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Jun 27, 2019

Kelloggs' Bites!

For those of you who don't get the crisp craving but want some crunch in your life... Kellogg's Super Grains Bites might just fill the gap! These are handy to pop in a lunch box or in your bag for on the go... or to have in your desk at work to stop you walking past the doughnuts in the kitchen 87 times (It's not just me right? RIGHT?!) SPs are per 30g portion... Anyone tried them out? x

Kelloggs' Super Grain Bites
Apricot, Coconut & Flaxseed
per 30g portion - 5SP
per 120g bag - 19SP

Kelloggs' Super Grain Bites
Blackcurrant & Chia Seeds
per 30g portion - 4SP
per 120g bag - 18SP

Kelloggs' Special K Protein Bites
Cranberry & Pumpkin Seeds
per 30g portion - 4SP

Kelloggs' Special K Protein Bites
Chocolate & Raisin
per 30g portion - 5SP

Jun 26, 2019

Lighter Home Chips!

I went looking for my usual oven chips this week, they were all gone but I spotted these so I'm trying them out! McCain Lighter Home Chips... I picked them up in Tesco.

McCain Lighter Home Chips Straight Cut - 

and because of the magic of diet maths I've done this both ways... 
I always weigh before I cook them...

per 100g frozen - 4SP
per 100g cooked - 5SP

Jun 25, 2019

Veggie Earth

Vegan pesto and tapenade I spied in Tesco from Veggie Earth...
anyone tried them out?

Veggie Earth - Super Olive Tapenade 
per 30g - 5SP

Veggie Earth - Super Red Pesto 
per 30g - 5SP

Veggie Earth - Super Green Pesto
per 30g - 6SP

Jun 20, 2019

Mini Teacakes!

These little temptresses are on the shelves in LIDL again and if you have a sweet tooth and can stop yourself after a few then please share your secret with us! x

Mini Teacakes
1 - 2SP
2 - 3SPs
3 - 5SPs
after that you're on your own!

Jun 19, 2019

Muscle Pizza!

Spotted in my local SuperValu, pizza to have in the freezer if making one isn't your thing...
Anyone tried them?

Muscle Food Chicken Tikka Pizza
225g pizza - 14SP

Muscle Food Mighty meaty Pizza
350g pizza - 16SP
per 44g slice (who eats one slice!?!) - 2SP

Jun 18, 2019

My Best Veggie!

Spotted these in my local LIDL where the lunch stuff usually is... My Best Veggie range!
Anyone tried them? x

My Best Veggie
Spinach & Cheese Veggie Burger
per 100g burger - 7SP

My Best Veggie
per 100g (half pack) - 8SP
per 200g pack - 15SP

Jun 13, 2019

Birdseye Veggie Goodies...

These are really handy to have in the freezer whether you're a vegetarian or not... The veggie fingers in a wrap with a load of roasted peppers is a fab lunch!
Anyone tried them?

BirdsEye Veggie Fingers
per 4 fingers, 114g- 7SP

BirdsEye Veggie Quarter Pounders
per quarter pounder, 114g- 7SP

Jun 12, 2019

High Protein Sandwiches from M&S!

Anyone else spot these in M&S? High Protein versions of their sandwiches... 
The same sandwich just half the bread! 
Might be of interest to those watching carbs... x

M&S High Protein Roast Chicken & Bacon sandwich 
per pack - 9SP

Jun 11, 2019

Skyr Yoghurt Drinks...

Some yoghurt drinks are usually incredibly high in sugar (just look at some of the ones in the supermarket aimed at kids!) but these Fat Free yogurt drinks from SKYR (spotted these in LIDL) are all 1SP each... they can be resealed which makes them handy for lunch boxes or just to have in the car... anyone tried them?

Milbona Fat Free SKYR 'To Go' Blueberry 
per 100g pouch - 1SP

Milbona Fat Free SKYR 'To Go' Strawberry 
per 100g pouch - 1SP

Milbona Fat Free SKYR 'To Go' Vanilla  
per 100g pouch - 1SP

Jun 6, 2019

Strong Roots - Cauliflower Hash Browns

Spotted these in the freezers in SuperValu from Strong Roots - Cauliflower Hash Browns... 
I love cauliflower rice and I think that's because I add so much flavour to my stir fries I need it to dial it back a bit... Haven't tried these yet? Anyone?

Strong Roots Cauliflower Hash Browns
per 2 hash browns (80g) oven cooked - 5SP

Jun 5, 2019

Glenisk GO20 Protein Yoghurt

You'll have seen these on the shelf in most supermarkets by now... If you've missed breakfast or haven't anything prepared the berry one is really nice! SmartPoints for the 170g pot combined... 

Glenisk GO20 Protein Yoghurt
Granola, Seeds & Mixed Berries flavour
per 170g serving - 8SP 

Glenisk GO20 Protein Yoghurt
Granola, Seeds, Coconut & Dark Chocolate flavour 
per 170g serving - 8SP 

Jun 4, 2019

Plant Kitchen M&S

A few of the goodies from the Plant Kitchen vegan range in M&S today... 
Anyone tried them out? x 

M&S Plant Kitchen - No Meat Meatballs
per 135g half pack - 7SP
per 270g pack - 13SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Asian Supergrains
per 350g pack - 15SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Lasagne
per 200g half pack - 6SP
per 400g pack - 13SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Cashew Mac
per 175g half pack - 8SP
per 350g pack - 16SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Dirty fries
per 200g half pack - 9SP
per 400g pack - 17SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Cauliflower popcorn
per 113g half pack - 7SP
per 225g pack - 14SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Sweet Potato Falafels
per 265g pack - 21SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Green Thai Curry & Jasmine Rice
per 400g pack - 21SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Sticky Teriyaki Tofu
per 360g pack - 13SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - Mexican Style Grains
per 145g half pack - 5SP
per 290g pack - 10SP

M&S Plant Kitchen -Mushroom Pie
per 200g pie - 6SP

M&S Plant Kitchen - No Pork Sausoyges per 45g sausage
1 - 2SP
x2 - 3SP
x3 - 5SP