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Feb 23, 2011

PPPOTD - Uncle Ben....

Morning all... as I've mentioned, I'm going through my pantry making some VERY creative dishes to use up all the bits and bobs so I don't have to cart everything to the new house with me... Uncle Ben has been a friend of mine for quite a while.. in college I used his sauces, until I realised they taste much better to make 'em from scratch.. but there are even times when I'll pick up a jar as a "just in case" item for when everyone's working late and everyone's STARVING (not a word that even MILDLY relates to our family!)... I've also used "Uncle Bens" range to try out new flavours, cantonese etc... just to see if its something everyone would eat before I but everything in the asian market only to never use them again!

When I discovered they now do a ready-made risotto I was intrigued... I'd always put Uncle in the asian food category... but this is very good, it is something you can add to a dish you've already made, as I did.. they come is several flavours, and there's also wholegrain rice, basmati rice which are cooked in a matter of minutes for the time conscious (read - just come in the door and would eat a horse!) ... its quite a good range... this particular one is 12 pp for the pack which seems like a lot... I cooked a big wok full of zero propoint veg and some chicken pieces with some spices and added this and I only used about a quarter of the bag as its quite filling... not something I'd recommend everyday but handy to have as a back up .. especially when its late and you're hungry... oh and this bacon version (for the carnivores out there..) is LUSH!!!

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