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Tracking... Even if you're doing F&H, tracking your food for the week will show you so much more that the actual food you're eating... it will show you your trigger foods.. and trigger times... angel all day and then a disaster after 9pm? It will show you if your portions aren't big enough, if you're hungry an hour after lunch then you need to add something to get you through the afternoon with out having a binge... When you have a good week it's great to have it in your folder to use again when a bad week happens... You hunger patterns will show up too... not a big fan of breakfast but like a big lunch it can help you meal plan to allow for that... I am as guilty as anyone of picking up a tracker and leaving it in my handbag for the week.. but it's a great too to use regardless of what plan you're on.. and you don't need a fancy APP or a diary, get yourself a cute notebook and stick it in your handbag... it will become your biggest weight loss tool! 

This week it's not a blogger but a Vlogger! Meet the FABULOUS Till Cutler who has lost 4 and a half stone with Slimming World... now before WW gang up on me, regardless of what plan you do everyone struggles, everyone slips up and everyone has victories... Tilly Vlogs her personal journey and honestly it really makes you feel like you're not doing it all alone, she documents the good and the bad! Also her Pennys/Primark hauls are EPIC! So check out her YouTube Channel here... 

You'll also find her on 
Twitter - HERE
Instagram - HERE

Turkey... oh yeah.. it's coming, in all it's glorious forms so here's a link to Nancy's long list of recipes for Turkey Leftovers that have all had the Skinny Kitchen Makeover! HERE

Image ©SkinnyKitchen

Thai Fish sauce 1tbsp 15g
Tomato Puree - 1 tbsp 15g
Tonic water - Slimline

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