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Pamper Products - #BOBBLOGCHALLENGE week 4!

Week 4 and yet we haven't aged a day! Best Of Beauty Challenge is here again!  

This week *drum roll*  'Pamper Products'!!!  

Soap & Glory… one of my favorite brands… everything smells delicious… and doesn't cost a kidney… This 'Glow Lotion' is one of my favs for going out… remember when you were a teenager and it was ALL about the glitter?! Well this is the grown up version.. it give your skin a lovely sheen that just makes you glow without looking like a Las Vegas showgirl on those nights you wanna sparkle a little! Use it anywhere or as the box says 'apply tactically to emphasize your best assets!' Cleavage laydeeezzzz cleavage! Great on the pins too if you're going bare legged! Retails in Boots for a mere €7.75!

Clarins Eau Ressourcante … This is the product I use from time to time to wind down… I know… I know… who needs a product to wind down… BUT… after your bath before you get into bed to read for an hour… even a small spritz on your pillow will make you breathe a little deeper and just chill out… this is my 'yankee candle' and it lasts a lot longer… it's not a perfume and doesn't sell itself as one… it's a 'rebalancing fragrance' … don't roll your eyes… it is amazing but a bit pricey! (I got mine in a pharmacy hamper as a pressie!) … If you ever have a facial with Clarins … that soothing relaxing smell they spritz all around you… is this! After a long stressful day… this will help you chill… as the kids say! 

Whats in it that makes it SO good then… 

Essential Oils:
Basil - refreshing
Florentine Iris - refined fragrance
Virginia Cedar wood - promotes serenity
Siamese Benzoin - provides comfort

Non-fragrant plants:
Sarsaparilla - energizes
Robinia - softens, soothes
Longan - relieves stress

If you're a Clarins fan then Christmas and birthdays are the time to get this in a goodie bag! Otherwise it's €41.50 in Brown Thomas.. eek!

Next time you're passing the Clarins counter have a spritz and let it settle… 

Silk Oil of Morroco… Now I know there's a bandwagon about argan oil but personally I love the stuff and this is one of the better products out there… SILK is an Aussie product and this pump version is not greasy nor will it weigh your hair down… again a little goes a long way and you wouldn't be using this product every day, its a treat for your skin and hair… and the smell… is… FANTSTIC… its very summery and as it soaks straight into your skin and hair, there's no greasy fingers or worse limp locks! I swear…  as soon as scratch & sniff blogs are out this will be the first thing up here! 

You can purchase these online >>> HERE <<< My 125ml bottle above cost €45 but you can get a 12ml, which doesn't sound like a lot but it is, for €12 worth every cent!

You know the way summer is on the horizon… and our little piggies will be out for all the see… My aussie upbringing means my feet are like leather… I'm barefoot ALL the time, winter and summer, and hard skin is a constant battle… nothing like going for a pedicure and they're looking for grinder to get that skin off! Scarleh! Last year I spotted these, Footer exfoliating socks on @VonFluffy blog 'Not Just Inside'  >>> HERE <<< and honestly its like having new feet! 

The process isn't a pleasant one for anyone who loves you and that's why you should be doing it now whilst your feet are all wrapped up in tights and boots!

First you slip your feet into the socks which to be honest are like two freezer bags full of gel… I'm not really selling it here am i? Then piggies up for an hour and rinse them off in the shower and stare at your feet and wonder why they're not brand spanking new… then tweet me I'm a fibber… but gals… give it time… cause the magic happens over the next 5 - 10 days… wear old tights and socks and don't be tempted to 'help' by buffing off, pumicing or picking at your heels! (pretty huh?!) but trust me by the time you get to day 8 you will have shed that skin like a snake and you'll have perfect tootsies! Sandals at the ready! Pedicures ahoy!

Note they've gone up to €24.99 in Boots but for a once a year treat its money well spent! 

And finally… Face masks… now don't get me wrong I have a couple of expensive face masks that are fab but these are in my weekly pamper session! The Montagne Jeunesse face packs are €1.60 in my local SuperValu and pharmacy… the selection is HUGE selection from rehydration masks to nose strips for black heads to anti puffy patches for under your peepers when you've been on the tiles… 

AND for those of us counting points etc… there are TWO choccie versions… as Charles Schulz said…

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.

and if we can't eat it… we can wear it for 10 minutes! The Chocolate Mask for normal, dry and t-zone skin is a deep cleansing one which smells DIVINE but then I haven't had chocolate since 2002, allegedly… ahem… the White Chocolate - Ultra Deep Cleansing Mask smells a bit synthetic but I'm not a white chocolate fan so that might just be me… the Very Berry Exfoliating Mask however is fab! SuperDrug have a great range of these to choose from also… 

In this weather its a nice little 15 min treat to your skin… and at under €2 these are a little pick me up that won't hurt your skin or your wallet!

Feet up and watch the Muskateers on a Sunday evening! 

What you should look like… 

What you will look like… 
Remember when your mother said what would happen if the wind changed! EEK! 

Dolls don't forget to check out the lovely Samantha from All The Buzz blog who's running this challenge… and she's only gone and won BLOG OF THE YEAR 2014! >>> HERE <<< and you can follow all the posts on twitter under #BOBBlogChallenge!


  1. Hey love, such a great post! My mum swears by the Clarins Eau Ressourcante but I've not tried it myself, maybe I'll pinch some of hers?! Can't believe you ahve so many facemasks, at what stage is it classed as an addiction??!

  2. I've never heard of that glow lotion, really want to try it! I love a face mask as well

  3. I haven't used the Montagne Jeunesse masks in years, the chocolate ones sound great :-)

  4. I have the Clarins, it really has to be smelled to be fully understood! So gorgeous!

  5. I'm seriously jealous of all your fab pamper products. I really need to get on this soap any glory wagon. i have never tried their stuff before. You are also right about spending on your hair, it is so worth it

  6. Oooh I need that Clarins spray, didn't know it even existed! I just got a 20% off at my local Douglas store and didn't know what to get.

  7. Love the face mask pic! I love most things Soap & Glory, haven't tried that lotion yet but will keep an eye out for it!


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