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Ok before the grammar cops weigh in… I spell yoghurt with a 'h' and I'm not ashamed! So Onken Yogurts are todays find! These are 'only bleedin' lovely' as they say in my neck of the woods! This week they are €1 for 450g tub in Dunnes so a bargain to boot… The best 'Best Before' date I could find was the 18th of March.. yes I'm the person rooting round the back of the yoghurts for the ones that'll last longest… I have no shame it appears! 

If you're a yoghurt fan you'll love these… the mango one is sooooo yummy! But the 'Fat Free Natural Yogurt' is probably the hero here if, like me, you use yoghurt in smoothies and curries alike… Add a little cinnamon, honey or sweetener to a meringue and you've got a fab dessert, spoon some into your butternut squash soup and it'll make it that little bit creamier… a couple of tablespoons will change your curry! and for €1.00 a tub you can't go wrong! 

The tub is 450g, they state a serving is 150g (so 3 servings per pot) which is a lot if, like me, you just spoon some over fruit or porridge, so I've given the breakdown for the whole tub as well… write it off your points for the week… 

Fat Free Strawberry 450g - 9 PP, 150g - 3 PP, 100g - 2 pp 

Fat Free Blueberry & Elderberry 450g - 9 PP, 150g - 3 PP, 100g - 2 PP 

Mango, Papaya & Passionfruit 450g - 12 PP, 150g - 4 PP, 100g - 3 PP 

Peach Wholegrain 450g - 13 PP, 150g - 4 PP, 100g - 3 PP 

Fat Free Raspberry & Honey 450g - 9 PP, 150g - 3 PP, 100g - 2 PP 

Fat Free Vanilla 450g - 8 PP, 150g - 3 PP, 100g - 2 PP 

Natural Set 450g - 8 PP, 150g - 3 PP, 100g - 2 PP 

Fat Free Natural Yoghurt 450g - 4 PP, 150g - 1 PP, 100g - 1 PP 

PS: Thinking of doing another challenge.. anyone interested?! 


  1. Well I'm heading to Dunnes in the morning!

    1. €1 a tub! I mean I'd wear it as a face cream for that price! LOL x

  2. Yeah defo interested in another challenge, wanted to do the last one but only managed 2 weeks so am determined to do the next one properly!!!

  3. Hey Doll, would love a challenge haven't gone back to ww post baby. A challenge would be great for a reason to weigh in once a week.

  4. I soooo need a challenge! Yoghurt looks lovely and I also spell my yoghurt with a H, is that wrong??

    1. Its not wrong o me but you know what the grammar police are like! Challenge incoming! x

  5. I'd love a challenge, feeling v unmotivated x


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