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Jun 28, 2013

Natural born fillers...

What contemptible scoundrel has stolen the cork to my lunch?
W. Clement Stone

Lunches... is one of the meals that really get to people.. and if you don't eat breakfast its a big deal... cause you're STARVING by the time it comes around and you'll just grab anything thinking you've got loads of propoints ... then those who have had breakkie, don't want to use too many points but you need all the energy you can muster to get you through the afternoon without choccie! A meal thats too heavy in the middle of the day and there'll be naps at desks... and its the one meal most of us at one stage or another need to grab on the go ... be it in petrol station or a corner shop where the selection isn't great and all we need is energy to get us through the afternoon... and really we all want to save points for the evening when the munchies attack!

First up .. SOUP.. I've posted on here a million times.. HERE's one that's yum, with loads of ideas for added flavour and zero pp.. it fills you up.. its good for you... experiment with it.. freeze it in individual portions and you're onto a winner... its basic staple!

If you have access to a kitchen try the 
Zero PP omlette!

Spray oil your pan and fry off some onions or shallots and use a tbsp of canderel or similar to caramelize them… add cherry tomatoes and mushrooms, some courgettes, peppers whatever you fancy and flavor them with garlic, chilli, pepper etc worcestershire sauce will beef it up a little as will a teaspoon of bovril.. 
I know I know.. but don't knock it till you try it!  

Whisk up 3 - 4 egg whites and get them fluffy.. 
this will give you a bigger omlette both visually and in your tummy… 
you could nearly double the size of the omlette from whisking alone... 

Add a tiny bit of mustard if you want to trick yourself that its yellow! This works! 
Then pour the egg whites over your veg in the pan.. 
turn the heat down and let it cook slowly through… when its nearly done.. 
pop your pan under the grill and brown the top of it.. 
and for 0.5pp met 3 laughing cow extra light triangles over the top! 
You'll be stuffed I promise! AND... only one pan to wash up!

Tricking yourself into think you have more on your plate at lunch time is the key!

For the sandwich lovers amongst us..  a mug of soup before you tuck into a sarnie can make you feel fuller and help cut down the PPs... but try wraps, bagels, Pat the Baker has his new Slims out which are great and different... try an open sandwich... variety is what's going to keep you interested and not just having the same old boring egg sandwich then grabbing a bag of crisps and hitting the vending machine mid afternoon!

Make lunch exciting... I can hear your eyes rolling from here... but take the time to do a lunch box and put it in the freezer... it won't kill you!

Yoghurts, mini cheeses, crackers and don't hit me.. FRUIT! Filling up on a variety of things will mean you'll feel full without rushing in the door and putting on the toaster, before you ever get to making dinner... and takes only minutes to assemble in the evening.. and if your office has a microwave.. when you're cooking in the evening.. add a little extra and bring it in for lunch! My lunch box has started MANY a cooking debate with some added recipe swaps!

BREAD... all listed on the page on the right...  >>>>>>>

lettuce, spring Onion, white/red onion, tomatoes, cress, peppers - 
tip - if you roast these when you're cooking the night before .. YUM! 
cucmber, radishes, capers, gherkins, beansprouts, beetroot, the list goes on...
... all the zero PP stuff can go in here! GO FOR IT!

Capers, Curry Powder, Garlic, Ginger, fresh or ground, All herbs and spices – fresh or dried, lemon, low fat cooking spray, mint sauce, mustard, soy sauce, tabasco sauce, teriyaki sauce, thai fish sauce, fat or oil free salad dressing, Balsamic vinegar.. experiment... 

Tuna in brine/water = 2 pp
1 med slice of roast chicken = 1 pp
2 slices of dennis Crumbled ham  = 1 pp
1 medium slice roast beef 35g = 3 PP
1 portion of King Prawns cooked (100g) = 3 pp
1 medium portion of smoked salmon 60g = 2 pp
1 med boiled egg = 2 pp
1 large boiled egg = 3 pp

Free range egg & cress = 9 pp
Fuller longer italian style chicken & pesto flatbread = 8 pp
Salmon & Cucumber Eat Well sandwich = 8 pp
Low Cal Ham Sandwich = 7 pp

Turkey wrap = 8 pp
Veggie Delite wrap = 6 pp
6-inch Roast Beef on white or wheat bread = 7 pp

BLT = 13 pp 
Free range egg mayo = 10 pp 
Mature cheddar with pickle = 13 pp 
Oak smoked salmon and soft cheese sandwich = 10 pp 
Roasted chicken with herb mayo = 9 pp 
Toasted club sandwich = 14 pp 
Tuna gluten fee = 12 pp 
Turkey feast sandwich = 12 pp

Cheese & ham = 8 pp 
Tuna & Cucumber = 7 pp

BLT = 11 pp
Free Range Egg = 10 pp
Chicken Salad = 8 pp
Tuna Salad = 7 pp
Cheddar Ploughmans Roll - 12 pp
Ham Hock & mustard Pickle Roll = 8 pp
Chicken & Bacon Club = 13 pp
Chicken & pesto Panini = 11 pp
Goats Cheese & Caramelised Onion Chutney Panini = 6 pp
Ham & Cheese Panini = 12 pp
Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil Panini = 10 pp
Ragu Meatball Panini = 13 pp
Ham & Cheese Toastie = 8 pp
Ham & Cheese Croissant = 9 pp
Tomato & Emmental Croissant = 9 pp
Chicken Fajita Wrap = 11 pp
Chilli Beef Wrap = 14 pp
Sausage bap/roll = 12 pp
All Day Breakfast Bap = 19 pp
Bacon roll = 10 pp
Tuna Melt panini = 12 pp

Doll x

Jun 25, 2013


A couple of requests for the ProPoints for TGI Fridays to be added to the 'take out' section over yonder... done...  I hope you're all sitting down reading this one... SCARY!


Buffalo Wings = 29 pp
Crispy Green Bean Fries = 23 pp
Fried Mozzarella = 20 pp
Japanese Hibachi Tapa-tizer Skewers - Black Angus Sirloin = 18 pp
Japanese Hibachi Tapa-tizer Skewers - Grilled Chicken = 18 pp
Mediterranean Tapa-tizer Skewers - Black Angus Sirloin = 19 pp
Mediterranean Tapa-tizer Skewers - Grilled Chicken = 17 pp
Sesame JackTM Chicken Strips = 30 pp

Shared Appetisers
Ale House Shrimp & Chips = 32 pp
Friday's® Pick Three-For-All = 79 pp
Jack Daniel's® Sampler = 37 pp
Loaded Potato Skins= 55 pp
Spinach Florentine Flatbread = 10 pp
Tostado Nachos = 43 pp
Tuscan Spinach Dip = 29 pp

Salads, Soups & More
Salads (includes dressing)
Balsamic Glazed Chicken Caesar Salad = 13 pp
Caribbean Passion Tossed Salad w/ Chicken = 24 pp
Caribbean Passion Tossed Salad w/Ahi Tuna = 30 pp
Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad (add choice of dressing) = 14 pp
Pecan-Crusted Chicken Salad = 26 pp

Salad Dressings = ALL 3oz
Avocado Olive Oil Vinaigrette = 9 pp
Balsamic Vinaigrette = 13 pp
Bleu Cheese = 14 pp
Caesar Vinaigrette = 6 pp
Ginger-Lime Splash = 11 pp
Honey Mustard = 13 pp
Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette = 4 pp
Passion Fruit Vinaigrette = 10 pp
Ranch = 13 pp

Soups & More
Broccoli Cheese Soup = 14 pp
Classic Wedge Salad = 18 pp
French Onion Soup = 7 pp
House Salad (add choice of dressing) = 6 pp
Side Caesar Salad = 8 pp
Soup - Chicken Noodle = 6 pp
Soup - New England Clam Chowder = 15 pp
Soup - Tomato Basil = 9 pp

Fusion Skewers, Sizzling, Ribs & Seafood
Fusion Skewers
Japanese Hibachi Entrée - Black Angus Sirloin = 41 pp
Japanese Hibachi Entrée - Grilled Chicken = 40 pp
Mediterranean Entrée - Black Angus Sirloin = 43 pp
Mediterranean Hibachi Entrée - Grilled Chicken = 42 pp

Sizzling Chicken & Shrimp = 32 pp
Sizzling Chicken & Cheese = 27 pp

Ribs & Seafood
Ale-House Baby Back Ribs = 36 pp
Baby Back Ribs = 35 pp
Baby Back Ribs, Half-Rack = 24 pp
Dragonfire Salmon = 17 pp
Friday's® Shrimp = 26 pp
Grilled Shrimp Scampi & Salmon = 22 pp
Parmesan-Crusted Crab Flounder = 31 pp

Chicken & Pasta
Bruschetta Chicken Pasta = 25 pp
Cajun Shrimp & Chicken Pasta = 38 pp
Chicken Fingers = 30 pp
Chicken Piccata Pasta = 30 pp
Dijon-Crusted Beer Chicken = 31 pp
Dragonfire Chicken = 13 pp

Jack Daniels Grill
Jack Daniel's® Black Angus Sirloin & Shrimp = 25 pp
Jack Daniel's® Chicken = 12 pp
Jack Daniel's® Chicken & Shrimp = 15 pp
Jack Daniel's® Flat Iron = 21 pp
Jack Daniel's® Ribs = 43 pp
Jack Daniel's® Ribs & Shrimp = 48 pp

Burgers & Steaks
Burger = 30 pp
Cheeseburger = 33 pp
Jack Daniel's® Burger = 44 pp
Kansas City BBQ Burger = 34 pp
New York Cheddar & Bacon Burger = 40 pp
Southwest Burger = 45 pp
Turkey Burger = 26 pp

10 oz. Sirloin = 15 pp
10 oz. Sirloin & Grilled Shrimp Scampi = 25 pp
Black Angus Brew House Steak = 27 pp
Flat Iron = 13 pp
Petite Sirloin = 13 pp
Petite Sirloin & Half Rack Ribs = 25 pp
Petite Sirloin & Salmon = 29 pp

Kids Menu
Burger = 10 pp
Chicken Fingers = 17 pp
Chicken Sandwich = 11 pp
Chicken Skewers = 7 pp
Macaroni & Cheese = 9 pp
Spaghetti = 9 pp

Baby Carrots w/ Ranch = 7 pp
Broccoli = 1 pp
Fresh Vegetable Medley = 5 pp
Fruit Cup = 2 pp
Ginger-Lime Slaw = 1 pp
Mandarin Oranges = 3 pp
Mashed Potatoes = 10 pp
Oval Salad = 1 pp
Potato Salad = 8 pp
Seasoned Fries = 10 pp pp
Summer Green Beans = 3 pp
Sweet Potato Fries = 10 pp
Thick-Cut Steak Fries = 11 pp

Desserts, Drinks & Slushes
Desserts, individual
Kids' Cup of Dirt = 13 pp
Kids' Orange Sherbet = 4 pp
Kids' Sundae = 17 pp
Kids' Vanilla Ice Cream = 8 pp
Oreo® Madness = 14 pp
Vanilla Bean Cheesecake = 27 pp

Desserts, Shared (based on 2 servings)
Brownie Obsession® = 20 pp
Ice Cream Strawberry Shortcake = 12 pp

Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Berry Strawberry Smoothie = 6 pp
Coca Cola® = 4 pp
Coffee (Black) = 0 pp
Diet Coke® = 0 pp
Dr Pepper® = 4 pp
Friday's®House-Made Fresh Lemonade = 4 pp
Iced Tea (Unsweetened) = 0 pp
Kids' Chocolate Milk = 6 pp
Kids' Milk = 3 pp
Kids' Soda - Coca Cola® = 3 pp
Kids' Soda - Diet Coke® = 0 pp
Kids' Soda - Sprite = 3 pp
Sprite® = 4 pp

Signature Slushes
Blue Raspberry = 8 pp
Kids' Slush - Blue Raspberry = 4 pp
Kids' Slush - Mango Peach Lemonade = 2 pp
Kids' Slush - Strawberry Lemonade = 4 pp
Mango Peach Lemonade = 4 pp
Red Bull® Passion = 6 pp
Ruby Red Bull® = 6 pp
Strawberry Lemonade= 6 pp


Ice cream, chocolate and cake... ALL IN ONE!!!! 

I mean are they trying to upset me!

Cadburys, bless em, have brought these beauties out .. Ice cream flavoured cakes! 
You heard me! AND you can freeze them.. and they are lush! 

These raspberry ripple flavoured ones are especially nice but I'm a massive raspberry fan and freezing them isn't as crazy as it sounds! Being a savoury gal... I can usually take or leave these kinda things but a visitor brought them round and at 3PP each, I'd have spent that on a few biccies and not have enjoyed them half as much!

Raspberry Ripple - 3 pp per roll

Mint Choc Chip - 3 pp per roll

Toffee Ripple - 4 pp per roll

Jun 20, 2013

Holy moly!

Don't be fooled... this is not some glamourous Curly Wurly... They have the chocolate ( not the cadburys type though).. they have the caramel but they also have the added biscuit! About 2/3rds the size of a Curly Wurly and 4 PP each... these come in a box of 6 and can be found in most supermarkets... My opinion.. stick to original! 

Jun 17, 2013


'Mmmmmmm pork chops and bacon .. my two favorite animals!'
Homer Simpson

Oh you thought I was going to babble on about one of these beauties... *drools*

Sorry kids... I'm on a tracking rant... BLTs.. in Weight Watchers camp, stands for - Bites, licks and tastes... We've all done it.. a lick of icing, a nibble of the other halfs cookie... "I'll only have a bite' .. 'No I won't have chips, salad for me .. well I'll just have one or two of yours!'... the kids didn't finish all their fish fingers.. but they managed to make their way into your gob! None of these little beauties ever see the light of day on the trackers of the world.. then we hop on the scales.. righteous.. 'wait for it.. I'm BOUND to be down I've been an ANGEL!' we tell the leader.. uh oh! UP! we're stunned! But I tracked.. I don't understand.. We're outraged...  

Every single thing that goes into your gob... needs to be accounted for.. EVERY. SINGLE. THING!!!! Its really that simple! NASA can hold off on the research... we're not gonna cure cancer with this info... but as the meerkats say... simples! 

TRACK PEOPLE.. just see the difference it makes... one week.. and be honest.. cause if you're lying on your tracker.. the only person you're fooling is you!

OK.. OK!!! Sorry veggies... Here's come some cheats for a BLT... Bibbity Bobbity Bacon!!! 

Doll x

Toasted BLT - 3 ProPoints (Serves 1)

2 Slices WW Brown Bread = 2 PP
2 Slices Parma Ham = 1 PP
1 Tomato - sliced
Handful Shredded Lettuce

Toast the bread
Layer with the sliced tomato and lettuce
Heat a non-stick pan and place the Parma ham on (no oil needed) and fry for approximately 1 min each side
Top the tomato and lettuce with the Parma ham and other slice of bread.

BallyFree Turkey Rashers, per 2 rashers = 1 pp
Bacon - 1 lean rasher = 1 PP, 1 rasher, streaky = 2 PP
Hellmans extra light mayo is only 1pp for 3 tablespoons!
Relish is 1 PP per tblespoon
Grill your tomatoes or better roast them in balsamic vinegar for added umph! Plus you can add any free stuff you like! Rocket, beetroot, onion the works!

One of my favs, cause I LOVE my bacon... is from Skinny Taste check it >HERE

On the run... 
Tescos BLT = 8 PP
GREGGS Classic BLT = 12 PP

and are you ready for this ... sitting down are we... 
Chicken Finger BLT with chips from TGi Fridays  = 42 PP
You heard me! 

Jun 12, 2013

Get on track...

If you're not an avid tracker .. be it on paper in your hand bag.. or on an app on your phone.. for this week... TRACK! Grab a note book...set up a document on your lap top.. use the notes tool on your phone.. just for one week... it will reveal your habits and when your munchie moments are...

People who are successful at weight loss.. KNOW what they're putting in their bodies every day.. they know what they're having for dinner.. they've PLANNED their weekend... so pick your favourite below and put it somewhere that it will remind you to track... and remember no ones got a perfect tracker all the time but when you have a good week you can look at it and see why... same with a bad week!  Your tracker is a useful tool in your weight loss kit!

Doll x

Jun 11, 2013

Nobody likes a cheat!

Lets face it, 
a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot 
for a lot of people; 
it does for me!
Audrey Hepburn

Ok... what with Mary Berry and Paul Hottywood all over the place at the moment and Great British Bake Off still ringing in our years, sometimes you've got to realise that not everyone is a Nigella! So some of you have asked me to point the 'cheaters' cakes... 

FYI I made the Betty Crocker Devils Food cake for a party and it was AMAZING!!!! 

Doll x

500g box - 56PP 
PLUS you have to add your eggs and oil!
1/12th of the cake (81g slice) - 7PP

500g box - 55PP 
again... you have to add your eggs and oil!
1/12th of the cake when made (81g slice) - 7PP

500g box - 55PP 
again... you have to add your eggs and oil!
1/12th of the cake when made - 5PP

415g box - 45PP 
again... you have to add 1 egg and oil!
Per brownie - 3PP

100g dry mix - 11PP 
add 1 egg for 6 muffins
Per muffin - 7PP

100g dry mix - 9PP 
add 1 egg and oil for 6 muffins
Per muffin - 7PP

100g dry mix - 12PP 
add 1 egg and oil for 16 cookies
Per cookie - 4PP

100g dry mix - 11PP 
add 2 eggs and oil for 8 slices
Per 1/8th of a slice - 5PP

100g dry mix - 9PP 
Per 1/6th of a slice - 8PP

100g dry mix - 10PP 
Bag of dry mix - 38PP
add water & 20ml oil

100g dry mix - 10PP 
add 1 egg and 1 tblsp butter for 10 cakes
Per cupcake - 2PP

100g dry mix - 11PP 
Bag of dry mix - 42PP
add water & 20ml oil

100g dry mix - 10PP 
Bag of dry mix - 44PP
plus add water & 20ml oil

100g dry mix - 10PP 
Bag of dry mix - 52PP
plus add butter and eggs

100g dry mix - 11PP 
Bag of dry mix - 41PP
plus add eggs, oil & water

100g dry mix - 10PP 
Bag of dry mix - 29PP
Makes 12 muffins
plus add eggs, oil & water

100g dry mix - 10PP 
Bag of dry mix 450g - 45PP
Makes 6 LARGE muffins - 8PP each
plus add 250ml milk
I'd be inclined to make 12 small ones for 4PP to get the taste!

100g dry mix - 11PP 
Bag of dry mix 450g - 49PP
Makes 6 muffins - 8PP each
plus add 250ml milk

100g dry mix - 9PP 
Bag of dry mix 450g - 41PP
Makes 6 muffins - 7PP each
plus add 250ml milk

100g dry mix - 10PP 
Bag of dry mix 450g - 45PP
45PP for the loaf - only mixed with water
(you'll need to cut the slices thin to get the PPs low!)

100g dry mix - 9PP 
Bag of dry mix 450g - 40PP
40PP for the loaf
Only mixed with water...

100g dry mix - 8PP 
Bag of dry mix 450g - 38PP
38PP for the loaf
Only mixed with water...

100g dry mix - 7PP 
Bag of dry mix 450g - 31PP
 31PP for the loaf
You have to point 350ml of full fat milk, 
not sure if slim milk would work as well but you'd cut out points there too...

Jun 8, 2013

It's getting hot in here....

Currently in Chateau Doll... 

I've done many posts on here about the joys of ice cream... in fact one of my more popular posts is with my two favourite boys... Ben & Jerry! But its hot.. and its probably the only summer we're gonna get.. I say indulge in your fav and get right on over your self.. The selection for low Pro Pointed ice creams is great.. and ice lollys are generally lower than ice creams... Sure it'll be winter by the middle of next week.. enjoy the sun dolls and don't forget your suncream! 

Already listed under Wheat & dairy >>>>
but here's a reminder.. 

After eight ice cream dessert 100g = 7 pp
Brunch = 6 pp
Calippo (orange) = 3 pp
Carte dor light ice cream 50g/100ml = 2 pp
Choc ice = 5 pp
Cornetto Classico = 5 pp
Cornetto Strawberry = 5 pp 
Cornetto Mint = 5 pp
Crème egg ice cream = 5 pp
Del Monte Iced smoothie (raspberry) = 3 pp
Del Monte Ice Lollies (orange) = 2 pp
Feast = 8 pp
Frozen Fruit Pastilles Ice Lolly = 2 pp
Galaxy Caramel Ice Cream = 8 pp
Ice berger = 5 pp
Ice cream, low-fat, 1 scoop = 2 pp
Loop the Loop ice pop = 2 pp
Magnum white = 7 pp
Magnum classic = 7 pp
Magnum almond = 7 pp
Malteaser Ice Cream = 4 pp
Mars Ice Cream = 4 pp
Mini Magnum = 5 pp
Mini Milk Ice Lollies = 1 pp
Maxi twist = 5 pp
Mint cornetto = 5 pp
Ribena Ice Lollies = 1 pp
Skinny Cow Triple Chocolate Brownie Ice cream 3x100ml = 2 pp
Skinny Cow Mint Double Chocolate Ice Cream 3x100ml = 3 pp
Smartie Cone = 5 pp
Snickers ice cream = 6 pp 
Solero Exotic = 3 pp
Super split = 2 pp 
Twister = 2 pp
Wibbly wobbly wonder = 4 pp

and 99 fans sans Flake I'm afraid (nice try though!)...
Small = 4 pp
Medium = 5 pp
Large = 6 pp

Jun 4, 2013

"R" is for...


Even if your goal takes a lot of work and a long time to achieve, is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Is there a treat that is so appealing that you can't help but be drawn to it? Apart from the obvious benefits and wins like lower blood pressure, more energy, more fashionable clothes... we all have something in mind, a promise we made to ourselves once we got to goal... a fancy pair of shoes, a makeover, a new haircut, a holiday in a bikini.... These are good things to have.. but along the journey when you're feeling a little .. meh... then you have to reward yourself or you'll lose the plot and just give in... One gal in my class has a pedicure/manicure/facial for every silver 7.. it spurs her on... its summer and her toes are coming out (dear GOD let the sun shine this weekend!) .. and treat don't have to be expensive! They're very personal and 

Buy yourself ... a belt, cause you're shrinking... a book, flowers, clothes (shirt, shorts, skirt, jacket, jeans, etc., DVD, exercise clothes, healthy cookbook, iPod or mp3 player, iPhone, or iPad accessory, kitchen gadget, magazine subscription, membership (to a website, club, museum, etc.), new shoes, perfume/cologne, picture frame, exercise equipment (ball, weights, resistance bands, yoga mat, etc.), jewelry, fancy underwear...

Rewards don’t have to be expensive.

Download an app, computer game, exercise video, kindle book (e-book), movie...
Earn a date night with your significant other, a day off from doing the dishes or pick some housework you hate (ironing people!)... get a massage, a night off from cooking, a night off from giving the kids a bath.. whatever is a treat to you...
Spend time alone.... and do nothing... how often do you just sit down and do NOTHING.. just enjoy peace and quiet, lay down for a nap, read a book or magazine, sip coffee or tea and watch the world go by... Watch your favorite TV show (reserve the TV!!!)
Spend time doing anything you enjoy but don’t typically take the time to do.
Go to the bowling alley, comedy club, get tickets to a concert, golf course (even if its crazy golf!), go to the movies or a museum, take a day for yourself at the spa, or just decide today is your day and wander around at the zoo... 
Pamper yourself.... try acupuncture, run yourself a bubble bath with some fancy new  products, book yourself in for a facial.. I did this after I was sick and my poor skin needed it badly.. it was such a treat and well worth the money.. try a new haircut, feck it a new color, even a bit of fake tan would make you feel good about you!
Start saving and put the money towards a gift card for your favorite store, horse back riding, hot air balloon ride, a personal training session, sky diving, Spa day, a weekend trip...something you've really wanted to do but just haven't got round to it for whatever reasons... 
Set up a reward system where you earn money for achieving daily or weekly goals. Save the money in a jar or bank account and spend it on a large reward once you’ve earned enough. You could even start a matching program (euro for euro) if you have the cooperation from a significant other, friend, or family member!
Take a class from photography to golf.. whatever takes your fancy...
You're succeeding and you deserve to celebrate it!

Non scale victories can sometimes be your biggest friends.. that bloody scale hasn't moved in a few weeks and you're sick of counting points.. but .. but .. but.. wait! Your belt on your jeans in a notch tighter and that 'snug' dress just glides on now! Every thing from the seat belt on an airplane to being about to put on a sundress and not freak out about your bingo wings! You can sit in a meeting knowing the buttons on your shirt arent' going to take someones eye out! It all adds to your confidence... and the more compliments you get and the better you feel, the more likely you are to stay on track! Don't take the number on the scale as the be all and end all...

Throw out old clothes… I'm currently in the process of doing just that! 3 bags so far! You're never going to be that size again! If you keep your fat pants.. in your mind you're doubting your own success... chuck em! Get that haircut you've wanted but didn't have the confidence to get let alone brazen it out! Get some pals you trust and have a mini Gok session.. new underwear.. lads look away... I have gone down a bra size recently but when I got measured and fitted my boobs actually looked bigger!!! I KNOW!!! So the right undies make ALL the difference! Your body is changing so the clothes you put on it need to adjust too!

... to give up... Don't let the biscuit tin win... 

You all know I love to cook.. and I really must get around to adding more recipes on here.. I don't work for Weight Watchers but their cook books are ACE! Most of their products are over processed and whilst handy to have as a back up in the freezer or cupboard ... I'm the kinda gal who likes to make stuff from scratch knowing there's no 'E' numbers in there and it won't last until 2015 or beyond! There's so many great WW recipes blogs online.. seek them out and start with something simple if you're not a foodie.. before you know it .. you'll be telling Jamie Oliver he's wrong! I mean WHO would do that?! ahem..  *raises hand*

Soup is the easiest... experimenting is best.. add chilli, garlic, herbs, spices.. you will make mistakes.. and it will taste rubbish and you'll bin stuff and curse Nigella but you will improve with every recipe and be eating freshly made food that's so much better for you!

Don't wait until January to climb back up on the wagon.. and that 'I'll start again on MONDAY' will always be there.. make a decision today.. for you.. for your health.. and your body... that you will take care of it and nourish it.. you only get one.. there's no spare parts! 

Again amazing losses.. this challenge has been I think one of the better ones.. I've been so motivated by you.. I mean I came back from NYC lighter!!! I KNOW!!! 

Hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend and didn't go too crazy! 

Another challenge in the pipeline and a little revamp going on here but fear not there will be no disturbance whilst the decorators are in! 

Doll x