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Feb 8, 2011

PPPOTD - Snack'a'Jacks....

Ok.. for those of the savoury persuasion.. I CAN'T recommend these enough... I'm a crisp lover.. and could, in the past, easily have eaten an entire multi pack of crisps without blinking an eye... I SO understand the addiction of that craving for something salty... but these Snack'a'jacks are FAB! They come in a 26g bag and in lots of flavours, for those who really love salt, the Salt'n'Vinegar ones will satisfy I promise! And because they're rice cakes there's more in the bag that ordinary potato crisps! And don't you HATE when you open a bag to find out its mostly fresh air! At 3 pp per bag these are a little ProPoint bargain for the late night munchies! Suitable for coeliacs too! Ingredients below.. Doll x


  1. I agree with you Snack a jacks are amazing I like the paprika flavour. I used to eat it a lot when I was in Holland but we don't have it here so I eat Quaker brand now. I have no idea about the calories but the caramel one is good for my sweet tooth. I dont think there is much calories in it though.

  2. @Shannie I think they the same brand but they are YUM.. I'm putting the caramel ones in my trolly next week!