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It's only a number! - Monday motivation!

Yes.. all these women weigh exactly the same... the very same number on the scales... and look at them! All gorgeous... all looking healthy! Everyone carries their weight differently... Same as these ladies... 

All the same weight but all different dress size... 

This week... think about how you feel... how are your energy levels? Can you notice the foods you're eating are making you feel better? Less bloated from sugar and rubbish.. Are your legs toning up from walking? Is your body getting stronger? 

Focus on YOUR body and how you feel...  because you're YOU... you're UNIQUE and no comparing yourself to anyone else!! All you have to be is the best version of YOU! ok?!? 

Have a great week! 


  1. Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog.I love the motivation given here especially as I am on my own journey of weightloss and general change. Great posts!

    1. Thank you... we all need a push and a kick in the pants sometimes! Best of luck with your journey and whatever happens don't give up! x


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