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Who are you really?!?!?!

I've only recently become conscious of the fact that in my mind ... my life will begin once I get to goal... I constantly say "if only..." or "when I lose this weight..." of course its part of the big conspiracy going on around me... you know, how I blame all the saboteurs! Well breaking news folks.. I'm one of em! I'm my own worst enemy it seems... The reality is, we're all responsible for our state of mind, and its so easy to blame lots of things for your unhappiness but its something that can easily change ... I'm forever telling people "I'm a worrier", "I'm stressed out". These are labels that I've given myself, and in fact all the labels I've given myself are negative ones... At no point have I ever said out loud "I'm a great cook" ,"I'm a loyal friend" its all the negative stuff that's out there! That's got to change! Time to question if I'm just taking on that role of "worrier" to make others happy? And some of these labels have been with me for years! Its time to relabel Doll and time to get to know the real her again... Its time to change the identity I've given myself ... I've been so consumed with how low it makes me feel, how awful it is, how long the journey will be... I'm even dragging me down! My happiness is up to me! I'm off to make some new name badges! Doll x


  1. I completely agree! I do this too!!! I totally need to start giving myself some positive labels!!! Thanks!! Great post!

  2. Man, I could have wrote this post myself! Very rarely do I ever say something positive about myself. It's taken me a long time to realize that my happiness is up to me...and sometimes I still struggle with remembering this!


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