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Jan 30, 2020

Kit Kat Bunny

We're all familiar with the Malteaser bunny who sit's all pretty at the checkouts (well I know I am!) but there's a new bunny on the block! Easter goodies all over the place now... anyone tried it? x

Nestle KitKat Bunny
per bunny - 8SP

Jan 28, 2020

'Soup of the Day' from Heinz

I can confirm it is 100% still soup weather... I'm a big fan of chucking all the veggies that are looking a bit sad in a pot and grazing through it during the week... when I'm really organised I go to the 'Veggies-who-won't-make-it' part of the supermarket and snap up what's on offer and make a soup... it's a good way to make a tasty soup using stuff you might not usually buy, PLUS is can cost you a couple of euros! Also... Hello FREEZER! But when you're not prepared or just can't be arsed, there's lots of soups out there which are really tasty and won't break the SPs bank ... Spotted these in SuperValu last week and the flavours sounded so nice...  I've done the SmartPoints for 200g (a cup) and the full carton - 400g ... anyone tried them out?!x 

Heinz, Soup of the Day - Chicken, Parsnip & Rosemary
per 200g - 3SP
per 400g - 6SP

Heinz, Soup of the Day - Tomato, Roasted Garlic & Black Pepper
per 200g - 3SP
per 400g - 6SP

Heinz, Soup of the Day - Potato & Leek with Chives
per 200g - 3SP
per 400g - 6SP

Jan 22, 2020

Rich & Hearty Soup from Knorr...

Grabbed this for lunch... 4SP for the whole 390g pouch! I triple checked just to be sure I wasn't reading half asleep! A meal in itself! You could easily only eat half the pack for lunch with a sandwich/bagel/wrap.... so tasty too! If you're not a soup maker these are the business! Anyone tried any other flavours? x

Know Rich & Hearty Wild Mushroom Soup
390g pouch - 4SP

Jan 21, 2020

Flavoured pasta from The Foodie Market!

Spotted these in my local Aldi... I'm all for mixing things up when it comes to pasta... I get a bit bored with the wholegrain stuff sometimes so when I spotted these I thought I'd give them a go... SmartPoints are for 180g serving of cooked pasta on the pack... 180g cooked = 100g uncooked, so I've done the SPs for both... Also half a portion if you're like me and trying to cut the barbs out and bulk up the veggies! Anyone tried them? x

The Foodie Market - Red Lentil & Beetroot Fusilli
180g cooked =100g uncooked - 8SP
90g cooked = 50g uncooked - 4SP

The Foodie Market - Green Pea Penne
180g cooked =100g uncooked - 9SP
90g cooked = 50g uncooked - 4SP

The Foodie Market - Chickpea Fusilli
180g cooked =100g uncooked - 10SP
90g cooked = 50g uncooked - 5SP

Jan 20, 2020

The hardest lift...

I know it's all 'New Year New Me!' this time of year but it's no easier in January to get off the couch  than it is in the middle of the summer even if you do buy fancy new trainers!!! I'm the first to close the front door when there's a sniff of rain in case I dissolve but honestly 5 mins out the door and back makes all the difference... You don't need to be training for a marathon or the olympics, there's no race on... just get some fresh cold winter air in your lungs and have the chats with a pal, listen to a podcast whatever your thing is but get out there... make yourself a little promise today... pop on your runners, open the door and walk for 5 mins, even if you have to leave in a huff with the dog just storm out... for no other reason than to see what the neighbours are up to!! (Mine have a new car! Fancy much?!) then walk back and you're done! Try it every day you won't regret it! 

Jan 17, 2020

Janet Just Delicious!

A lovely range of sauces from Janet's Just Delicious... These were in my local Supervalu and there's no added sugar or salt in them so they're full of flavour and low in SmartPoints... Definitely one to have in the cupboard for emergencies! Anyone else tried them out? 

Janet Just Delicious Arrabiata Tomato & Chilli Sauce
per 350g jar - 3SP

Janet Just Delicious Roast Red Pepper & Rosemary Sauce
per 350g jar - 4SP

Janet Just Delicious Classic Roast Tomato Sauce
per 350g jar - 3SP

Janet Just Delicious Basil & Roast Garlic Sauce
per 350g jar - 3SP

Jan 14, 2020

Proper Lentil Chips

I'm always looking for my crisp fix... you can keep your left over Christmas choccies (I've heard rumours people leave some behind in the tin!?!?! I KNOW!) I'm a crisp junkie... Soon as the meetings are set up for me and my kind, I'll be front of the queue to join! Spotted these in my first big shop of the year and resisted temptation since I didn't have time to work out the points for them but they're going on the list... Anyone tried them yet? x

Proper Chips - BBQ Lentil Flavour Chips
per 20g serv - 3SP
per 85g bag - 12SP

Proper Chips - Sweet Sriracha Chilli Lentil Flavour Chips
per 20g serv - 3SP
per 85g bag - 12SP

Proper Chips - Sour Cream & Chive Flavour Lentil Chips
per 20g serv - 3SP
per 85g bag - 12SP