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Gimme your heart!

There's a heart… a little tiny heart… I'm not sure if its made of stone or glass or whatever… but its there… I didn't get close enough to see it but we were all told about it… it's in my leaders little treasure chest of 'silver sevens' and 'stones' and '10% stickers'.. for the month of February my leader dishes out 'heart shaped' stones to people who hit a stone in weight loss… I will do a post on her one of these days… she is truly amazing! However I am now 2lbs away from that next stone… I want that heart… I WANT IT! 

TWO pounds… I'm so close its not funny! Before Christmas I was within half a pound of it and over the last few weeks I've been losing the same half pound over and over again until yesterday when I had a mini breakthrough! Having bronchitis hasn't helped but I'm a step closer… it's within my grasp… and totally doable if I just cop on!

That's TWO of these bad boys! 

I'm away with my mum the following week to NYC and to have that stone in my pocket would just be the best birthday present EVER to myself! Plus I'm 3 clothes sizes smaller heading over this year! *squeals*

Every week as she hands out the rewards in class she says to us … 

'would anyone else like a 'stone' or a 'silver seven'? 
well you all know what you have to do for next week!'  

Wanna see the angelic tracker of St. Doll - The patron saint of the yo yo scales?! 
Stay tuned… You're all gonna hate me… remember that girl in school who got everything right? Teachers Pet?! well this week that's me! So keep your eye on me… slap me on the wrist if you see me wandering off to the biscuit tin… Permission granted to kick me in the pants too! 

There's a challenge on the horizon … 

PS: If you hear of a car-jacking in the south side of Dublin next Thursday you can rest assured I'll only take the little heart… promise! 

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  1. I love your blog, I need to read stuff like this for motivation! I've been trying to get healthy and it just isn't working! :-(
    I've nominated you for the Liebster award, be sure to look on my blog and give it a go!
    Annie x


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