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No.. not the "over easy", "sunny side up", "poached or scrambled?" kind.. the CHOCOLATE kind.. I'm sure at this stage everyone has been into a supermarket/corner shop/deli or petrol station and been faced with the WALL of chocolate! DAMN! TOP TIP: don't make eye contact! Avoid the aisle at all costs... but for those who do have to venture into the territory... Here's the first of some I've come across..

Now .. this comes with 4 mini bars which are 3 pp EACH.. so thats 12 before you ever get to the egg... the EGG, for half of it.. (like anyones going to eat HALF!!!!) is 7 pp .. so the full egg with bars is 26 pp... I could think of better ways to spend my ProPoints and still get my chocolate fix! More eggs to come... Doll x

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  1. eek>_< it's all about cadbury cream eggs & peeps & bunnies for me this time of year. i have so far abstained though. (go me! & go you too!)


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