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ROUND 1 - Ready to Rumble Challenge!

In the early days of blogging, I was always very conscious of being 'preachy',  I don't know it all,I've never pretended to, I blog the good, bad and ugly of this weight loss journey... I wish I did know it all,  I'd be running the Barbados branches of Hendricks and Tayto! Both myself and John used to share blog posts to read through and worry if we came across like 'know it alls' or smug... how innocent we were! One of the things I love about John is his honesty... you get the 'I'm having ALL the pizza ' pics and the 'I don't wanna run today...' faces along with the silver sevens and the non scale victories... Losing weight is hard... and I truly believe I'm a lifer! I don't look good in orange but I have to watch what I eat forever and not like in the 'normal' person kinda way...  If I don't keep tabs on myself, I'll let my emotions get the better of me and I'll be right back where I started at deaths door... so despite the cliche... it really is a lifestyle!

Last week I was up... gloriously so, this is not an excuse or to dumb down this weeks weigh in but when you start back with a bang and are the model Weight Watchers child, the first week always goes well, I know it won't be this every week but it shows that when I do the plan, it only feckin' works! 


Between us, this week we've lost 8.5lbs / 3.85kg and the smack talk was minimal to be honest... although I did get a message wishing me well for class that was suspicious! 
Whaddyamean 'GOOD LUCK IN CLASS?!!  

The table stands like so... 

We've added to the kitty online... If you want to donate to the very worthy cause of Breast Cancer Research please do here >>> HERE <<< we'd really appreciate it!

and the best thing about all this... SO many people are doing it too! I've had leaders message me that they're doing them in class, my own leader had it printed out on the table for people to do, MAGIC! Over on Instagram there's lots playing along too... Husbands and wives, best pals and work colleagues... all supporting each other and nudging each other along yet no one brave enough to give in 'cause it's only another 7 weeks! That's half a stone left to lose! I can't wait to see how everyone does...  Now that everyone has put it down in writing they're committed to sticking to it! So we're all gonna be fab for halloween and half of you are going to win jackpots!!! YAY! 

Here's to week 2! Focus everyone... FOCUS! 

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