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Dec 24, 2012

It's Christmas...

Hey Dolls...
A busy run up to the festive season... I hope like me you enjoyed part two of  Mr. Qs journey with weightloss .. For the last post before Christmas, I thought I'd post the lists of Christmas goodies and their PP values..  and the drinkies!!! It might just save you face planting another mince pie!!! Its all temptation out there...

Worth remembering that a tin of roses is 111 PPs!!! You read it right!!!

Enjoy every second with your family and friends and remember those who are no longer with us...
Have a happy, healthy and safe Christmas...

Doll x

Dec 20, 2012

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Part two -

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

If you’ve read Part 1 >> (Am I my own worst enemy?) you’ll know I’ve had a long term (often long distance) relationship with Weight Watchers. It has been in my life for the past ten years and like a wave on a shoreline, it has crashed in and flooded around me with great enthusiasm and then ebb back out of my life without even noticing it slip out from under my feet.

On Tuesday, August 28th 2012… I rejoined Weight Watchers. It was one of the easiest yet most difficult decision I’d made in a long time. It was easy with respect to the fact I knew I had to do something about my weight. It was easy because I knew Weight Watchers had worked for me in the past. It was easy because I knew I would be around people who were trying to get their weight (whatever their size) under control.

The difficult part was in the actual execution of my decision, making it a reality, my reality. Looking at my options, Weight Watchers in Galway [on Eglington Street] run a Men Only Class at 8pm on a Monday evening – this was always the one I had gone to before. Joining this class meant I knew when I finish work at 6pm I would either have go home and back into town again or hang around work/town until the class started. A quick google informed me of a class in Oranmore at 6.15pm every Tuesday evening.

I live in Oranmore and pass the class on my way home anyway. I could be home by 7pm which still gave me the evening to myself and not waiting to be weighed in. My only reservation was that it was a mixed class. I didn’t think I would have any problem attending a class with men and women, but as I sat in work on that Tuesday evening thinking about heading to class, I started to get cold feet for some reason.

What if I knew some of the women in the class? What if my next door neighbour was there? What if my friends mum was there? What if the girl who makes my hot chicken baguette in Spar was there? That’s when it dawned on me… More than likely, they don’t want ME to know they are there either and would probably be as embarrassed as I was that we knew each others ‘dirty little secret’. With that in mind, I decided to still go to the Oranmore class straight after work.

As I stood in the queue, I became aware very quickly that I was the only male in attendance. I thought “Feic it, I’m in the queue I may as well stay for tonight – if I don’t like it, I can go back to the Men Only Class in Galway from next week”. This was the only time since re-joining Weight Watchers that I have thought about my gender. I can’t stress that enough! Ladies, don’t be shy – we don’t bite or anything, so be nice to us if you see us in your class.

Phil (The Oranmore Leader) was fantastic - She welcomed me with open arms and told me she was delighted to see another man at class. She also told me not to worry that there are other men who attend the class, they were just gone AWOL this evening. Standing up on the scales and seeing the giant 19st 02lbs grounded me right back down.

Everyone is here for the same reason – everyone here is conscious of their weight – everyone here has bad eating habits, eat the wrong foods or are making wrong food choices. Everyone here is or has gone through what I am going through right now.

Regardless of what your goal/ideal weight is, everyone attending a Weight Watchers class already have one up on those not attending… We’ve taken the first step! Irrespective of age, gender or current body size, all of us should take pride in the fact we have done something to tackle our weight.

The road ahead may be long and bumpy, the end may seem impossible to get to, and yes we may fall off the beaten track somewhere down the line, but let’s not look forward just yet – look at NOW… at least we have had the balls to turn up at the start line.

Dec 10, 2012

Forget about losing weight!!! Week 9!

You heard me! Forget it!

If Christmas is daunting and you're thinking about just jumping ship.. then don't put any pressure on yourself.. aim to maintain! Don't panic if you put on a pound or two! Its Christmas... and food is all part and parcel of the holiday! You can swing this three ways... either decline every party invite and eat sprouts for the week and be miserable and drag everyone else with you or give yourself free reign until January, eat a full tin of roses and gain 10lbs and head back to the wagon on Jan 3rd (sound familiar!)... or have some fun but don't go crazy and stay the same or gain a couple of pounds that won't take all year to lose! 

Plan! That's your word for the next few weeks... be strategic and plan! Every social event is a battle and you need to work out how you can enjoy it without face planting the buffet! That food will be there? What temptations will you find? How will you deal with them? No ones saying you have to be Norma no mates.. but you can have fun without over indulging and undoing all your good work! There's no need to write off 2012 because 2013 is going to be "the" year! (again familiar?!?!) 

Here's some tips I got from my leader and other members for the silly season, some of them might ring a bell with you... Some of them are great!!!

Eat a huge bowl of porridge for breakfast to line the stomach, sets you up for the day!
Bring Zero Point soup for lunch/late afternoon so you'll feel full before you go... 
Check if there's a menu and go for the veggie option!
Alternate Boozy drinks with water!
If you're tempted with more food.. get up and dance!!! 
Volunteer to be the designated driver...
Practice saying.. that was delish but I'll pass on seconds thanks... 
At a family lunch - get out for a walk.. bring dogs, kids and grandad!
Exercise as a family! Do the Turkey Trot! 
At the buffet fill your plate once!
Tighten your belt a notch! The discomfort will make you not want to eat till you burst!
Don't eat to please others... you're not obliged to eat Auntie Marys Fruit cake!
Stay hydrated! A pint of water before the party will give you that 'full' feeling! 
       (and help the hangover!)
Recycle tins of sweets and biscuits that you get... don't open them!!
Don't over stock! There's not a nuclear war planned.. its one day! 
Shops will be open on the 27th! If you buy them early.. you'll eat them early!
Meet people at your house.. that way you control the food and portions!
Send leftovers home with your guests!
Play with the children and they're new toys! Its all exercise...
Ask for Sporty pressies! New trainers... a bike.. workout DVD.. I've just got Strictlys!!! 
       (cha cha cha!)
Swap crisps and peanuts for breadsticks!
Remove the marzipan and icing from your slice of Christmas cake.. 
If you have pushy friends... develop an allergy!
Use low fat hummus and creme fraiche with garlic as dips...
Buy low fat versions of food.. hide the packets and they'll never know!

But remember.. Christmas is meant to be enjoyed and a happy time to spend with friends and family.. part of that includes food so there's no need to deny yourself.. all yourself some indulgent days... The key is balance and having a 'bad' day can be balanced out with some 'good' days... December is a dangerous time so give yourself, Christmas eve and Christmas day, New Years eve and maybe you're work party day to just enjoy .. and the other days.. be more mindful of what you eat...  Doll xxx

Dec 3, 2012

Beat the buffet! Week 8!

Apologies for the delay... but christmas has come down from the attic and I'm all a bling!

Only a few weeks left! To be honest those few weeks can be 3lbs that you lose in order to gain it back on Christmas day.. so don't lose focus.. We eat approx 21 meals a week.. not all of them have to be blow outs.. keep up the healthy breakfasts and lunches.. and have the extra roastie with your dinner.. and you'll still be on track to stay the same!

This post.. Buffets.. the word fills me with dread.. especially at Christmas!!! The choice.. and you just want a little bit of everything.. when you NEVER would allow a Vol-au-vent through the front door .. there they are calling your name.. all chickeny and mushroomy with cream and yumminess... sigh.. but heres a few tips that might help!

Have a bowl of Zero PP soup ... toast with peanut butter will fill you up and stop you stage diving into the goodies head on! If you arrive starving.. its all going to go wrong.. so a little planning ahead.. will save you.. PLUS.. save your points for the drinkies!

Don't hover at the table!!!! You know exactly what I mean! Your little paws will be busier than ever if you'll mulling about... Get what you want IN ONE TRIP and move on! Its a not a contest to see who can try everything on the table!

If you want to keep the halo straight.. then be a little be sensible! Avoid the battered prawns, garlic bread, anything that's covered in mayonnaise or cream... go for the smoked salmon.. chicken skewers.. the cold meats.. breadsticks... salsa... hummus...  you all know its for the best..

When the waiters bring around those trays of gorgeousness... keep your hands full.. have a camera, napkin, phone and wine glass.. all will keep both hands occupied so you can grab the tray and leg it!

If you're a cheeseboard kinda gal.. *raises hand*  then be a bit savvie.. Brie, Camembert and Edam are better than cheddar, Stilton and Roule... Best choice is you're a fan is goats cheese!

No one is saying you're can't enjoy the fun.. but a few wise choices will make you and the scales happier in the long run!

More Chirstmas tips incoming!! Great losses!!!  And fantastic feedback from Mr. Q and his post.. he's officially a regular around here!

This weeks post will be on time! eek!

Doll x