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It's for life...

Frustrating isn't it... you give it your all... The perfect tracker, ALL the water and thousands of steps counted but nada... nothing... zero... When I gained all this weight, I honestly didn't take notice of any of it... I avoided mirrors.. I bought bigger looser clothes... avoided going out and pretended nothing was happening... but I didn't gain all this weight over a few months... it crept on... over years of neglect... never caring about my body... disrespecting myself... abusing the only body I have! So to think that after a perfect week that gold card is waiting for me is nothing short of lunacy... and I know I'm a bit cray cray as the kids say!  

This is the time of year when people are either driving the wagon or about to jump ship... it's only 14 weeks till Santa... and some people will just write it off with a 'no, no... wait till you see... 2017 is the year for me...' but 14 weeks can mean a stone gone by Christmas... 14lbs closer to goal... 14 weeks to work at being a better version of you...  

I know it's a cliche... I know it's said over and over again everywhere but if you're like me, we're in this for life... The rest of our lives and there will never come a time when we can just stop thinking about treating our bodies well... Yes, we can relax for a couple of weeks on holiday... even enjoy the munchies over Christmas... certainly on birthdays, I mean birthday cake never counts on any healthy eating plan! But I'm always going to have to reign it back in after the fun times... I'm always going to have to think about staying on track, and feeling better for it... Honestly, I'm OK with it now... for a long time I thought it was a punishment... WHY ME?!?! How come my skinny friends can have a chinese on Friday, brunch on Saturday and a full size popcorn at the flicks on a Sunday?! Well I can have all those too, but at cost to MY health... and remember... it's all about ME... my journey is all about me... Your journey is all about YOU and you wanting to be the best version of you there is... Clearer skin, more energy, feeling more confident in clothes are all things to enjoy plus years longer to wreck heads in the old folks home! 

So don't look at it as a journey with a deadline... being the best version of you is something you'll want to do for life... x

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