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Feb 12, 2011

PPPOTD - M&S breakfast granola

Scarily, this is a product I picked up one morning on the way to work and thought "Look at me and my healthy breakfast!" Could I have been more smug? Well people, that smug smile was soon slapped off my face when I pointed it out.. I swear I was doing it over and over just to be sure I wasn't still dreaming and the devil had toyed with my calculator! This "healthy" granola and "low fat" yoghurt is 5 pp PER 100g and there's 180g in it! That makes this 9 pp per serving... YES its delicious and YES you will escape the boredom of porridge but it won't fill you up for the morning if that's your aim! In my opinion there are much better ways to spend your 5 pp in the morning! There are two varieties of this in M&S I daren't pick up the other one for fear I might eat the blessed thing! Doll x

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