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Aug 28, 2014

Whitefriar grill... Brunch Club!

Next up... one that's already well known about town! 

Whitefriar Grill is on Aungier Street, D2 serves brunch on Sat, Sun and Bank holidays from 10:30am - 4pm...


The menu is fab.. varied but you want to try everything... plus you know when you see the plates passing you by, and you, well me, have to ask the waitress 'what was that?!" in blind panic in case you've missed something amazing... THAT!

Drinkies for the hangovers are on the boards... I can recommend the Hibiscus Royale... dear lord its yummy! 

There's plenty of seats and you're not on top of the table beside you but its best to book on a Sunday or you might be disappointed! 

If the chef likes eggs... you're onto a winner! Job satisfaction right there! ;)

The OJ is fresh and cold...

My dining companion had the full Irish... FULL being the key word here... it's got the works... and I tried the beans... whatever magic they add to them.. they could bottle and sell!!! Delish!

I went for my usual... eggs benedict... in fact these posts should just be called "eggs benedict in Dublin!' ... but it was amazing! Came with wedges too... it's like they could read my mind!

Did they pass the 'Skinny-Doll-are-the-eggs-runny enough' test'?!?! 
Oh hell yes! perfectly poached! 

Plates licked and cleaned! Not called the 'best brunch in Dublin' for nothing I tell ya!

And since I'm all about bathrooms... THIS is the sink in the loos! 
For a petrol head gal like me... love them! 

Check them out here...  >>>  guarantee it will become a fav! 

Aug 26, 2014

Crunchy Creatures....

Continuing with my 'crisp' addiction... Irish followers may have spotted Veronicas Snack range all over the place... My poor Supervalu manager is now being harassed to get them into the store ASAP! But the latest to their range is one for the kids (big and little kids!) Crunchy Creatures... 

Cheesey Crunchy Creatures at that... they come in two sizes, the multi-pack size (15g bags) are 2PP per pack and honestly they're enough to curb the savoury craving... you know how I'm all about get value for ProPoints! The larger bag (30g) is only 4PP!! Bargain! Plus they're dinosaur shaped!! I KNOW!

The back story to this is really cool... Veronica Kenneally decided to create a healthy snack range that was full of flavour and gluten free... the result is snacks that have no cholesterol, no trans-fats, no wheat, no GMO, suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs, organic and low in salt... 
AND they're Irish so what's not to love! 

Check out the full range here>>>

The 85g bags are 10PP and the 23g are 3PP for all the flavours! 

Aug 25, 2014


Last Thursday I left my class very motivated! My leader is amazing.. she knows all the right things to say and no one ever leaves class feeling like they can't succeed! 

It went like this... 

'What made you come here? The first time you walked through the doors.. Why did you decide enough was enough? Was it a photograph? A comment? A feeling? A wedding? A birthday? What was the straw that broke the camels back?' 

Everyone had a different answer, from 'I couldn't get my jeans on and I wasn't buying new ones' to 'I went shopping for a wedding and couldn't get what I wanted and there's no photos of me because I was too embarrassed...' 

For me it was a good talking to from an anaesthetist who, not only frightened the shite out of me... but humiliated me in front of a big crowd of people ... and looking back she was only doing her job, I was already scared and upset on the hospital gurney with no pants on... and I was super sensitive to everything and everyone...the follow up trip to my doctor afterwards, was the moment that it all clicked... I had joined and rejoined so many times it wasn't funny...  it wasn't breaking news that I had a weight problem but this time was it... and I've stuck with it... now I'm 5lbs away from 8 stone! (even I can't believe that!) 

Today think about WHY you started being healthier... Why do you want it so bad? To be healthier? to look and feel better? To have a bit of confidence when you go clothes shopping? To be a healthier parent?

Remember why you started and imagine if you were back there today... 

Aug 19, 2014

A little of what you fancy...

You all thought I was going to talk about Mr. Clooney or Mr. Farrell again didn't you... *swoony*

Weight Watchers recently asked me to take part in their latest blogging challenge called the 'Feel Good Food Challenge'... It's being done by a variety of bloggers everywhere, food/fashion/beauty bloggers... some who are trying Weight Watchers products for the first time to others who do it religiously... The basis of this challenge is 'No food is good or bad' and you don't have to give up anything you love... it's all about balance and moderation... you know the old adage... 'a little of what you fancy does you good...' So we were sent some of their products to try out...

Over the last few weeks I've been documenting the Weight Watchers products I use regularly and I like.. I've also tried some new ones... my biggest surprise the Weight Watchers cheese! It's fab! I made some mini pizzas with their pita breads and wasn't expecting the melty yumminess I got... I pretty much gave up cheese when I started this properly, I avoid the cheese counter in the deli ... and the laughing cow cheese is my 'treat'... and I could find any excuse to straighten the block of cheese in the fridge before going to bed... So it was nice to try something new... 

I tried their Tikka Sauce, 6PP for the jar... Indian spices are something I always get wrong with recipes... curry is about as close to success as I can get.. so I tried the sauce, served with the creamy korma poppadoms and it was a hit with my taste testing team! 


and if you're a regular on here, you know about my eternal quest to get breakfast on the go... these breakfast biscuits tasted lovely... the honey taste was nice and a sugar buzz was needed in the car after a swim on the way to work, as you'll see I had them with a banana and an apple and my usual bottle of water ... 4PP per pack

The other product that I loved was their dairy spread... 0PP per 10g ... I use soya butter but this was a treat when I had a crumpet last week and I MISS real butter.. sigh...  

The new breakfast cereals filled me with dread to be honest... In my mind FIBRE = CARDBOARD... but again I was surprised by this, a dash of milk and piles of berries it was a fab and filling breakfast... 3PP per 30g...  

We live in stressful times, money is tight... jobs are to be cherished... and at the end it, we're all spinning about on this planet just trying to get along and enjoy it while we're here... our family time, our social lives, just getting up on a sunny day can make life that little be nicer... I don't work for Weight Watchers... I don't sell their products... I love their yoghurts, but won't touch their Ocean pie (it's a LONG story for another post!)... The new greek style yoghurts are really creamy, 2PP per pot ...  and the Steam & Serve pouches are great for an emergency! Dinner in 8 minutes... My fav is the Sweet Mango Chicken, 7PP per pack... I added some sweet chilli sauce and some soy sauce .. *drool* 

The ProPoints plan works for me... I need structure, I need portion control, and accountability! PLUS I can have whatever I want as long as I work it into my day... Either earn the activity points or use my weeklies... Don't ask me what 'filling and healthy breads' there are... I couldn't tell you but I will guide you to other bloggers who will sort you out... there are loads of people I know who are doing that version of the plan... they're losing weight and loving it! Good on 'em! 

My Weight Watchers heros! 

I'm not a big fan of WW ready meals, only because I LOVE they cookbooks and the recipes online and in the Weight Watchers magazine..  but I do have one or two in the freezer for late nights, starvation and for when the 'big snow' arrives again! *drama much* .. Their sauces are so handy and low in Pro Points that I keep a couple for for emergencies...  I've had their breakfast bars after swimming because I when I get out of the pool I'm ravenous and you can munch them in the car ... I SWEAR by their cookbooks ... FYI my leader is AWESOME at emailing us recipes every week which are just delicious... she should have her own cook book!P

For the 'bake off' watching... I tried out the Mini Jaffa Rolls 2PP each and the Double Choc Chip Cookies, 2PP for a pack of two... both delish and the non weight watchers were none the wiser when they were out of the packets! Result!

So here's a selection of my breakfasts, lunches and dinners 
over the last couple of weeks trying out the new stuff... 
I eat lots of fruit and drink loads of water.. some days I'm a human fish bowl!  
... and I included the amazing PIZZA for treat night! a gazillion pro points! eek! ... 

and fear not, I'm not venturing into vlogging... this face is for radio people!! 

If you want to see other bloggers (there's some lovely recipes up already!) then check out the hashtag #WWFEELGOODFOOD and big thank you to Weight Watchers for including me! 

Aug 18, 2014

Lets finish this....

Over the weekend I spotted the 'C' word... not the rude one... the one with glitter and pressies!

20 weeks... TWENTY!!! That means in 21 weeks we're looking at new years resolutions again... How fast is this year going by?!? Now I haven't even gone on my summer holidays yet so even hearing the word 'Christmas' gives me the shivers... I LOVE summer but the thoughts of cold damp dark mornings.. no .. not yet.. I just can't... 

But look at it this way.... 

1 lb a week - 20 lbs - 1st 6 lbs
1.5 lbs a week - 30 lbs - 2st 2 lbs
2 lbs a week - 40 lbs  - 2st 12 lbs

Who wouldn't want to be nearly 3 stone lighter for Santa!? How many of us would be happy with a stone and a half closer to goal for the new year!?!

Remember all the resolutions in January!?! Time to finish what we started!

A new challenge coming soon if anyone is up for it... Have a fab week!

Aug 12, 2014


Keeping with the savoury snacks theme of late ... this week Popchips... 

These are all 3PP each and I had the BBQ flavoured ones last night at the flicks when I saw Inbetweeners 2! VERY funny and childish but if you need a good giggle... go! 

These are 23g bags so you're getting a nice portion for your points... I have a bag of sour cream and onion calling my name after this weeks weigh in! YAY! 

Four flavours in the range - Sour cream & onion, BBQ, Salt 'n' Vinegar and Original... 

Aug 11, 2014


as miserable as you may feel this morning... pay it forward today... 
You'll feel great I promise! 

Aug 7, 2014

VCC... Brunch Club!

The VC...what now?!

The Vintage Cocktail Club... oh yeah... cocktails... vintage ones... in the coolest surroundings... in a building that's a convertible! Keep reading... 

The 'I spy' hole means they're checking YOU out! 

It goes like this... You walk down Crown Alley in Temple bar... on the left you spot a dark door with the letters V C C on it... you ring the bell and wait... 

You hear feet on the stairs... you assume you're in the wrong place, shuffling your feet ... surely this is a storage house or something... but no... a smiley member of the VCC staff opens the door to a secret, well not so secret, cocktail club! 

Up the stairs with the vintage light shades, you're led into the main part of the club itself! You'll be wow'd I promise! Its like stepping back in time! The walls are beautifully wall papered with classic prints and illustrations hanging on the wall... comfy chairs, a piano, fireplace and you only came for breakfast! 

There's a snug ... so you can pull the curtains and have your own little nook! 

But its sunny... roof terrace anyone?!?! Up you go.... 

Seeeee convertible!!! 

The menu is perfect... not too much choice for the hungover types but with all the usual suspects including veggie and GF options...

There are however rules! Please note... 'when we say you've had enough... trust us!'

The upstairs bar... 

The OJ is freshly squeezed and comes with chunk of cold sliced orange... 

Even the cutlery is vintage and chic... 

The eggs benedict NOT to be missed! 
Perfectly poached eggs plenty of spinach and chunks of ham...

The bacon and eggs comes as so... 2 eggs... anyway you fancy 'em... 
with REAL butter... NOM! 

Since I'm all about the loos in these places, I couldn't miss showing you this sink! SERIOUSLY! HOW cool!?

The cocktail list is extensive, authentic and downright yummy... the last time I was there for drinkies I only made it a third of the way through the list ... but hey... I'm no quitter!!! I'll be back VERY soon for a 'Millionaire', sadly not the human kind but probably more yummy! 

Check them out >>> HERE <<< for the full list of goodies...