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'U' - #xmascountdown

'U' is for... 

Understand... if you know the programme... whatever program you are following... if you get it and you've read your books through and through.. then all you have to do it do it... but if you're confused... or not sure then you could be making basic mistakes, pointing wrong... not weighing things correctly... this week, take out your books and read them cover to cover.. you might discover that you're doing something very small, that's stopping your weight loss... 

Unbelievable... that's you... you will surprise yourself... if you put your mind to it, you will take a look back in a few weeks and think 'wow did I really do that?!?!' Many people who have lost a lot of weight genuinely don't feel like they've done something exceptional... But the old cliche surfaces every time.. 'If I can do it.. anyone can... ' and it's SO true... 

Ugh... The frustration when you HAVE done it right and you HAVE weighed, walked and drunk all the water.. but sometimes your body can be week behind an you have to be a little kinder to yourself... as my leader says if you worked for it the scales will reward you.. 

This week it is a fantastic app... the Ultimate Food Diary is a great app to have on your phone for tracking your food on the go, and visualising your losses... It's in the APP store for both Apple and Android! >>> HERE <<< 

is from Weight Watchers the Ultimate Burger is a simple but VERY tasty recipe to fix that meaty craving! You can find it >>> HERE <<< 

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  1. Totally agree re Ultimate Food Diary. Lost 7 stones with WW due in no small part to this app. Still use it all the time to stay on track. Love, love, love! 💝


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