercise challenge... now I know we're all busy with life.. but if you can make half an hour for Dot Cotton and Phil Mitchel.... you can make a half and hour for you!

This week its all about variety and you may be stuck in your ways.. you know .. doing the same walk every day... but perhaps you should try walking it in reverse.. and I don't mean YOU in reverse but the route.. that downhill you love at the end.. will be a challenge at the beginning! Its a week to diversify!

This is my treat when I get to goal!!!

Got those DVDs gathering dust at the back of the telly... Strictly come dancing style to the Pussycat Dolls workouts.. they're out there and I know you have at least one! Davina lives behind my TV and this week she's coming out! Maybe there's a local Zumba class you can pop into... most of the drop in classes are about €10 ... and you might love it! You might make new pals that live around the corner who need a motivating pal!!! A salsa class.... there's a salsa slim near me and once I get the all clear on my jippy knee I'm so there! This week try something NEW, something different... take you walk to the beach and get your feet wet... dust the bike down and head to the shop for your pint of milk! Aquafit, tag rugby, jog, netball, skipping, tennis - even if there's just a court you can play in and sweat it out with a pal... you'll have a laugh I promise! Borrow a pals dog and hit the park.. both you and they will be delighted and exhausted! A spin class.. a step aerobic class... most will let you try a class to see how you like it... there's a variety of ways to exercise.. this week just try a new one!

Seeee you don't even need to know the rules as long as you're moving!
AND.... keep up the amazing losses!! You people are FABULOUS!!! Doll x