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Just think.... #motivationMonday

It's the time of year to throw in the towel... It's cold, miserable, dark... lots of parties ahead... The supermarkets full of chocolate and 'Christmas size' treats... The cafes have toffee lattes and mince pies... the smell alone is enough to think 'weight who now?' 'Pro-what?' ...  I take my mind reading skills very seriously ... but this is what I'm getting...  

'Sure there's only a few more weeks and I'll be tortured with parties and dinners and drinkies, I don't want to be miserable in corner watching everyone else have a ball... Sure that tin of Roses in work is screaming at me every time I walk past it... what's the point? I'll save a few bob if I don't go to my meeting, why bother?...  she'll only tell me I'm up... Maybe it's best to wait till the new year and THEN... THEN I'll be SO focussed... you just watch... THIS TIME NEXT YEAR... '

I have had this conversation in my head MANY, MANY, MANY times... Yes, January will come around shortly and you have two choices... you can either be back where you started with the weight you've already lost back on because you used one day of the year, Christmas is only one day, to lose the plot... OR you can stay as you are now... at least maintaining you're weightloss ... think about why you started...


  1. You have me motivated now for the week ahead!

  2. Your mind reading skills got me perfectly! This time of year is HARD! But you're right. to actually do something about it...

    1. Even staying the same though the madness is a win! x

  3. I realised I am actually stressing about Christmas and it's still4 weeks away. I keep telling myself don't get caught up in it but you just get sucked in, and I feel awfully bloated today which doesnt help either


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