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'V' - #xmascountdown

'V' is for

Veggies... Yup... all the goodness, no processing... full of flavour and seasonal... Its the one big change most people make, and once you learn to love them and cook with them and flavour them correctly you can have the best diet going and not feel like it's a diet... your skin improves, you have more energy the list is endless... If you can't bare the thought of shopping for veg all the supermarkets deliver now or check out ... they deliver custom made boxes of fruit and veg to your home or office... so being too busy isn't a good enough excuse! Check out the kind of boxes they supply >>> HERE <<< 

Oh My Veggies is another fantastic blog to follow... when anyone says veggies are boring and all taste the same I send them here! AMAZING recipes full of variety and flavour! GO follow! >>> HERE <<< 

and no, it's not all veggies today... if you love a bit of cheesecake, check out this Vanilla Cheesecake from the WW UK site for only 6PP a slice *drools* ... recipe >>> HERE <<< 

Can't believe we're so close to Xmas now! Stick with it everyone, you'll be so happy you did! x

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