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This caught my eye in the supermarket the other day because it says that word… that AMAZING, magical word that I just ADORE … BACON! Sigh… AND droooollll!

Ballymaloe relish is a standard in Chateau Doll… love it especially in the summer with salads and BBQs… BTW a 100g squeeze bottle is just 4PP, so its practically free but has loads of flavor to change a boring old wrap! So I'm thinking the pasta sauces might be just as flavorsome!

I've yet to try them, the Bacon one made it into my basket so I shall report back but from rumours flying around, it's suppose to be 'only gorgeous' … I know I'm all about making stuff from scratch and usually I'm out with the Aldi lardons and chopping up my veg… this is one of those  'just in case' packets.. the sachet for 1 is 5PP which seems high but you will get two dinners out of it with loads of free veg and some pasta… and this is one of the better ready made sauces, not massive amounts of additives in it and its Irish… 

tangent… I've been making the courgette linguine recently! It is AWESOME! Here's one of my favorite foodie blogs Not Quite Nigella and her take on it >>>HERE<<< … you won't look back and it's ZERO ProPoints! There's loads of versions on google.. Jamie Olivers version is pretty yummy too! 

Ballymaloe Smoked Bacon Pasta Sauce
100g - 3PP 
180g serves 1 - 5 PP 
380g sachet - 11 PP

Ballymaloe Italian Tomato Pasta Sauce
100g - 2PP 
180g serves 1 - 4 PP 
380g sachet - 9 PP

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