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Dealz nailz! - Mani-Monday!

Dealz new range MAKE UP Gallery - Time to Shine Polish is very pretty! 
Especially the sparkly oneI got! WIN! For €1.49!? Total Bargain... 

The uneven coverage is glue on my nails, this was a speedy job! 
The polish drys very smoothly... 
This is two coats of 'Purple Rain'...

With another 2 coats 'Pink Diamond' on the signature nail... 

My pics don't do the sparkles justice... 
Dear Santa, Please can I have a new camera... ta.. x

OH and they also have this little beauty... 
nail and cuticle cream that smells DELISH! 
kinda like sherbet... 

Only been using it a week so time will tell 
but for the price it's definitely one for the desk drawer/glove box!
Fab stocking fillers too! 


  1. I love Dealz beauty bits. Granted, I may be biased as I work there, but even the girls in Boots next door pop in to buy our nail polish and the new lipgloss range so they must be good! :P


  2. The topper is such a beauty! I think its better in another color to bring out its true beauty.


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