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Mr. Good's!

I've only spotted these recently in my local Tesco and if you're a fish lover, you're gonna love these... You can microwave them when you're falling in the door hungry after work and the portion sizes are perfect... The garlic and herb version is only 4PP for the WHOLE pack and it's my personal fav! No complaints with the cajun one either! 

2PP per 120g fillet
Honestly good enough to spend 4PP on for dinner 
and have the wholes packet with loads of veggies! 

6PP per 120g fillet
(it's salmon hence the higher ProPoint value but it's got all the good oils!)

Find out more >>> HERE <<<


  1. Just discovered your blog and I love it - Good luck!

  2. I am definitely trying these! Thanks doll!

  3. Have added these to my Tesco's delivery order for tomorrow!! Excitement! :) x

    1. cool.. let me know what you think! x

    2. Omg Doll, I had the Garlic and herb one and it was gorgeous!! Very filling. I calculated it as 5pp for the two though so thinking my app might be a bit dodge. Will def be getting the salmon ones to try :) xx

  4. Anne Marie Mc AuliffeNovember 7, 2014 at 11:43 AM

    Weigh in 5. I was up 5.5lbs..... it wasn't a good week...

  5. Just found your blog love it thanks for all your hard work


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