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Nov 30, 2015

DECEMBER - #wwphotoaday

December?! DECEMBER!!! Where has 2015 gone?!?!

The last month for the #WWPHOTOADAY challenge for this year but it will be back with a vengeance in 2016 to keep us all on our toes! Look forward to seeing all your fab pics... you'll find me >>> HERE <<<

You will get there...

It's called a journey because it doesn't happen over night... 

Be patient and be kind to yourself...

If you work for it you will succeed... 

Tomorrow starts today...

Always going to start again tomorrow? Monday? After the weekend? 

Start now... You've messed up...
You know its a slippery slope... don't sabotage yourself...

It's done.. it's in the past and you can't undo it... torturing yourself 
and using it as an excuse to just derail isn't acceptable.. 
you're worth more and you should treat yourself better... 

After working so hard, why let a biscuit, a bag of crisps, one meal ruin your success... 
Give yourself a fighting chance... because when you give up... 
you're giving up on you... 

FYI - I'm shouting ALL this to myself in my 'army officer' voice! 

Nov 28, 2015

'W' - #xmascountdown

'W' is for... 

WATER hardest thing to get into us this time of year... and the experts will tell us that bine times out of ten we're thirsty rather than hungry.. so here's some tips.. 

There's a fab cordial from MiWadi that is sweetened with Steiva, a natural sugar and it's lovely... 
also leave your water at room temperature... it can be easier to drink it when it's not so cold...

If cordial isn't your thing, mix some fruit juice through your water... just enough to give it a bit of colour and flavour... slice up some oranges, plums, lemons whatever takes your fancy and let it steep in the fridge over night... it's SO good! I did a post earlier in the year >>> HERE <<< 

Leave a water bottle everywhere!!! On your desk, in the car, side pocket of your sports bag.. you name it there's a half a bottle of water there that I've left behind... I drink pint of water if I'm waiting for the kettle to boil... especially at this time of year, when it's so easy to grab cup of tea and a biccie! It makes me feel fuller and I'm not so quick to reach for the goodies with my cup of tea... 

You don't need a gym, a personal trainer... you need to put one foot in front of the other and repeat! It really is SO good for you and I know this time of year isn't great for getting out but try a few times a week to hit the pavement... meet a pal and chin wag your way around the park before you know it you're done and you're up to speed on all the goss! 

Yup, she's on about tracking... again!!! But honestly, one week of tracking will open your eyes to exactly what you're eating and when... best tool in Weight Watchers in my opinion and FREE! 

Welsh Rarebit... I mean with cheese... all melty... *drools*  Perfect comfort food for this weather... 
You can find the recipe >>> HERE <<< 

Check out the amazing Weight Loss Bitch... I have been following this journey religiously since I discovered her on Twitter! Every post, I nod along, cry, laugh and have all the feels with her posts... her journey is inspirational and honest... Check her out >>> HERE <<<

Another of my fav bloggers is Rebecca from Weight Wars... another girl who writes her journey with passion and honesty... Find her >>> HERE <<< 

Water chestnuts
Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp, 15ml - 0PP 

Nov 25, 2015

Christmas Goodies from SuperValu!

This weeks Christmas goody round up is from SuperValu! 

More to come next week and if you missed the last two posts, 
you can find other Christmas goodies ProPointed ... 

>>> HERE <<< 
>>> HERE <<<

If you're not into the whole 'pudding' thing... here's a couple of alternatives to try... 

SuperValu Chocolate Pudding
Individual serving, 75g - 8PP
Per 100g - 11PP
Whole pudding, 300g - 33PP

SuperValu Toffee Pudding
Individual serving, 75g - 8PP
Per 100g - 11PP
Whole pudding, 300g - 32PP

SuperValu Chocolate & Mint bombe
Individual serving, 75g - 9PP
Per 100g - 12PP
Whole pudding, 300g - 35PP

SuperValu Deep Fill Mince Pies
Per 62g pie - 7PP

SuperValu Irish Christmas Pudding, this comes in 3 sizes
227g - 20PP
454g - 40PP
908g - 80PP

SuperValu Christmas Pudding, this comes in 3 sizes
227g - 21PP
454g - 42PP
908g - 84PP

SuperValu Royal Iced Apricot & Brandy Christmas Cake
Serving 75g - 7PP
100g - 10PP
Whole Cake 850g - 83PP

SuperValu Mini Mince Pies
Per 28g pie - 3PP

SuperValu Whisky Mince Pies
Per 62g pie - 7PP

SuperValu Luxury Mince Pies
Per 62g pie - 7PP

SuperValu Chocolate Fudge yule log
Per 64g slice - 7PP
Per 100g - 11PP
Per 640g log - 69PP

SuperValu Christmas Cake Slices
Per 55g slice - 6PP

SuperValu Cranberry, Orange & White Chocolate Maderia Cake 
Per 50g slice - 6PP
Per 100g - 12PP
Per 400g cake - 47PP

SuperValu Winter spiced apple & sultana cake 
Per 50g slice - 6PP
Per 100g - 11PP
Per 400g cake - 45PP

SuperValu Fruit Cake 
Per 71g slice - 7PP
Per 100g - 9PP
Per 850g cake - 79PP

Supervalu Christmas Queen Cakes 
Per 24g queen cake - 3PP

Supervalu Christmas Cup cakes
Per 38g cupcake - 5PP

SuperValu Christmas Mini Cupcakes
Per 22g cupcake - 3PP

SuperValu Snowmen Meringues (2 pack)
Per 32.5g serv - 1PP

SuperValu Christmas Mini Muffins
Per 22g muffin - 3PP

Nov 24, 2015

On the go cheese snacks...

Lots of these around at the moment... and for those of us who don't have a thing for chocolate it's a handy snack already portioned out for that cheese fix! 
I LOVE the LOW LOW one! The chutney is DEVINE! 
Anyone else tried them out? x

Kerry Low Low Snack Bites, Mature cheese & multigrain toast 
with Roasted Red Pepper Chutney 65g - 4PP

Charleville Snackfuls Mature Cheddar & crackers 
with Sticky Chilli Chutney, 72g - 7PP

Nov 23, 2015

It's mental...

This time of year is when people struggle the most with weight loss and staying healthy, 
the dark evenings and mornings, the wet miserable weather doesn't help...
the shops are full of temptation for a holiday that is still over a month away.. 
and its so easy to just throw in the towel and promise yourself 
that you'll start afresh in the new year, resolutions galore... but that's weeks away, 
and think of how much damage can be done between now and then... 

Set yourself in the right frame of mind for the next few weeks, don't give up on yourself... 

Nov 22, 2015

JWV+ Juices...

You all know how I'm all about supporting Irish products and buying local... well here's a new juice drink on the Irish market that is low in calories, no added sugar and fizz free... I love the Mixed Berry one! Available in most of the usual haunts... €1.50 - €1.99 depending on where you buy it... a great alternative to the fizzy drinks we tend to grab mindlessly for a sugar kick!

JWV+ which stand for Juice + Water + Vitamins come in two flavours...

Antioxidant JWV+ Orange & Mandarin with Green Tea per 500ml - 1PP

Energise JWV+ Mixed berries with Roobios Tea & Ginseng per 500ml - 0PP

Gluten free, suitable for vegans and there's 7 essential vitamins in each bottle! 
If you're looking for something different to try 
and to help up your water intake this might be the ticket! 

'V' - #xmascountdown

'V' is for

Veggies... Yup... all the goodness, no processing... full of flavour and seasonal... Its the one big change most people make, and once you learn to love them and cook with them and flavour them correctly you can have the best diet going and not feel like it's a diet... your skin improves, you have more energy the list is endless... If you can't bare the thought of shopping for veg all the supermarkets deliver now or check out ... they deliver custom made boxes of fruit and veg to your home or office... so being too busy isn't a good enough excuse! Check out the kind of boxes they supply >>> HERE <<< 

Oh My Veggies is another fantastic blog to follow... when anyone says veggies are boring and all taste the same I send them here! AMAZING recipes full of variety and flavour! GO follow! >>> HERE <<< 

and no, it's not all veggies today... if you love a bit of cheesecake, check out this Vanilla Cheesecake from the WW UK site for only 6PP a slice *drools* ... recipe >>> HERE <<< 

Can't believe we're so close to Xmas now! Stick with it everyone, you'll be so happy you did! x