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*ding... ugh... ding* Round 4

I could start this post with a list of excuses... Being sick last week, being PMT'd this week, being busy at work... but I didn't track... I didn't move my butt as much as I usually do and as much as I rant about drinking water, I didn't listen to my own advice this week... so not surprisingly I'm up... I have this button in my head that I press, after a few weeks of doing well and I think I know it all... I don't track properly, I faff along thinking I'll be grand, and even though I knew I was going to be up... I had suspected 2... not 5.5! Was I tempted to binge out last night watching the bake off? Absolutely... but I've learned that it really doesn't help... and I know my gold card is still a long way off but if I keep feckin' about I'm never going to get there... ever... and that makes me sad... 

Last week I spoke to my doctor for the first time about skin removal... she said, if I keep going as I am, I should think about adding myself to the waiting list fairly soon... Blood pressure was good, blood sugars were normal, weight was down... she's delighted with me and for me! That conversation went through my head last night, when I was mulling my gain over and over... Is it always going to be one step forward, two steps back? Why can't I just get back in the zone? There is no reason.. I'm just standing in my own way like I did for so many years! So, I gave myself a good talking to! 

If there's one thing about JQ and I, we're all about the honesty, good or bad we fess up, what's the point otherwise?! It's not easy, it's not... every single pound we've lost on our journeys, we've had to work hard for... We both love to socialise and enjoy life, pizza is a food group in our world... and when we're in charge, calories will be free! Free for EVERYONE! (I mean if Trump can get as far as he has, we can certainly run for office next time it comes around! I'm happy to share the white house with him, it's HUGE! Plus think of the shopping in Washington!) But until then we're sticking to it... we've given each other a good talking to, lectures all round! There's 4 weeks left in this challenge, and the big 'C' is nigh so it's a loss every week! EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK! I'm determined to kick his skinny ass! Send all the happy tracking karma... 

I've added my forfeit to the pot! Remember we're doing this for our lovely leader and friend Catherine so if you'd like to donate to the cause we'd love that! >>> HERE <<<

and don't for get to cheer on her fab 'Cheerleaders' over on Facebook! >>> HERE <<< 

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