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Tis the season in Dunnes Stores!

This week it's all the festive munchies you'll find on the shelves in Dunnes Stores...
Supervalu, M&S and more to come... If you missed last week... >>> HERE <<< x

Dunnes Stores 'my family favourites' Deep Filled Mince pies
 per 60g pie - 6PP

Dunnes Stores All Butter Puff Pastry Mince Pies per 50g pie - 5PP

Dunnes Stores All Butter Mince Pies, per 60g pie - 7PP 

Dunnes Stores Christmas Pudding comes in three sizes
100g - 9PP
454g - 42PP
907g - 85PP (not a typo!)

Dunnes Stores Gluten Free Christmas Pudding, 450g pudding - 36PP

Dunnes Stores Iced Fruit Slice, per slice - 5PP

Dunnes Stores 'my family favourites' Christmas Fruitcake per 840g pack - 76PP
10 slices per pack making each 84g slice - 8PP

Dunnes Stores 'my family favourites' Madeira Cake per 540g pack - 51PP
10 slices per pack making each 54g slice - 5PP

Dunnes Stores Luxury Oxford Lunch per 850g pack - 84PP
10 slices per pack making each 85g slice - 8PP

Dunnes Stores Chocolate Cupcakes, per 52g cupcake - 7PP
These are TINY! But it's the butter that makes them so high... 

Dunnes Stores Festive Queen Cakes, per 40g cake - 5PP 

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