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Success… Monday Motivation…

Its great when you start getting compliments and people notice your weight loss… the best feeling is when someone says 'you're looking great!' … 'wow you're doing so well' … and yes, the journey is a success but what people can assume sometimes is its easy… for those who don't have a struggle with their weight… its very hard… really hard… and those weeks when you feel like giving up are the weeks you really need the support and motivation!

This graph is EXACTLY what my weight loss journey has been so far… and anyone I know who is on that journey are 'high-fiving' me right now.. AMEN SISTA … (I know what is she on about... but I'm off to NYC next week so I'm getting into the lingo dude!)

Yes, there are more good weeks than bad… and just when you think you've got it sussed.. out of the blue you're up and you feel like giving up… my advice … don't! Even if you've only lost a pound this year.. you're still on the right path… the worst thing you can do is give up! I have started ALL the slimming clubs and failed at them because I didn't stick with it… so no matter if you count points, do Simple Start, count 'Syns' or calories or whatever healthy eating plan is working for you… the trick is to keep going even when it feels like its not because YOU are worth hanging in there for the extra few weeks… 

Here's to a good week… 


  1. In a bad place at the minute with it but I'll reel it in, been in a hole since the start of the month. Good to be reminded that it isn't always simple. Thanks Doll xx

  2. hey mama! You're too hard on yourself! Take a look at those little ankle biters! Your body is amazing! Take one day at a time.. you rock x

  3. thanks. I really .needed to read your blog. Two years ago I reached my goal then for various reasons put on most of the weight I lost. Now, at the age of 41 1 am really struggling. Before if I stuck to my weekly allowance l was sure to loose. Now, only two years later my body has slowed down and I am not loosing even when I don't use all my allowance. Does WW work even for older women? Any advice? Really need it. DONT want to give up!


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