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100 days to the big 'C'...

CHRISTMAS.... there you are, I've said it! Not my favourite time of the year to be honest, I'm a new Years Eve kinda gal... I like the Christmas lark to be over on the 26th of December! Pretty sure the Christmas fairies would kill me if they knew my tree was down and back in the attic by the 27th! CHRISTMAS! 100 days from today we'll be staring at the turkey wondering how we're gonna stuff it with roasties and then stuff it in our gobs!

100 days to stay on track or maybe even give yourself 5 days out of every 7 to stay on plan... Maybe it's a promise to exercise for 20 mins every day, or you'll drink 2 litres of water everyday and you reward yourself with a bit of bling! (Dealz people DEALZ!) No one is perfect, no one! We all stumble, have mad binges and melt downs but consistency is the key... baby steps over and over will get you there...

I regularly post this chart on here... I'm a BIG fan of countdowns and bling as they say and this really helps me to stay on track... It doesn't matter what plan you're doing, it's just a way to see how well you're doing, on the days you think that its all a big waste of time and energy! If you're honest with yourself, you can see the days you struggle with (hello Sunday evenings!) and try to work out how to get around them... Now we'll say no more about the big 'C' till the end of November... Halloween anyone!?


  1. Love your blog, you are such an inspiration and motivation!!!

  2. I just rejoined ww for the million time & I came across your blog by accident while I was looking for sp values as the book isn't great, I love your blog, it has everything I was looking for & you're so funny the way you put things and well done on your weight loss too


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