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JWV+ Juices...

You all know how I'm all about supporting Irish products and buying local... well here's a new juice drink on the Irish market that is low in calories, no added sugar and fizz free... I love the Mixed Berry one! Available in most of the usual haunts... €1.50 - €1.99 depending on where you buy it... a great alternative to the fizzy drinks we tend to grab mindlessly for a sugar kick!

JWV+ which stand for Juice + Water + Vitamins come in two flavours...

Antioxidant JWV+ Orange & Mandarin with Green Tea per 500ml - 1PP

Energise JWV+ Mixed berries with Roobios Tea & Ginseng per 500ml - 0PP

Gluten free, suitable for vegans and there's 7 essential vitamins in each bottle! 
If you're looking for something different to try 
and to help up your water intake this might be the ticket! 

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