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Sep 27, 2013

Move More... WEEK 2

Exercising is so difficult 

when you have to 

& so easy when you want to...

That's it really... put one foot in front of the other... and do it more often... 

If you're starting at the very beginning... then just leave the house.. walk for 10 mins and  turn around and come back... there's your 20 mins! Now do it every day and just watch how you go a little further... feel less breathless... and feel like upping it to 15 mins each way... trust me before you know it.. you'll be filling an hour and feeling so good... 
No one knows your body better than you.. so no super heroes... if you've got a so knee, bad back, asthma... you are in control.. but don't use those as excuses to not go at all!

Drag a pal with you.. nothing like a good gossip as you pound around the park and you suddenly realised you've done three laps! 

Keep challenging yourself.. if you can walk a mile .... then aim for 2! If you can run 5k.. then sign up for a 10k and do it! 

I swim 4 times a week... the days I plod along.. are the days I don't feel as good as I know I should.. the days I really go for it.. my arms hurt, my legs hurt... I look like a human beetroot getting out of the pool and I then have to sprint to the changing rooms (the Leinster Rugby team train in my pool! EEK!) but I feel amazing... 

Try something different.. just once.. it might not be for you.. but if you don't  try you'll never know... grab one of the kids bikes and off to the end of the street... anyone spots you just say you're fixing a puncture.. they'll be dead impressed by that alone!

The one thing I know for sure about exercise is .. if you love doing it.. then you'll stick with it.. I wouldn't run unless I was being chased by zombies and then, knowing me..  I'd probably chat and try to negotiate with em...  it ain't my thing... but I have friends who love it and run all over the shop... and really get a kick out of it... that happens to me in the pool counting and timing lengths... its all relative.. but if you enjoy it.. then go for it.. kickboxing, running, hockey, swimming, running, jogging, hiking, squash, tennis, cycling, aqua fit, aerobics, gym workouts, yoga, pilates... there really is something for everyone... so no excuses... and if you're going to play the ' I can't afford it' card.. the majority of these are free... walking is just one foot in front of the other... step aerobics only needs a step.. we've all got one at home... 

Ask Santa for some work out DVDs... when you get the place to yourself .. go all Jane Fonda or 'Fame' depending on your vintage! Hell even turning on some tunes in the house and dancing for 10 mins will get your heart rate up... a few 80s tunes people, the house will be rocking!!! 

If I'm preaching to the converted... then up your game, improve your technique, wear a pedometer and challenge yourself to a higher total every week, set yourself a monthly target and OVERACHIEVE! Just looking at your total steps and trying to reach a certain number of steps per day can be very motivating. 

The key is to just do SOMETHING. Get up and move daily. And it's a good idea to pick something you enjoy (or have the potential to enjoy once your body gets in shape). 

If you want to be by yourself, check out sites like Done Deal for a second hand treadmill or elliptical. 

If you've got fluffy people you have NO excuse! Walking is their socializing! Don't deny them! 

And I bet there's a few hubbys and boyfriends who could do with a good walk... bargain with them... they can watch footie and you can watch the bake off but 2 evenings a week we stalk the neighbourhood for an hour! 

Take the stairs instead of the lift... (sick of hearing that one yet?)

Park the furthest you can from the shops... (or this?)

A girl in my WW class brings each piece of laundry up the stairs.. ONE PIECE AT A TIME! She has amazing legs from it! Another does step ups during the ads on her fav soaps! 

If you are downstairs, use your upstairs loo, and vice versa.

Wash the car... don't rinse it .. sponges out.. music on.. get scrubbing..

Play with your kids... don't direct them with a cup of tea in your hand.. hide, chase and roly poly with em...

Housework... Vacuuming, dusting, mopping the floors, squats at the washing machine... put the music on and go for it..

It all adds up! This week... try something new... Lunge to the kettle and do squats whilst you're on the phone... 

Revised chart below, look at all those losses... skinny minnies!! I hope I've got everyone, shout if I've missed you... add weight losses for week two below... next week there's no chart, I'm off gallivanting but a post will go up thanks to the magic of schedules so leave your weight losses there and I'll get to them!!!

Doing fantastic everyone... 18.5lbs for the first weigh in... and two gold stars for biggest losers this week @nikkiblueeyes and @misty, both losing 3.5lbs! Santa will be very impressed!

Sep 24, 2013


All of my teeth are savoury! If I lived beside a crisp factory, this blog would never even exist! and the new snack packs from Low Low are prefect for savoury folk like me.. they're yummy...

These snack packs whilst still a little high at 4 and 5 pro points are really nice and a perfect replacement for that bag of Tayto and probably a lot less processed! I've tried the caramelised onion chutney one it's delicious!

Low Low Snack Pack Mature Cheese Slices & multigrain toast 
with Sweet Tomato relish - 4PP

Low Low Snack Pack Mature Cheese Slices & multigrain toast 
with Caramelised Onion Chutney - 5PP

Sep 23, 2013

Motivation Monday...

Well.. what exactly? I'm one of those gals who for YEARS said... 'when I'm thin I'm going to..' ... 'when I get to goal watch me...' ...  'as soon as I lose x lbs I'm going to do this, that and the other...' LIFE isn't waiting for us to lose weight!!! Do it now! then do even more when you get to goal... If not now... WHEN?!?

Sep 20, 2013

I have an announcement to make - Week 1

So Week 1 is all about outing yourself! This challenge is going to get harder and harder the closer we get to Christmas.. people need to know you're doing it.. and they need to know you're serious! Announce it.. and there's no need for a full page in the Irish Times... but getting healthy isn't a taboo subject... 

There's not need to be embarrassed or ashamed..  deciding to be healthier is a smart decision, be proud that you're making the change to your life... and you can do it even if you DON'T get support.. don't let anyone discourage you.... if you show people you're serious about it.. they'll take you seriously! Stand your ground!

At the office...

'Hey Mary... do you fancy a walk at lunchtime? I'm doing a challenge for Christmas, I'm going to lose a pound a week.. are ya in?' .. worse thing Mary can say is no! If she does, ask Kevin or Tom or Sinead or whoever wants out of the place for half an hour to bitch about Mary being so lazy! You know you do it!

If you're really going for it... stick up a note on the fridge in the office.. 

A pound a week till Christmas who's in!? 

Everyone give a euro a week, all money to the children's hospital at Christmas 


'All sweets left in reception before Christmas week are going to charity!' 

Plenty of old peoples homes, homeless shelters, kids charities that would appreciate them... YOU don't need them, you're not a human rubbish bin! Not only because you're losing weight.. think of your skin.. teeth... all that processed sugar in your body! 

with the family... 

'Mum, I need a bit of support... I've got this fab dress and I really want to fit into for Christmas, can you hide the desserts from me till Christmas day, I've enough temptation... Sugar free jelly would be ace!' 

'When you're coming up don't bring any food.. my freezer is full... bring some daffodil bulbs, wall paper paste, light bulbs ... ' whatever just not food... my mother thinks there are no supermarkets in Dublin!

'We'll make lunch when we go home... lets buy some fancy bread for our soup.. ' its lovely to go out to lunch for a treat.. but just until Christmas.. put yourself first.. your health... your body... 

For the mammies out there... your kids are watching you like hawks... you eat crap, they think its OK to eat crap... and once they're big enough they'll get lippy about it too! we've all heard the 'well YOU do it...' argument... you teach them about new veggies and fruits and you open up their palettes and minds because they won't be afraid to try new things! You are a role model... and you love them... so teach them good habits for life... they don't need a selection box in September anymore than you do...

with your friends...

Ditch the saboteurs, you know who they are.. the 'Mrs Doyle types'... we all know one..  'sure one piece won't kill you'... Your response should be... 'You're right it won't kill me in fact it'll taste amazing but what you don't seem to understand is I'm avoiding this type of food because I cannot eat just one piece and I'm making healthy changes... capiche!' 
A bit of tough love won't hurt if they just don't get it! 

'Gals... I'm still doing brunch but I'm on a healthy eating thing till Xmas so how about a walk afterwards...' PLEASE NOTE: This includes window shopping and lets face it how many of us have spend hours faffing about in shops and come home wondering where all the goodies are!?

'Yes... I'd love to see that film... how about a matinee at the weekend and we can go for a walk afterwards...' STAY AWAY from the pick'n'mix!

You control your life... but let them in on what you're up to... they're your friends and if they're good friends, they'll fancy a natter and a walk... they won't bring goodies with them when they visit if they know it means a lot to you ... and maybe they'll join in with you just to give you some healthy competition! G'wan bet a €1 you'll lose more than they do!

at home... 

If you're in charge of the shopping... make better choices ... up the fruit and veg... change the choccie biscuits for things you know are pointed and are better for everyone what's the bet they won't even realize that its good for them!!! Food swaps are easy and variety is the spice of life!

Those with the teeny tiny handcuffs .. yes the married laydeeezzz.. for better for worse.. in sickness and in health... quote him those words and remind him you need him now in health!!! He can watch footie and you can watch Mr. Hollywood *swwwoooooooon* (don't you judge me!) but you both need to promise to pace the neighbourhood for an hour twice a week! 

If you don't tell people you're doing it... you can easily just jump ship... like it never happened... once you've announced it.. you'll hear someone shouting at 12.55 'are you going for your walk at lunch?' 'can I join ya?'.. or the brunch might just be replaced with a long walk (i.e.: gossip!) in the park and a cuppa back home where you know you've got skinny milk!

You are worth every single one of these 14 weeks! That's all 14! You don't want to look back and say 'geez I wish I had stuck with it!'

I'll peruse the papers at the weekend just in case you lot do go mad and post a full pager! 

Chart below ... let me know if I've missed you out... and if you asked to join but forgot to give me your name just post it below... 

There will be a post up every Friday (week 2, week 3 etc...) so post your weight losses there, they might be up at different times with this work lark but I don't want to miss them ... xxx

Sep 13, 2013

Tis the season (Part 2)

Yep... this time I do mean Christmas... there... I've said it... The 'C' word! Tesco is full of it... even Pennys have the reindeer jumpers out on display! So time to jump on the bandwagon and have a challenge to get into those LBDs! Less stuffed turkey and more HOT chicks! 

There will be a theme to each week... just to try to keep myself focussed... There will be a weekly chart (except 2 weeks when I'm away!) but I'll catch up... so no excuses for you lot not keeping it up! 

There will be a post every Thurs/Fri to post your losses, leave the chart to me! I think it really helps, let me know what you think... Seeing the 1 and 1/2 pounds all the way along really remind me that I'm consistently losing... less likely to jump ship!

So... since it will be 14 weeks to Christmas... the title writes itself! 14 by 14!

14lbs by 2014 is a dress or pant size! Imagine New Years Eve people?!? Fabliss!!! Pant dropping indeed! 

Half a pound a week is a silver 7! Who doesn't love a bit of bling for Christmas!
1 pound a week is a stone!
2 pounds is two stone... you get the idea.. 

Now, no one go aiming for 6 stone by Christmas... we all know thats a set up for failure! 2lbs a week is the max... anything else is a bonus! A loss is a loss ... so no moaning 'I only lost.. ' your down... tiaras off and give over! 

There will be tougher weeks than others... Halloween is one to prepare for... all those feckin' treats... I swear I'm asking em to do tricks this year! The Christmas lunches and parties won't be far behind... but if you want it bad enough... no preaching here... you know the rest!

Next week is the first weigh in.. so for this week.. check your weight and your inches... and report a loss on the post next week! If you're happier to just download the top graphic with the weekly dates and do it on your own... then do... and keep me posted on how you're getting on.. if you want to just tweet your losses and not have a record of them on here.. you know where I am! But remember why you're doing it... and there's no public flogging on here! yet! LOL

Happy Bubble gal, a regular on here lost 17.5 inches in six weeks on her personal challenge >>> HERE<<< ... so no moaning 'I've stayed the same..' when your pants are falling down! I'm not having that muscle V fat argument again!

So who's up for it... and I mean committing to the full 14 weeks... I'm aiming for 2 lbs a week... that's 2 stone lighter by the time Santa arrives and I've still got holidays to get through... somebody hold me!!! 

Sep 11, 2013

Leave the past in the past!

There's a comment that I come across all the time on this journey, here... on FB and twitter and even in class.. the dreaded confession... 

'I'm rejoining... AGAIN!'

If I had a euro for every time I have joined every version of fat camp... you name it, I've tried it... I'd be able to afford lipo!!! 

This time however, I've learned a few things along the way... this time all the things I doubted I've trusted... I have rolled my eyes more than usual because I knew them all along but didn't trust myself to believe them!!!

THIS time I've learned... 

... that I can change!
Life may have dealt us a hand of cards but we can change them.. if you believe in yourself you can change your circumstances... We change and grow as people every day.. and people make decisions that transform their lives EVERYDAY! SO can you! Head of of the sand and believe in change! 

... to forgive myself and MOVE ON!
When things go wrong in Camp Doll... I am very hard on myself... my reactions are often worse than what I've actually done! Self criticism, anger, shame, self loathing... they all come from a very dark place ... I pride myself on being a good friend... I believe that to get through life you need good people you can love and trust and they in turn will be there for you.. don't get me started on my Karma bank... but sometimes I should really be a good friend to myself!

... I'm a priority!
My health and weight loss are number one on my list... and 5 stone lighter its been worth it! The life overhaul can wait.. my health is the most important thing right now... and when I had joined and rejoined before it wasn't!

... I needed a list!
This time when I re-joined WW, I wrote a list.. it was long... and there were tears writing it... I've shared it with close friends and one day I'll post it up here... Its called my 'DONE' list... and boy is it LONG... it includes .. I'm done relying on food to make me happy... I am done saying the words "If only.." and "I wish.." and "One day.." ... I am done being embarrassed and ashamed of myself... I am done saying I wished I looked like that! ... I am done being paranoid about what i buy at the grocery, if someone looks in my trolley, would they approve? ...

Try it! and be honest! Then read it! LOTS! 

... to watch my language!
My list made me realise I'm not very kind to myself either! That little Doll in my head can be quite a bitch sometimes! So I'm learning to change the way she talks... when she moans.. 'back to the diet fatty...' I actually make myself hear.. 'another step towards my healthier lifestyle!' In the past I've caught myself thinking 'sure I'll never stick to this... so I might as well just give up now...' NOW its baby steps.. one step at a time.. everyday makes a difference... today's progress might seem small but the long-term results won't be!

... to LEARN from the past!
Past weight loss attempts aren't a complete loss.. WHY didn't it work? You realise you don't like the gym... you don't do well when you feel deprived.. that was one of mine.. telling me I can't have something just makes me want it all the more! Learning this hasn't been a waste of time.. telling myself I can have it if I want... but I just don't WANT it... has been a huge lesson!

Don't let previous experiences hold you back! You can lose weight even if you've tried a million times before..  I'm living proof! I've still got a long way to go but there's no giving up now!

Sep 6, 2013

Back to school!

If there were no schools to take the children 
away from home part of the time, 
the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.  
~ Edgar W. Howe

Back to school… 

With most of the little people all firmly back behind the school gates and the traffic piled up with one child per car… (car pooling mammies.. think car pooling!) I was thinking of my first day at school.. remember yours? Excitement… or tears? Love it or loathe it.. it happened to us all! I LOVED school… I still love doing courses and learning… although I suspect my slight addiction to fancy school stationary MIGHT have something to do with it… ahem…

1st day.... summer uniform!

Once I got to those gates I RAN into the classroom… my poor mother in tears… 'only child syndrome' means she got teary at every event… still does… and my tears came when the summer holidays began and I was back to being just a playground of one again… 

There are so many nice memories though… some bad ones too… the nuns were not kind… pigtails were pulled… and many slaps were dished out… but the learning part I loved… 

The smell of fresh new books… and new uniforms… that first page on your copy book when you nearly didn't want to spoil it… and your handwriting was SO neat… that by the end of term the last few pages had to be deciphered by hieroglyph experts! 

and picking a new pencil case was the BEST THING EVER!

Favourite subject? Surprisingly, I loved maths… still do… and I'm still doing maths everyday with my PPs!

Do the maths and you'll get the right answer… Now I suffer from PCOS… so losing weight is always going to be a challenge… but the weeks I religiously stick to the plan… it works… its a formula… and most diets are the same… consume less calories than you spend.. simples… add your Propoints up properly and you will lose weight… it works for so many people that it can't be wrong… same principle with the 'Slimming world' plan… counting calories... 

Its out there… all you have to do is focus and read it… success stories online… FB pages with others who are looking for support just like you and me… magazines… forums… twitter… your WW books… whatever way you look at it… there's people telling their story, asking questions and looking for support… 

I HATED HISTORY! But … it terms of weight loss…  the past is very important… its where we're coming from and DON'T want to go back to… we've got to learn from the past… if you keep doing what you've always done… you'll get the same results! learn and move on and remember history repeats itself… how many of us have lost loads of weight and thought we knew it all and put it ALL back on again… only to be back at the starting line… 

one of my fav subjects… and considering my career path… not surprising… creativity… I have been know to get a little creative with my tracker… but all jokes aside… WHO exactly am i fooling? my leader only checks my tracker when I HAVE been good and somethings not working… usually its not drinking enough water… The members in my class don't care whats on my tracker… so the only person I'm fooling with my creative maths is ME! duh!

We all tried to dodge this one… apart from the really sporty girls who ran faster to avoid hearing our eyes roll at them… moving more will speed up the weight loss… pick an activity… something you really love… you won't stick with the GYM if you'd prefer to be running outside… as a starter… put on your trainers… walk out the front door and keep going for 10 mins… turn around and you HAVE to come home! 

Map out your journey… plan the goals… first silver 7… 5%… 1 stone… 50lbs certificate… 100lbs certificate… first time you walk a 5k, 10k, jogged them… ran them… first dress size down… those jeans that are a little snug… sometimes the end result can seem like so far away… looking at losing 100lbs can be the very thing that makes you give up… but my leader tells everyone… you only need to lose 7lbs… then we'll talk again… but that's your goal… and mentally you think… well I'm pretty sure i can lose 7… and suddenly it all seems doable… 7 + 7 + 7 and you're away!

1st day.... winter uniform!

But one of the most important things about school is the routine of it… and routine is SO important… when we head off on our jollies… we can have breakfast whenever we like… we eat dessert because… 'sure we're on holidays' … but being back into a routine is SO helpful with weight loss… we're up and full of porridge and out the door… lunch is at lunchtime… dinners are prepared and planned because we don't have time to faff about… lunch boxes are prepared… and soups are made in advance… The little people are back, we should be too!

PS: There is a challenge starting next Friday… paws up who's in… 

Finishing 'big' school! LOL