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*ding ding* Round 2!

Week 2 of the 'Ready-to-Rumble' challenge done! 
The amazing John Q lost 4lbs this week! FOUR! Awesome! 

After a big loss last week, I wasn't expecting to be down at all if I'm honest, 
normally those weeks mean I stay the same but I'll take the 1.5lbs thank you very much! 
This brings our combined total loss so far in the challenge to 14lbs / 1 stone / 6.3kg! 

We've coughed up our weekly pledges... head over to the Charity page >>> HERE <<< if you'd like to donate to Breast Cancer Ireland on behalf of our lovely friend Catherine! Every penny helps and we all know someone facing that challenge today! 

Don't forget Cathy's Cheerleaders are training away... over 100 people have joined their mini marathon walk/jog/run/giggle now! 100!  You can support them over >>> HERE <<< with a cheer of encouragement! 

It's so good to see loads of people doing this with their best pals, I've had lots of messages and people tagging me in their charts! It's a great motivation to kick someone else's ass even every second week! Round 2 to JQ bring on Round three! Have a great week everyone! 


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