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Tis the season... OH YES IT IS...

Whether you like it or not... they're in the shops... brace yourselves... x

Mr. Kipling Exceedingly Merry Winter Whirls, 28g whirl - 4PP

Mr. Kipling Exceedingly Merry Iced Top Mince Pies, 56g pie - 6PP

Mr. Kipling Exceedingly Merry Deep Filled Mince Pies, 60g pie - 6PP 

Mr. Kipling Exceedingly Merry Elf Slices, 27g slice - 3PP

Tesco Finest All Butter Pastry Mini Mince Pies, 20g pie - 2PP 

Tesco Finest All Butter Pastry Mini Mince Pies, 65g pie - 7PP 

Tesco Iced Mince Pies, 58g pie - 6PP

Tesco Iced Mince Pies, 54g pie - 6PP

Tesco Everyday Value Mince Pies, 39g pie - 4PP

McVitie's Digestives Chocolate & Mint Slices, 32.2g bar - 4PP

McVitie's Jaffa Cake Bars, 24g bar - 3PP

Cadbury Rudolph & Robin Cakes, 27g cake - 4PP


  1. Strangely I hate any sort of mine pie cake but I definitely make up for it with anything else! Those Robin and Rudolph cakes look right up my street!

    1. I'm not a xmas cake fan at all but gimme a bit of choccie anytime! LOL x

  2. I love the look of those minty ones! I always get a craving for mince pies and then when I have one I feel sick :/

    1. I'm not a fan really I love the smell of them but one bite and I'm 'bring on the BBQ weather thank you!" LOL x


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