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That's the why...

"That's the why..." 

"Because I said so..." 

Sound familiar? We've all heard them... growing up my mum didn't need a reason to say no to the any of the demands... She was the boss, she still is! The threat of the wooden spoon is still very real! And before the PC crowd get going, there was no child abuse in our house... if anyone got a clip across the back of the legs, they truly deserved it! What we thought was a slap, was a tap on the arse and we got shouted at, didn't do us any harm! We're all alive and kicking! No, just meant NO!

But now we're all grown up who's really in charge of us? Who is in charge of you right now? Who picks up the chocolate and puts it in your mouth? Anyone cable tied to a chair in Cadburys?! Thought not...

Some days you have to be the grown up... Some days we have to face it that we're responsible for where we are in life... it sucks but because we're in charge we can also CHANGE it! I spent years blinkered to the fact that I was obese... I was great craic, I worked hard, I travelled (albeit uncomfortably but it didn't stop me!) but I never acknowledged that I was miserable, I never looked in a full length mirror... I knew was was going on in my heart, I wasn't stupid but I didn't realise I had the power to change it... and when the day does come when you realise.... Hang on, life doesn't have to be like this... Suddenly you're in control... One small change at a time is all it takes before you're running the show!

Today you're the boss! You're in charge... imagine you were feeding your family, your kids or your best friends today... what would you give them? Wouldn't you want the best for them... then do the best for you too!


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