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Brunch Club #1….

So another addition to the blog... this will occupy the Sunday spot along with recipes! And YAY to the feed back from the Prawn Satay… Told you it was nice… and faster than the chinese to cook! 

So.. welcome to Brunch Club! This is a Sunday gig I do with my gal pals… life's so busy that often its the only time we get to catch up with the gossip and see what's been going on and we've tried some fab places in Dublin town so I thought I'd share! Once we hear somewhere new on the grape vine … we're there… and we're a pretty tough crowd to please… we have our regular haunts too… so if you need a bit of yum on a Sunday or you're a bit hungover… tangent… still drink free since new year, I'll be in a heap when I get my paws on my first G&T!!! … something might pop up here that will satisfy!

First up my nearest college haunt!

Noshington Cafe 

Noshington is cool… and not in that 'oh gawd it's gonna be full of hipsters' kinda way…  its bright and breezy and in no way pretentious … and the smell once you walk in the door is the first thing to get you… it's just wholesome… first thing you clap your eyes on is the cake counter… before you've even got a seat you just know you'll be buying a bun on the way out…  and by 'a bun' I mean the best carrot cake around… I hounded them for the secret… pineapple juice! Got forth and bake my little ones!!! Check out their bread too…

I suspect the BEST homemade lemonade in Dublin! No really! 

The brunch crowd on a Sunday range from the hungover types, you know holding their heads, drinking pitchers of home made lemonade straight from the jug... to mams and dads with the little people tearing around out the back in the garden, its totally child friendly… The former ordering the 'Breakfast Sandwich' which is basically the 'works' between two slices of granary batch, to die for! The latter mixing it up with the mini & full 'Nosh' covering all the bases…  there's seats inside and out, both front and back so queueing isn't a problem… Max wait is about 10 mins at the busiest of times…  

All their menus are on their site… but check out the specials board… the lady on the table beside me had the Thai Chicken Salad and I was kicking myself… next time! I also spotted the burger,carnivores… you're all sorted! 

I went for the 'Melt' which is honey roast ham with Swiss and cheddar cheese & tomato toastie but half the plate was filled with a beautifully dressed salad and few homemade fries to sweeten me up! Everything is sourced locally and all the 'goodies' are baked fresh daily! My meal cost me 12PP for breakfast and lunch… worth every single one!

For the coffee snobs… you can relax… its REALLY good coffee and decent mug of it… Skinnies - they'll make your latte with low fat milk… they don't stock sweetener though so bring your own…  

This place has got a great atmosphere, not too noisy and the background music is quietly there without you needing to shout at each other… free parking on the main street on a Sunday… the wait staff are so polite and nothing is too much trouble… there's no pressure on you to leave so you don't feel rushed… which is a BIG thing for me! I hate being intimidated when I'm nursing a hangover or just need another 10 mins to see who's dating who now?! 

I just had to show it… my dining companion had the carrot cake… honestly… I stole a good mouthful and it tasted just as amazing as i remembered the first time I shared it! I'd be afraid to ProPoint it!

Check them out here … >>>  <<<

4 out of 5 from me… a regular spot on the list… oh and if you see someone pasted against the fridge drooling over the carrot cake… that'll be me! 


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    Lovely greets from germany ;-)

  2. Hey Doll, I live around the corner from Noshingtons and love going there at the weekends. Have yourself and your friends tried the Fumbally Cafe? If not, I would reccommend you put it on your list to try! 12 pp for that meal is great value, I shall be ordering that the next time and I had that chicken salad before and it is devine!

    1. No way! We should be 'laydeez who lunch' sometime! Fumbally is on the list but they don't open Sundays! Boo! but I've heard great things about it! and yes the Thai chicken salad looked AMAZING! x

  3. Yeah defo, send me a tweet when you are in the area!


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