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Proper Pops*

Nothing I love more than a some nice typography on packaging... I'm the person who keeps the boxes of things for MONTHS after I buy them!  I know, I know...I spotted these pots of colour on a supermarket sweep and you all know I'm a crisp junkie, salt'n'vinegar are my kryptonite... 
I've bought the paprika ones to take to the cinema to see Mr. Stathem... *swoon* 

These are Proper Pops* are high protein chips (crisps for us on this side of the pond!) made without potatoes that are 'popped' to fried... I've spotted them in Tesco and Dunnes... and they come in 3 flavours... for all the allergy and ingredient info you can pop over >>> HERE


Proper Pops - Lime, lemongrass & garlic chips, per 25g pot - 2SP

Proper Pops - Zesty lemon & fiery chilli chips, per 25g pot - 2SP

Proper Pops - Sizzling sweet paprika chips, per 25g pot - 2SP


  1. Hi I have had the zesty lemon and fiery chilli ones and they are yum I found they hot but well worth the 2 points they are small little puffy crips kind of like snacks in texture.

    1. ooh good to know! I've bought the paprika ones to try! :)


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