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'W' is for... 

WATER hardest thing to get into us this time of year... and the experts will tell us that bine times out of ten we're thirsty rather than hungry.. so here's some tips.. 

There's a fab cordial from MiWadi that is sweetened with Steiva, a natural sugar and it's lovely... 
also leave your water at room temperature... it can be easier to drink it when it's not so cold...

If cordial isn't your thing, mix some fruit juice through your water... just enough to give it a bit of colour and flavour... slice up some oranges, plums, lemons whatever takes your fancy and let it steep in the fridge over night... it's SO good! I did a post earlier in the year >>> HERE <<< 

Leave a water bottle everywhere!!! On your desk, in the car, side pocket of your sports bag.. you name it there's a half a bottle of water there that I've left behind... I drink pint of water if I'm waiting for the kettle to boil... especially at this time of year, when it's so easy to grab cup of tea and a biccie! It makes me feel fuller and I'm not so quick to reach for the goodies with my cup of tea... 

You don't need a gym, a personal trainer... you need to put one foot in front of the other and repeat! It really is SO good for you and I know this time of year isn't great for getting out but try a few times a week to hit the pavement... meet a pal and chin wag your way around the park before you know it you're done and you're up to speed on all the goss! 

Yup, she's on about tracking... again!!! But honestly, one week of tracking will open your eyes to exactly what you're eating and when... best tool in Weight Watchers in my opinion and FREE! 

Welsh Rarebit... I mean with cheese... all melty... *drools*  Perfect comfort food for this weather... 
You can find the recipe >>> HERE <<< 

Check out the amazing Weight Loss Bitch... I have been following this journey religiously since I discovered her on Twitter! Every post, I nod along, cry, laugh and have all the feels with her posts... her journey is inspirational and honest... Check her out >>> HERE <<<

Another of my fav bloggers is Rebecca from Weight Wars... another girl who writes her journey with passion and honesty... Find her >>> HERE <<< 

Water chestnuts
Worcestershire sauce 1 tbsp, 15ml - 0PP 

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