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Coconut water - VitaCoco

OK.. people rave about it... and honestly, the first one I bought I wanted my money back... but NOW they've got flavoured ones in the range, I'm starting to like coconut water.. 

When I first spotted this my brain was thinking ... I should really try these... in case I'm ever stranded on an island in the tropics... it happened to Tom Hanks didn't it!!!

There's 4 flavours to choose from... the plain one, for me, is still a no... but the orange flavoured one and peach & mango version are actually really nice... and top tip... these are great for hangovers was they super hydrate you... also for the runners amongst you MUCH better than luzcozade or fizzy stuff pares run they tell me! 

They're all 2PP for the 330ml cartons...

My fav of the bunch! 

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