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Feb 16, 2011

PPPOTD - DO smarties really have the answer?

Ahh .. yes.. you've seen them... in fact you probably saw them the week after Christmas! Eggs.. not the ones that are nestled under chickens bums... CHOCOLATE ones.. I'll be pointing more of these the closer it gets to Easter but I thought it was worth pointing these... my hubby is a chocoholic.. he bought this bag of eggs to eat whilst watching Top Gear.. (don't even GO there!) for 1/4 of this little bag its 3 pp! For 100g its 14 pp!!! I KNOW!!! In my opinion there's MUCH better value in chocolate out there without wasting points on these kinda things! In fact for 3 pp you can have a whole Cadburys creme egg and feel much more satisfied.. these are too easy to pop in your gob and forget and not chocolately enough to fill that craving, there's more candy shell than chocolate satisfaction... So NO they're don't have the answer and what's more they've been banned to the car! Doll x


  1. Heya, Your blog is great. I thought creme eggs were 5 propoints or are they 3??