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New from Weetabix...

I love Weetabix some mornings... It's a nice change when you get fed up with porridge... 
I tend to over do porridge a lot!  High protein is everywhere now and Weetabix have their own version out now! 


Weetabix Protein, per 2 biscuits - 4SP 

Weetabix baked with Golden Syrup, per 2 biscuits - 5SP


  1. Yummers 😜 Thanks Doll. You're reading me like a book this week. I'm on the wbix too. A break from porridge 😉

  2. Mmmmmmm I too have weetabix instead for porridge during the summer but also need a dollop of Strawberry jam to it for taste, not sure about the sp but guessing about 7 + the semi-skimmed milk, can't do skimmed unless in coffees. Have a great weight loss week xx


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