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We're all so quick to put ourselves down… 'I'm not as skinny as…' … 'I'm not as pretty as…' …  'I hate my…' ... But here's the thing… if you don't love yourself… how can you expect others to love you? If you're SO hideous.. how come you're not locked up somewhere so you don't frighten small children on the street?

Look around you… there are people in your life who adore you… who can't imagine life without you… who don't understand why you're so hard on yourself…

so this MISERABLE Monday… be a little kinder to yourself… its Valentines week… I mean Hallmark made a special day just for all the love, give yourself a little!


  1. I always use that phrase ''If I don't love myself, how will anyone else'', I love it because it is so true! We spend so much time in self-loathing mode that we just need to start appreciating ourselves more and realising how fabulous we all are :)

    1. Exactly! And it's such a positive message to teach little people too! x


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