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Yep.. an official day to EAT! (who doesn't love that!) ... at our meeting this morning, our leader, Bernie gave us a recipe for pancakes the weight watchers way! She had some with her and even thought they were cold they tasted every bit as good as the fatty oily ones! Remember fruit is free so lash it on.. TIP - if you gently heat berries in a pan with some of your zero pp sugar, you'll get a nice sticky syrup (what Gordon might call a jus!) .. save points on the maple kind! If you really want something naughty.. grate some DARK chocolate over the top and it'll melt a dream... being stronger in taste you won't want as much..

Weight Watchers ProPoint Pancake Recipe:

4 large pancakes = 3 pp

Whisk together 120g plain flour, 1 large egg,
pinch of salt & 1/2 pint slimline milk until smooth

Spray pan with your 1 cal spray oil

Pour in small amounts of your mixture to thinly cover the pan

As the batter cooks it will start to come away from the edge of the pan & will slide more easily

Toss the pancake or turn over until the other side is cooked

Suggested toppings:

Chocolate Spread (Nutella) 15g - 2 pp
Sugar, 1 tspn - 1 pp
Sweetener, 1 tspn - 0 pp
Fresh Lemon - 0 pp
Sliced banana - 0 pp
Fresh Berries - 0 pp
Jam, 1 tspn, 18g - 1 pp
Honey, 1 tspn 15g - 1 pp
Butter, 2 tspns 10g - 2 pp
Low Fat Spread, 2 tspns 10g - 1 pp


  1. sounds, & looks, nummy!

  2. Yummy yummy yummy - was dreading tomorrow cos I love pankcakes!
    Just 1 question, is it 3pp per 1 pankcake?

    1. Hi tara, No its 4 pancakes for 3 PP but they are really thin!!! like read your newspaper through them! ... here's another WW link for 1 PP per pancake... might help.. I love em too! Thank god its only once a year!! Doll x

    2. Its not 4 pancakes for 3 pp. its 3pp for each. One large is is 3pp, flour is usually 1pp per 10g so that would be 12pp, not sure about milk points, but thats 15pp so far in mix.

    3. Hi anon... The Recipe I've used from WW is on a few other blogs also, and it seems correct.. Here's another link...

      It's probably best to PP higher if you're making them thick, lik american pancakes, rather than the thinner crepe ones... Hope you all enjoyed pancake day! Doll x


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