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Good morning and welcome to the weight loss challenge of the year! This promises to be a classic in every sense of the word…  A clear battle between east and west… and ultimately the battle against breast cancer! 

In the pink corner, standing at 5’9" and a half, having lost over 133lbs, with a dangerously high nail polish addiction, representing Dundrum, Dublin FOUR (teen)... totes… The “NOT EVEN REMOTELY SKINNY YET" DOLL! 

AND in the blue corner, standing at 5’8”, having lost 99lbs, known to many as ‘19st to 10K’, training for his 9th marathon and fighting out of Oranmore, Galway… the undisputed marathon man of the west… and the tribesman to beat.. John ‘CEEGY’ QUINLIVAN! 

A battle of 8 rounds is ahead of us… ending in the "Ultimate Weight Loss Champion of the World, well our world anyways, being crowned for Halloween! We want a good clean fight… Nothing below the belt… no name calling, whinging or cheating at weigh ins… Plenty of smack talk allowed! 

So you want to join in on the action? Here’s how it goes...

Rules are… there ARE no rules! 
Well, technically there are but ya know… this is smack talk week!


1.      Choose your opponent… and choose them wisely!
         Pick someone who will keep you on your toes,
         have a bit of fun with and you can beat easily!

2.      Commit to the 8 weeks and place your bets! 
         Whatever penalty works for you both… can be a euro a week! 
         Just remember the payout at the end and it's ALL about WINNING!
         John and I are adding to the kitty if we lose or win! 
         The sting is if we gain we're out of pocket even more 
         but the charity wins either way! 

3.      Weigh in weekly and add your money to the kitty!
         We'll be posting our weight losses on the blogs!

4.      Smack it to your opponent when you lose more than they do 
         and drive them nuts for the week till the next weigh in! 

5.      Download the chart below and keep score!

6.      After 8 weeks ETERNAL GLORY! WINNER takes all! 

If anyone has trouble downloading the score sheet I'll pop it up on my Facebook page too! 
>>> HERE <<< 


  1. I'm slightly confused about the money part, I was just following what you guys were doing but thought it meant if I was down I only gave €5 but if I was up I gave €20 and the same for the BF, am I picking it up wrong??

    1. Yep thats right. The idea is, if you are up, then YOU pay more! In our case, all the money is going to charity. The only way I don't pay any money would be if Doll was UP and I was DOWN - this way Doll owes €25. If both Doll and I are DOWN, we both pay €5. If both of us are up, we both cough up €20. Hope that makes sense


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