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Apr 30, 2019

Green saffron spices & sauces

Green Saffron is an Irish range of spices and sauces for those spicy Dolls out there! The sachets are all 25g and serve 4 - 6 people so you if you're a batch cooker or are cooking over a couple of nights its very little SmartPoints for LOADS of flavour! Their sauces are in 300g jars so I've pointed for full and half jars, again if you're doing a family meal it's easier to portion it out!
Anyone tried them?

Green Saffron, Indian Korma
per 25g sachet - 2SP

Green Saffron, Indian Madras
per 25g sachet - 2SP

Green Saffron, Indian Bombay Potatoes
per 25g sachet - 3SP

Green Saffron, Indian Rogan Josh
per 25g sachet - 2SP

Green Saffron, Indian Tandoori
per 25g sachet - 2SP

Green Saffron, Indian Red Lentil Dahl
per 25g sachet - 2SP

Green Saffron, Indian Tikka
per 25g sachet - 4SP

Green Saffron, Indian Korma Sauce
per 150g (half jar) - 7SP
per 300g jar - 13SP

Green Saffron, Indian Hot Curry Sauce
per 150g (half jar) - 5SP
per 300g jar - 11SP

Green Saffron, Indian Tikka Sauce
per 150g (half jar) - 6SP
per 300g jar - 13SP

Green Saffron, Indian Mild Curry Sauce
per 150g (half jar) - 6SP
per 300g jar - 13SP

Green Saffron, Indian Medium Curry Sauce
per 150g (half jar) - 5SP
per 300g jar - 11SP

Apr 29, 2019

Big Red...

Let me tell you a story about Big Red... I've been living in my house now for a long time, I've moved in and out, people have stayed over, renovations have happened and all the while this big red suitcase has been ever present... It's something I've avoided dealing with... something that I couldn't face... it was full of memories of clothes that used to fit me, a life where I used to fit in... happier times when I enjoyed being me... I bought Big Red in Sydney on one of my trips back to Dublin, too many gifts and not enough room so I panicked and literally bought the biggest suitcase in the city... it's huge, WAY too big to bring on a normal holiday... I'm 5'9" and it's nearly up to my waist... I could barely move it when someone needed to stay in the box room... but the similarities between me and Big Red are very real... 

This weekend these words were printed out in front of me... 

"Many survivors of trauma will repeat the words an 
abusive individual once hurled at them, and in turn will 
develop an abusive relationship with themselves..."

I have believed all the negative things people have said about me... If those people who love you, tell you the worst then they must be right... right? I don't trust the people who say nice things, they're being kind at best... they feel sorry for me... but the fact is, there's no truth behind my thoughts... People wouldn't say things just to be kind... I'm assuming they don't mean it, I'm assuming the people who want to hurt me do... but there's literally no difference between the two so why do I treat them differently... 

Big Red has hidden in my home, like me for well over a decade... It's holding onto 'what ifs?' and 'maybes' and 'someday...' It's taken up more room than is deserves to and that's how I've felt about me... I shouldn't be going out, I shouldn't be in peoples way, I'm too big, I'm just a burden ... and you know what, life is still passing by... Big Red has never been able to do its job properly, it's been moved from one place to another in the corner not getting in any ones way holding onto all the things that really don't matter any more ... it's just been lugged about, opened and closed and never dealt with... just, like, me...

Even it's label make me feel sad... the last flight I took from Sydney I sobbed most of the way back... because I hadn't dealt with anything I should have... My excess baggage has held me back, both mentally and physically, I've allowed other people to make me feel like I don't fit in... and I've believed them... 

So this weekend, with the help of someone who takes no bullshit (everyone's got that one scary person in their life don't they? Tangent - she confiscated my phone at one point!), we went through the box room and Big Red... I would say we did a Marie Kondo but absolutely NOTHING brought me joy clearing out that room... My clothes never brought me joy, they were bought to cover, conceal, hide me away from the world like Big Red... There were clothes with labels on for the 'when I get to goal...' bought because maybe if I can wear that top I might be accepted... There were things from years ago that have wonderful memories but I don't need them to remember... There were tears, lots of em... there was a lot of regret that I hadn't done things sooner, things that I hadn't done at all... there was plenty of 'imagine if I had only...'  and there was a lot of letting go... 

So, the point of this post... today don't let anyone or anything hold you back... Deal with the emotional stuff, it's hard, very hard, but there's help out there if you can't do it on your own... Food isn't the answer and maybe take one drawer, one clothes hanger and decide if you're holding onto things for the wrong reasons... and be a bit like Elsa and let it go...  

Big Red is making his way (I don't know why it's a him...) to the womens' refuge... rather than sitting in a corner of my house making me miserable, there's some woman or family out there who will have to pack up their life at a moments notice and he'll do more good helping them than here hiding in my box room keeping secrets that really don't matter anymore... not gonna lie there were tears saying goodbye... x

Apr 25, 2019

Low Cal Chicken Quick Soup...

Now I know the summer is upon us but sometimes things like this can really fill a gap until you can get your act together ( I clearly mean get MY act together!) I find if I come home hungry and nothing is prepared I tend to munch on bread and bits of cheese and they never see the tracker! I'm also a fan of bovril for these emergencies! While I'm blowing it to cool it down I'm able to chop me veggies and get my arse in gear! Picked these up in Dunnes! 


Know Cream of Chicken Quick Soup - 1SP

Apr 23, 2019

Sweet Savings...

Now before everyone gets up on their high horses... Yes, you can make it for yourself at home and it would be a lot healthier but not everyone enjoys cooking sauces from scratch or has the time... so I'm just sharing the SmartPoint saving you could be making by reading the labels a little bit closer... 


Uncle Ben's Sweet & Sour Sauce 
per 450g jar - 17SP
per 112.5g serv - 4SP

Uncle Ben's Sweet & Sour No Added Sugar 440g jar
per 440g jat - 5SP
per 110g serv - 1SP

Apr 20, 2019

New to the Special K range from Kelloggs...

You might have seen these in your local supermarket... New additions to the Kelloggs Special K range... Protein Special K! Anyone tried it? x

Special K Protein Berries, Clusters & Seeds
per 40g portion - 5SP

Special K Protein Nuts, Clusters & Seeds
per 40g portion - 5SP

Apr 18, 2019

M&S Chicken Chipolatas...

These are a great little find in M&S... very like the Heck Chicken Sausages (which now deliver to Ireland btw!) these are great SmartPoints... chopped into pasta or cooked and used as a pizza topping these are fab! Pop a pack in the freezer! x

M&S Chicken & Caramelised Onion Chipolata Sausages

1 Sausage - 1SP
2 Sausages - 3SPs
3 Sausages - 4SPs
8 Sausages (full pack) - 12SPs

Apr 16, 2019

Mama Nagi Indian Range

Some of the Mama Nagi range spotted in my local Supervalu... you all know I love supporting local Irish products! There's more over on their website and you can buy the products online too... If there's something you really want to try from companies like these, always ask the manager in your local Supervalu and they'll get it in for you... Don't ask... don't get! The portions of paste are added to natural yoghurt so if you're keeping the points low your 0% fat free would be the way to go for a really low SP dip or marinade... NOTE: the HOT Punjabi paste portion size is 5g so clearly for the brave amongst us... definitely not me! Anyone given them a go?

Mama Nagi's Bengali Sweet Chilli Paste - Sweet & Spicy
per 20g - 3SP
per 100g tub - 16SP

Mama Nagi's Hot Punjabi Chilli Paste - Super Spicy
per 20g - 3SP
per 5g portion - 1SP
per 100g tub - 15SP

Mama Nagi's Keralan Coconut Chilli Paste - Mildly Spiced
per 20g - 4SP
per 100g tub - 20SP

Mama Nagi's Goan Hot Tomato Cook in Sauce
per 350g jar - 4SP
per 175g (half jar) - 2SP

Mama Nagi's Kashmiri Fruity Tomato Cook in Sauce
per 350g jar - 15SP
per 175g (half jar) - 8SP

Apr 9, 2019

Spot the difference!

I'm someone who whizzes around the supermarket sometimes and mindlessly picks up what I think is what I'm looking for (unless I'm standing there working out the points of things and taking pics of products for the blog!)... here's a good example of spot the difference!  

Dolmio Smooth Tomato Bolognese Sauce
per 500g jar - 11SP
250g (half jar) - 5SP
125g portion - 3SP

Dolmio No Added Sugar Bolognese Sauce
per 500g jar - 8SP
250g (half jar) - 4SP
125g portion - 2SP

Dolmio Low Fat Bolognese Sauce
per 500g jar - 7SP
250g (half jar) - 3SP
125g portion - 2SP

Apr 6, 2019

Muller Light Coffee Shop inspired yoghurts!

Limited Edition but for the coffee flavoured Dolls out there def one you might love! 
There's cappuccino and latte flavours in the multi pack! 
Anyone tried them out?

Apr 4, 2019

Nutella B-Ready!

A bit like Marmite, you either love or hate Nutella... for the lovers, Nutella B-Ready bars are available now in boxes of 6! x

Nutella B-ready per 22g bar - 5SP

Apr 2, 2019

Birdseye Steam Fresh Range...

Spotted these in the freezer section in my local Dunnes... all ready in under 5 minutes and if you use half a portion and bulk it up with veggie and your zero SP proteins you could have a fab dinner in a few minutes! Anyone tried them out? 

Birdseye Steam Fresh Mediterranean Vegetable Rice
per 190g bag - 7SP

Birdseye Steam Fresh Fragrant Vegetable Rice
per 190g bag - 6SP

Birdseye Steam Fresh Broccoli, Garden Peas and Spinach
No added oils or processing just veggies so 0SP for the lot!

Birdseye Steam Fresh Creamy Cheese Vegetable Penne Pasta 
per 350g bag - 13SP